Full screen value full score, experience a few points? Vivo NEX Mobile phone depth evaluation

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In just a few months, almost all of the manufacturers followed up on the iphone x Liu Hai design, invisibly confirmed that this is the current “full screen” of the best design, in the absence of a better choice, most users still accept such a comprehensive screen. After getting the deep experience after NEX, want to present a more realistic experience for everyone, start right away!


Open the box:

The packaging of the black gold-encrusted text shows a low-key and steady, with accessories that are still familiar to us: chargers, data cables, headphones and protective shells. However, the power of the charger supports the maximum 10v-2.25a (up to 22.5W of fast charge speed), the data cable is also replaced by Type-c, which is Vivo’s first mobile phone with the Type-c interface, I hope I will never see the microUSB interface again. So whether it is the charging head or the data cable, try not to use other models or brands, NEX original can have faster speed. More intimate: The front and back of the fuselage are coated.

For the 0 full screen, Vivo NEX paid a “painful” price!

Full screen is the trend of mobile phone development, smaller fuselage, larger screen to have a better experience, but how to place the components on the front of the fuselage?

This has become a problem for manufacturers to think deeply! Two years ago, when we didn’t have a full-screen concept, we cared more about the borders on both sides of the screen, the forehead and chin that no one cared about, and even putting fingerprint recognition on the chin was the best solution. The comprehensive screen era suddenly hit, we wish to want the front is full of screens. But in the first half of 2018, almost all manufacturers were Liu Hai, handset, light distance sensor and handset “achievement” of the Liu Hai wave of domestic mobile phones.

For the entire full screen, the most costly is the high-profile “lifting camera”, vivo NEX’s lifting camera in the start speed of a slow drop, but the rise of the appearance with the camera lift tone, the individual still enjoy the process, whether it is a selfie or video call, None of this camera feels too abrupt.

As the “most difficult to do” components, the front camera such a way to deal with a hard to praise! Not only the idea, to know, the mechanical structure in the mobile phone such a high precision products can not be used as far as possible, if you want to use as far as possible to ensure its service life. And this is also a lot of people care about the problem, 50,000 times lifting, up to 45 kilograms of weight impact, we can rest assured that the use of bold!

Is the screen fingerprint really good to use? I’ll tell you the answer.

Full screen to the very fingerprint recognition “squeeze” back, but the front fingerprint is the King Ah! The way to overturn this paradox is to screen the fingerprint, Vivo NEX love with the third use of screen fingerprint of the phone, recognition rate and speed compared to the previous increase, but in the comprehensive experience compared with the capacitor fingerprint there is still a gap.

1. The recognition rate is basically above 95%.

Many people at first feel that NEX fingerprint recognition rate is not high, slow speed, but after several system upgrades, are significantly improved, and accustomed to capacitive fingerprint, screen fingerprint use for a period of time to “find feeling”, in addition, there is no problem outdoors;

2. Since the area of the fingerprint identification area of NEX and the traditional scheme remain basically the same, blind press is basically not to be considered, so each time you have to look at the phone to unlock. 3. Screen fingerprints have always appeared only in the film, that is, this way of recognition has a bit of sci-fi color, so usually in the use of fingerprint payment, that feeling is very cool!


Screen sound technology, is it innovation or gimmicks?

This time, vivo NEX innovative cancellation of the handset, the use of screen technology, which not only let me think of Xiaomi mix the first generation of piezoelectric ceramic solutions, but at the same time pay a very high price, call quality is relatively poor, and then in the second generation Xiaomi used back the handset, while the screen share also decreased. and the voice call effect of Vivo NEX will not repeat the mistakes of Xiaomi mix?

After nearly one months of use, share your feelings!

1. The call quality is completely OK, can replace the traditional handset;

2. The sound quality at the top of the screen is the clearest, and the upper part of the screen and even the logo part of the back can be heard clearly!

3. Privacy is OK, don’t worry about other people hearing it at all.

Driven by a comprehensive screen wave to make vivo innovative use of screen technology, although in the comprehensive performance and the traditional handset is still a gap, but once in the future full screen era to remove the handset become a trend, then vivo screen sound technology will lead other manufacturers a big step. In addition, as a flagship full-screen, vivo NEX can not bring the ultimate audio and video dual speaker effect, but if the screen sound technology continues to develop, I believe that through the screen technology to bring us better speaker effect is not impossible.

Artificial Intelligence Jovi, you will fall in love with it!

Vivo this time continued to emphasize NEX’s Jovi artificial intelligence, almost all manufacturers in artificial intelligence efforts, because this is a need to accumulate technology, is not a simple doctrine!

And NEX’s Jovi can be a key point to see how vivo actually does! In the NEX settings of the “golden position” into the Jovi, point in can see Jovi involved in photography, mapping, games and other functions to assist, but the actual experience of what?

1. Intelligent mapping-functions that cannot be quit with the use of In the camera interface or photo albums can be identified by the picture, Jovi can analyze the picture information, such as the online price of goods, plant animals encyclopedia, cars, characters and other items of analysis and recognition, very convenient, can also be translated in real time, English menus or signposts do not know? Jovi easy to handle, of course, not only support English, in addition, you can through the Jovi text input, search questions, can be said to have everything.

2. Voice Assistant–It’s really better to use!! Remember to have a voice assistant on Xshot, and also support voice wake-up, but all along, the voice assistants on all smartphones have been too chicken, in addition to being able to talk about some simple voice instructions, a little more complex on the rest of the dish! Jovi can help you do a lot of things! Therefore, we must not waste this function!

In addition to the above two more used features, game mode, smart scene, intelligent screen ease of use is also very high.

Photos: Good enough, close to perfection!

The Vivo NEX rear features a dual-core 12 million megapixel (24 million photosensitive unit) + secondary camera 5 million pixels, supports 4-axis optical stabilization, f/1.8 large aperture, and IMX363 is the more sensors used by many flagship machines in the 2018. How the concrete performance, look at the sample bar!

Sample of each scene:


Because of the internal structure of the NEX fuselage, so in this top flagship does not use the Telephoto + wide-angle double-camera scheme, so, still do not support non-destructive zoom, slightly regret, in the dual-camera performance is OK, but the mobile phone double camera in the algorithm once encountered complex prospects, will overturn,

NEX Overall, the optimization is not bad.

Battery life, charging: better than thought!

Mobile phone life is always a soft spot of smartphones, charging treasure want to carry with him, buy a better mobile phone. Vivo NEX has a large 4000mAh battery, which is currently on the market battery capacity is relatively large mobile phones. Although the NEX screen size reached 6.59 inches, but not on the 2K, but the use of fhd+ screen, resulting in the greatest benefit is reduced power consumption!

After filling the battery, from 7 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening, the remaining 30% or more, usually do not worry about the lack of electricity. Eating chicken Game “Jedi Survival” 30 minutes power off 9%; swipe 30 minutes to drop power 4%, online video 30 minutes power off 6%; synthesize the life of other flagship phones belongs to the best!

Finish the life, fast charge this vivo dual-engine flash charge will also increase the power from 18W to 22.5W, although the power is slightly conservative, but in the actual performance is not vague, after the actual test, and even with another 3000mAh, 24W fast charging phone to compare, found in the speed is exactly the same!

Performance: Vivo NEX’s most mediocre highlight!

Qualcomm Dragon 845 processor, LPDDR4 memory, 8GB+128GB/256GB memory combination, this time even 6GB version is useless, with the foot finger do not have to question the performance of this phone, the rabbit run points 280,000 +. Practical experience, “Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield” HD mode play both innings are smooth! In addition to the configuration, NEX also added game mode to Jovi, which is a big boost to the game when turned on.

The front is almost full of screens, such a mobile phone in whether it is watching video or playing games, have a very moving effect, there is no beauty tip and Liu Hai occlusion, you may use it can not go back! Many consumers complain that mobile phone update iteration speed is too fast, completely can’t keep up with the rhythm, in fact, we see vivo last generation of flagship Xplay6 or 1.5 ago, in the real flagship machine, Vivo update speed is still relatively cool, and this vivo NEX not only break through the self, but also in the mobile phone field stand out.

0 boundary Full screen, lifting camera, screen fingerprint … Set a lot of black technology in a NEX can easily let us ignore its tough configuration! Because it is designed to be excellent enough, in today’s homogenization of smartphones so serious, we can not think of, has been keen on the steady vivo will suddenly be so radical. However, although vivo cut off Liu Hai, but for a time other manufacturers will not quickly follow up, after all, the cost is too high. All that can be done is to narrow the chin as much as possible, and Apple’s upcoming new iphone x, which is due to be launched in September, will still follow the Liu Hai design, meaning that in the coming year, NEX’s full-screen is struggling to popularize other flagship phones.

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