The strongest full-frame SLR? Nikon D850 Depth Assessment

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Always said D850 is the strongest full-frame SLR machine, then how strong it is, this article after reading you understand.

Direct entry and D750 contrast.

1. Appearance

It obviously feels like a big lap.↓↓↓

The keys are richer behind the D850, which also feature a flip screen and support for touch↓↓↓

Flip screen angle is the same↓↓↓

Flip screen angle, support structure slightly different↓↓↓

The larger shoulder screen adds a separate ISO button and the fuselage flash is removed at the top of the D850.

Handle more lenient and longer grip↓↓↓

The bottom structure is much the same, the D850 warship no longer stands out, in addition to the D850 grip groove deeper.↓↓↓

Card slot Difference D850 uses a combination of XQD+SD cards↓↓↓

The left side constructs the difference, in addition seems to have an extra Bluetooth connection↓↓↓

The D850 features a four-leaf grass structure that has been used in the flagship and has added ISO standalone buttons.↓↓↓

D850 the use of an all-in-one can be turned off the viewfinder, there are af-on keys, and cancel the Af-l button for the selection of the lever.↓↓↓

D850 logo integration, D750 logo for the OEM↓↓↓

2. Local

D850 Cancel internal flash and focus auxiliary lights↓↓↓

The viewfinder feels a little brighter D850↓↓↓

Approximate focus range comparison, D850 and more focus selection↓↓↓

The left row of buttons adds backlight, and the combined key adjustment does not light the screen like D750.↓↓↓

Four saws and shooting modes add backlight↓↓↓

Shoulder screen Display information comparison




The diopter adjustment range is wider (the D750 is 200+ at the end), and the adjustment is similar to that of the watch pull-out and then rotate.↓↓↓


In total, the D850 uses a fully metallized design, which adds volume and weight, but brings a stronger and more reliable fuselage, in addition to a more scientific and rich design arranged the key layout, shooting more convenient.


1. Focus

In the context of sensitivity 1000. Aperture F1.4 shutter 1/100

D750 Focus

Late has to pull Liang↓↓↓

Handheld shooting↓↓↓


D750 basically in the focus auxiliary lamp after the object can be immediately focused, but one of them seems to have no focus on the situation, D750 a lot of times to give me the feeling is really so, focus speed has not been slow, but many times the precision of the focus is not particularly reliable.


D850 Focus

Late has to pull Liang↓↓↓


Handheld shooting↓↓↓


In extremely dark cases, the D850 of the focus auxiliary lamp is removed, the focus speed is not much faster than the D750, but 105 1.4 is fully open on the D850 machine focus is very stable

2. Picture quality

Here’s more of a test of a more precise focus shot on the PIN macro.

Comparison of 90 macro 100 sensitivity

D750 Focus Frame↓↓↓

D850 PIN Focus↓↓↓


750 Shooting↓↓↓

850 Shooting↓↓↓

In fact, after I cut and site compression, it seems that the difference in picture quality is not particularly large.

Therefore, under the full frame, the upgrade of the fuselage is often more control and focus and other performance, the improvement of picture quality is often not particularly obvious.

Color contrast Here using P-file + automatic color temperature straight out jpg comparison

D750 Shooting↓↓↓

D850 Shooting↓↓↓

In addition, the fuselage screen, the personal feeling is D750 slightly magenta.

High sense contrast







D850 In the contrast between photosensitive 5.12W and 10.2W↓↓↓


Finally, feel the 10W high sense of raw after PS post-noise reduction plus some simple sharpening operation out of the diagram↓↓↓

D850 still maintains good high-sensitivity control on the premise of high pixels, and it is also easy to see D850 better picture quality performance.

So the point I’ve always insisted on is, first of all, to get a shot and talk about how to shoot better.

Comparison of tolerance


PS Violence adjustment↓↓↓





PS Violence adjustment↓↓↓




In the case of severe lack of exposure, it seems that D850 performed slightly better.

Turn on the flash to add the high-light negatives↓↓↓


PS Violence adjustment↓↓↓




Both in the high-light over-exposure performance are similar, did not pull the floor details back.


Negatives to adjust the aperture to F22↓↓↓




The overall feeling of D850 tolerance is just a slightly wider space in the dark.

Tolerance is not something to save everything, so early exposure is as accurate as possible is the most appropriate thing to do. Want better picture quality, ISO selection of the problem, from the above high contrast and tolerance contrast, a simple look at tens of thousands of photosensitive photos of the accurate exposure of the photo, there are 100 sensitivity exposure seriously less than the late brightening photos, which do you think is better picture quality? The answer should be obvious.


3. Other

Continuous shooting speed

D850 7 Sheets/sec continuous shooting speed in high pixels, plus handle and lithium battery 9 sheets/sec (D750 is 6.5 sheets/sec)

Such a continuous shooting speed is really enough.

Touch screen↓↓↓

And D750 also has a flip screen on the premise of the addition of touch function

Depth of the synthesis shooting↓↓↓

Interval shooting of D750↓↓↓

D850 ‘s options are richer, support for electronic shutter and support 8K latency, and can be said to be very useful for delayed photography↓↓↓

There are more personalized options and settings (such as photo quality, photo compression cropping, etc.), small screen quality and so on here will not be more explanation and testing.




1. Advantages

Feel the advantages of D850 can be said too much, almost set Nikon machine strength in one (750 flip +wifi, 810 high pixel and picture quality, D5 focus), even a step further, and there are a lot of practical features, is a very comprehensive and balanced machine.

Contrast D750

The fuselage workmanship, focus, pixel picture quality, have a certain improvement, handling, personalization is also a step forward.

Contrast D810 The addition of the touch flip screen and the change of the button behind it give it better handling, as well as a further pixel, high sense and picture quality. However, I think the promotion is not very large, the main difference or flip touch screen, is not very recommended D810 user upgrade.

2. Disadvantages Although the grip is better, but the weight volume also increases; there are individuals who feel less than 750, the power consumption appears to be a bit fast, or the LV is rich and more reliable I use more frequently; D850 use of XQD is not mature enough, although CF, SD card is not cheap under the same speed situation,

But should be like D5 there is a multi-card version for customers to choose from, and at present not into the XQD card I am very uncomfortable.
3. Other

1. Because I don’t take videos, the video feature can’t be evaluated.

Although I have hardly used the D750, the inner flash is really of little use to professional users. 2. 3. High pixel and high picture quality brought about by the file pressure (raw90+m/sheet), the good thing can choose to compress and crop.

In addition, high pixels are affected when there is no stabilizer.

4. Remove the focus auxiliary lamp, may think that the focus ability is good enough, so the focus auxiliary lamp is removed.
4. Personal experience and suggestions

First to get the machine, for me is a brand new machine, there are a lot of reinforcement and changes, I have to take the time to carefully read the instructions to use it, familiar with all aspects of the machine performance, found that it is really a good machine, low sense of high pixels and picture quality is even close to the performance of the medium frame. In fact, from the evaluation can also be seen D750 is also a very balanced machine, the first few months even fell to the 6000+ price, can be said to be the most cost-effective full-amplitude machine, unfortunately has been experiencing a variety of door storms.

But with Nikon price increase, now D750 feel not as good as D810 cost-effective, in addition to D850 also followed the price increase, but less than 2W of prices are obviously to Z7 way, compared to the release price is also well worth starting. Now each family is vigorously developing the micro-single field and the new card mouth, the future mainstream should be micro-single and mobile phones.

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