2018 MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop

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Apple’s products have been used a lot, but has not used the MacBook series, one is that the demand is not big, the other is that compared to the Windows series notebook and configuration is too much more expensive. Until July 2018, when Apple quietly launched the 2018 upgrade MacBook, carrying the 8th generation core I5/I7 processor, the new T2 chip, the third generation butterfly keyboard, better screen and so on, it feels like this generation is very attractive, the T430 on hand has been used for many years, MAC The OS is very mature and is going to give it a try.

Open the box.

Express speed is fast, in the morning to buy the afternoon to

Apple’s packaging is more environmentally friendly and easy to remove items

13.3 inch packaging is not big, the iphone 8 plus put on the packaging to do a comparison, originally this year also hesitated to change XS Max, fortunately no impulse, more than 10,000 to buy a notebook or more cost-effective

13.3 inch configuration, 2.3GHz eighth generation i5 CPU, 8G 2133MHz DDR3, 256G SSD, nuclear display 655, the most basic one, in the choice before you want to do a good job, mainly CAD, look at the video, also do not intend to play games, plus mobile hard disk storage is enough, And the lowest configuration is much stronger than the previous generation.

The internal packaging method is no different from the iphone or ipad

Accessories are power cords and charging heads, which are much simpler and more portable than the various adapters of the ThinkPad.

Power cord, in addition to charging can also be to other devices with the same interface transmission data, very convenient.

61W Usb-c charging head, now want to buy 13.3 inch Pro also bought the right, the home just had to buy the 65W charging head, 15.4 inch Pro seems to be 85W charging head, although can also use 65W charging head, is charging slow point.

The Apple logo, which is no longer glowing, is the only part of the appearance that is easily occupied by fingerprints.

The thickness of the pro is really thin, have to admire the work of Apple products, good-looking and convenient, experienced a single hand to open the screen, which was previously T430 to do.

Both sides are equipped with two Thunderbolt 3 interfaces and a 3.5mm headphone interface on the right. Lightning 3 Interface Benefits do not have to say more, but just start to use or will be some unaccustomed, after all, many other devices have to change the data line, so by the way bought a hub to expand.

The first time you open the screen, it starts to configure, and it’s possible to reload Windows multiple times and get used to a variety of processes, and Mac OS is as simple and friendly as the iphone used for the first time.

Although it is the first time to use, but pro this border still feels a bit wide, compared to T430 is a lot better, but now the phone is beginning to popular full screen, so a bit looking forward to a narrower border, 2018 is also the fourth generation of an upgrade, estimated that the fifth generation of the shape will have a big upgrade.

Keyboard two-sided small hole is the speaker, compared to the T430 sound effect is too much, but listen to a long time to find the high-pitched part will still be harsh, a song changed into headphones completely different, as a notebook performance has been good, stereo also has, if you like to watch the movie suggested to match a speaker. A lot of people say 2017 of the keyboard experience is not good, I have not experienced, change 2018 do not feel much better, but the notebook keyboard did not feel comfortable, can only say that the use of habits after completely no problem, at least the third generation butterfly keyboard does not worry about the impact of ash.

Pro’s touchpad is the biggest essence, although I am the first time to use, simply feel that you can sling T430 Touch Board, is the first time to learn a variety of gestures need a bit of time cost, at first I feel can replace the mouse operation, although usually I will still answer the mouse to improve the efficiency of the point, This touchpad will not be too distressed to go out and forget to bring a mouse.

Fingerprint recognition boot is very convenient, personal permissions are also conducive to the protection of privacy, its implementation in the fingerprint Boot Notebook is also a lot, but T430 that old-fashioned sliding fingerprint is too difficult to use, not a few years has been completely broken, the new fingerprint experience so that my affection for pro continues to improve.

Touch Bar removed the location of the F series function keys, a variety of modes can use a lot of shortcuts, and with media features, at present, the use is not high, but occasionally will be used, especially to see the video fast forward scaling is still very convenient. Hope to support more third-party software in the future.

The configuration of MacBook Pro at the same price may not be very dominant, but this screen is an absolute advantage, gorgeous retinal screen, this generation also added true tone original color technology, to put it bluntly is based on the environment color activated intelligent adjustment of the screen display effect, visual perception will be better, However, when the color is required for the repair work, it is recommended to close.

2018 MacBook Accessories

At first I only bought this one accessory, hub is very cheap, with gigabit network cable port speed will be faster and more stable point.

The color is exactly the same as the Gray pro, and the shell is also metallic.

Gigabit Mesh port and Type-c interface, support PD charging, workmanship can also

HDMI interface and three USB3.0 interface, make up for the pro USB interface too little regret.

Support TF and SD card slot, and support simultaneous reading, in fact, many of the current SLR support Type-c interface, I am directly connected to Pro Lightning interface transmission more convenient, these two card slots are not used much.

The length of the line is also just good, but after a period of time to find that there is still a bit of a problem, if not connected to the power supply, feel that there will be insufficient power supply

2018 MacBook 总结


Compared with the previous generation of pro performance improvement is very large, nuclear display 655 in the basic CAD work is also sufficient;

The size of 13.3 inch has reached a very suitable weight, suitable for mobile office;

Almost the best notebook screen display effect;

Large size touchpad After skilled office efficiency is very high;

The third generation butterfly keyboard avoids the hidden danger after entering the ash;

If Apple’s equipment is more, it will form a complete ecology, very convenient.


Hardware can not upgrade their own, although this is Apple’s common sense, but it is still a pity;

The screen border is still a bit wide;

It is said that the 8th generation of CPU also has loopholes, repair after the impact of performance, this I personally did not experience, after all, did not run points; Although it is at the most cost-effective price to buy, or feel expensive … Well.

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