One Plus 6T Open box evaluation

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Open box Display

Pure white outer box, a small red logo, the whole packaging or literary route, said that the current is particularly popular for this kind of packaging color?

Doesn’t look like two brothers.


The back is marked with the place of production, model, storage, etc.

Open the box.

Plastic base, back is an envelope, inside the silicone sleeve, instructions, warranty card and so on, placed very carefully


Pull it out.

Complimentary silicone sleeve with good feel

Take the card needle to make a smiling face look

Instructions, warranty cards, etc.

The fittings are neatly placed at the bottom of the box.

and an invitation letter.

USB-C data cable, Orange is very conspicuous, the most special is the use of 2 plastic buckle to fix, neat shape appears clean

Fast charger, 5v4a high current output, milky white shape, more exquisite

The USB interface is actually a rare red

3.5mm headset transfer wiring, because 6T removed 3.5MM headphone hole, this line is as compensation?

Take it all out and have a family photo.

The back of the phone is very simple, no back fingerprints, logo in the middle of the position, the above text are printed on the sticker, ripped off there is no

Camera and refill lamp, pay attention to the camera is higher than the back of the phone, this design said really very failure, put on the table good afraid of wear camera

On the back of the glass material, the texture is very comfortable, in the hands of the size is also very handy

Side of the three-segment metal switch toggle bell, vibration, mute


Power switch, the key is short and powerful

Volume adjustment on the Left

Top of

Three-segment design at the bottom, with volume exits on both sides of the charging port

The front full screen is really stunning, and the whole front is a screen

The border is thinner, and the screen fits better.

The front camera is now a popular water droplet screen.

Bring a silicone sleeve.

System Experience

Boot, still red and white color matching


Unlock Settings

Display mode adjustment

Font tuning

Boot complete

Very smooth to use, hydrogen OS also looks OK, simple route


Test software

Shoot the same picture.

Take just two shots, all using the default mode

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