How much worse is the spread nearly a few times? Smart watches Pacewear P1 vs Huawei Watch GT

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Recently, have you considered buying a smart watch?

After several years of development, smart watches are no longer the original “Chicken phone shrink Version”, the recent smart watch products increasingly to long life, notification center, sports assistants and fashion accessories in the direction of evolution. According to IDC, a leading international research firm, the global number of smart watches shipments will reach 46.2 million in 2018, up nearly 38.9% from last year, showing that there is a growing demand for such an assistant with both value and wisdom.


Today, we compare the popular two smart watches, which are priced at 799 Yuan Pacewear P1 and Huawei Watch GT, which sells for 1488 yuan.

They have a nearly double price difference, so how different are their experiences? Pacewear P1 by real time technology R & amp; d, this company by Tencent and Electronics manufacturing leading Enterprises GE shares led, with excellent hardware and software R & amp; D capabilities. The Pacewear P1 features a 1.3-inch 360*360 resolution circular AMOLED touchscreen, built-in 300mAh battery with 4GB large memory and 50 m waterproof support.

In addition to supporting sports trajectory steps, message notifications, heart rate measurements, watch payments and other common functions, it also supports the ability to connect Bluetooth headphones to listen to songs, as well as real-time viewing of basketball scores and other functions. Huawei Watch GT has 1.39-inch 454*454 touch screen, 420mAh battery, 128MB memory, also supports 50 meters waterproof, motion track, message notification, watch payment, heart rate measurement and other functions, but also has a barometer, and supports more than 100 cities in the bus card payment function.


Minimalist vs Classic Tradition

Two smart watches put together, in the appearance of a completely different style.

At a glance, pure black color matching, no extra pattern elements of the Pacewear P1 Walk is the minimalist wind route, highlighting the minimalist taste of northern Europe, so pure black hundred design is easy to match, I believe it will be loved by many fashion youth. And with this Huawei Watch GT on hand, if paired with a pointer surface, it’s really like a classic mechanical table. The combination of a leather strap, a surface with a digital scale, a stainless steel body and a metal-flavored crown are all keeping the watch infinitely close to the traditional watches that people wear on a daily basis.


Both use a circular touchscreen design, Pacewear P1 1.3-inch screen and surface flat, visual effect is more uniform, and Huawei Watch GT surface is a circle higher than the screen, the overall feeling is not so strong. Huawei Watch GT’s body obviously wants a large circle to accommodate the larger screen and battery, bright stainless steel watch is very eye-catching, and pacewear P1 uses matte metal texture, the actual touch and wear of the body feeling is also good.


On the right side of both there are up to two crowns, Pacewear P1 ‘s upper crown and Huawei Watch GT consistent, are a list of outbound features, and the next crown reflects the two-focus function, Pacewear P1 is to exhale WeChat payment code, and Huawei Watch GT is to open a detailed list of sports items, Get users into exercise mode faster.


and two watches touch the same way, left and right sliding can switch between different functional areas, such as dial/weather/heart rate/step number and so on. Huawei Watch GT drop-down for quick settings, pull up as a notification list, while Pacewear P1 ‘s quick settings are on the leftmost side, and the drop-down is a list of notifications. Tap/swipe/long press the main gesture is the same as the phone, the user can quickly get started.


The heart rate sensor module is added to both sides of the back of the watch, and Huawei Watch GT’s sensors and charging contacts squeeze in the middle, looking a bit dense with the feeling of phobia … The Pacewear P1 obviously has a smaller fuselage size, while four contacts are below.


Strap aspect, although Huawei Watch GT a glimpse of the past is a belt, but in fact, is only the surface, back or tape, the actual wear of the touch and pacewear P1 similar, above have anti-slip pattern, wearing more comfortable. The position of the opening is also sufficient, the top June so slender hands can be buttoned, without the need for additional punching.


Both use a magnetic suction + contact circular charger, gently put on the watch can automatically find the correct position to charge, or very convenient experience. Charging time is more than 1 hours, compared to their days of life, the degree of trouble is still much easier than a daily charge of the phone.


In terms of top June’s own wearing experience, feel 41g heavy, smaller size of pacewear P1 wear to be a little more comfortable, and Huawei Watch GT a little bit “silly”, feel very easy to shake hands on something …

Sports Coach + Notification Center All

two watches have good values, and they do not use the traditional full-featured system, but use their own developed minimalist OS system. They remove complex power-consuming functions such as installing software, answering phone calls, replying to information, and navigating, and instead concentrate on motor AIDS, notification push, heart rate/sleep monitoring and other functions, while gaining longer life. In a sense, they are the positioning between smart bracelet and full-featured smart watches, and in terms of experience, they are doing pretty well, and perhaps this is one of the important directions for the future development of smart watches.


They link the phone in a very simple way, just use the phone to scan the QR code on the watch, download the real time Sports/Huawei Sports Health app, mobile phone to keep Bluetooth open, you can quickly match the watch.

Of course, Android words remember to give resident background and read notification permissions, lest the functionality be limited. Both iOS and Android, for call/SMS/app message Push, both come in a more timely manner, and can be shaken to remind users. At the same time, they all support the lifting of the wrist screen, both power saving and quick view of the convenience of notifications.


In sports testing, both support a variety of workouts, such as walking/running/riding/swimming.

Try to compare the two of the walking and riding patterns, in fact, much the same. After choosing the type of motion, if it is outdoor, need to carry out GPS positioning, this search star time and signal relationship is larger, it is best to open the phone corresponding to the app auxiliary search star, faster.


During exercise, both can see the pace, heart rate and other data in real time, and determine what kind of exercise we are doing, whether it is aerobic or anaerobic.

High heart rate can also be reminded, like a personal trainer is generally smart and convenient.

After the exercise can be viewed on the phone and watch this sports data, Huawei Watch GT data to be more detailed, watches have to flip a 6 screen, and Pacewear P1 is generally 4 screen information, view faster, more efficient. The data aspect seems to have a small gap, and it is enough to use it as a general sports enthusiast. Unique features, Pacewear P1 built-in 4GB of memory, can be via Bluetooth or WiFi transmission MP3 format songs, and through the Bluetooth headset connection to listen to, no longer wear mobile phone movement, it can also participate in the official sports on the app, complete the development of sports goals to obtain red envelopes, It is estimated that there is a stronger incentive exercise effect, and Huawei Watch GT has a barometer, which is a good complement to the data integrity of mountaineering enthusiasts.


In addition, both support sleep detection, similar to smart hand rings, can also be based on our sleep status, to detect the depth and time of sleep, and according to the situation to give scientific advice.

Wearing a watch during sleep is actually a good comfort, and there is little problem with the need for long-term testing by users. In terms of life, due to the different battery capacity, the official data pacewear P1 can achieve 5 days of life, up to 21 days standby, and Huawei Watch GT is 8-15 days of life, compared to many 1 days before 1 filled watches, have made a lot of progress, out of a short difference do not have to worry about their forgotten to bring the charger.


The price difference is one times, the experience is almost As mentioned earlier, Pacewear P1 and Huawei Watch GT Price gap is nearly one times, but in both have most of the same functions, color values have their own characteristics, Pacewear P1 can also connect Bluetooth headphones to listen to music, out of the bondage of mobile phones, this is very convenient for sports enthusiasts! Combining all aspects of performance, both are excellent next-generation smart watches, compatible with iOS and Android, and if you’re interested, buy and experience the feeling of a smart assistant around you.

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