Mobile phone external lens How to choose, Orico external mobile phone lens reviews

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Why do I need an external lens for my phone? In order to shoulder the SLR camera, shoot the effect of SLR camera? In order to improve the shooting ability of the thousand Yuan Android? Is that right?

The so-called mobile phone external lens, as the name implies, is fixed installed in the mobile phone native lens of an external lens device, the purpose is simply to make up for the phone’s own lens viewfinder range, focus distance and other aspects of the lack of mobile phones by adding different functions of the mobile phone external lens, such as common fish eyes, wide angle, long focus As a way to take a more ideal photo.

But there are two issues that need to be explained, one is that the mobile phone external lens can not change the cell phone pixels, which means that the pixel of the photo will not be changed because of the external lens of the phone, simply put the 8 million megapixel phone with the external lens, the picture is still 8 million pixels of the image, With a 16 million megapixel phone paired with an external lens, the image pixel is still 16 million, so users who expect to improve their phone’s shooting performance (pixels) through the phone’s external camera need to be more cautious.

Second, the mobile phone external lens is not suitable for all mobile phones, especially dual phones, whether the iphone or Android phone, will not be able to use the secondary camera, which is the current problem of all external lenses. The following figure shows the paired Asus Zenfone 5Z for display, with the camera above being directly obscured. So the lens is not suitable for your mobile phone lens, depending on whether the mobile phone external lens can be loaded on the mobile phone and mobile phone external lens caliber can completely cover the mobile phone native lens this two points.

The following figure is a picture taken by the Asus Zenfone 5Z using its own lens and paired with an external lens of the Orico phone in the camera’s default mode and wide view mode, with the phone fixed in the same location. As can be seen from the figure below, the picture taken with the external lens of the Orico mobile phone in broad view mode is wider, but there are a large number of black edges, similar to the effect of the fish-eye lens but no distortion.

In addition, although the Orico mobile phone external lens lens using a circular design, but for the square camera design of mobile phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung sm-a7000 and so on, in practical use has little impact.

Go back and talk about the precautions on the phone lens.

1. Whether it is suitable for your mobile phone, the lens is a private version or a universal version The so-called special version is only applicable to a certain mobile phone, simple to be fixed plate making, commonly used with some mobile phone shell or specific mobile phone bracket design using the lens, the advantage is good stability, but can not be paired with other brands of mobile phones or other models of mobile phone use, there are certain limitations.

For the general version, the common use of clips to fix the lens, compared to the special version of the stability will be slightly worse, prone to displacement. However, due to the design of the clip, each installation before use needs to be adjusted to align the phone lens.

Another point is that the clip will occupy part of the screen area, that is, will block part of the picture. However, the general version of the mobile phone lens is more practical, more selective and more suitable for users with a variety of different mobile phones to use.

2. Lens material and composition Like CarLog, sports cameras and other devices, this is where you need to focus. The mobile phone lens material on the market is mainly divided into two kinds, one is the glass material, the other is the resin or synthetic plastic kind of material, naturally is the preferred glass material, will not cause the light transmittance, the color reduction degree and so on in the time to affect the shooting use, must inquire clearly before the purchase.

Mobile phone external lens, part of the use is independent, the other part is can be assembled and used, with a certain degree of scalability. For the Assembly class of mobile phone external lens, directly connected to the phone part of the lens, that is, as a adapter used in the small lens, generally used as a macro lens, the range of autofocus is limited, in a nutshell, only through the mobile phone way to focus, such as this orico mobile phone external lens, The range of part autofocus for the macro lens is within 3~6 cm.

3. Picture distortion, dark angle and edge sharpness This is aimed at the wide-angle lens, which is an important indicator for the selection of lenses, ensuring that there are obvious distortions in the ability to shoot upright objects, such as buildings, trees, etc., which can be visually judged by actual shooting. The basic characteristics of the wide-angle mirror is the lens angle of view, wide field of vision, some people will be preferred lens type, but there will be dark angle problems, commonly found in the corner of the screen, is the optical loss of most zoom lenses, generally due to different angles of light into the sensor position is different, And less light entering the corners of the corner leads to the appearance of dark corners (paired with iphone 6s shooting).

For edge sharpness, the common problem is that there will be a blur in four weeks, and often the central area of the picture is clear, such as the following figure, you can clearly see Four corners will blur the problem (with the iphone 6s shooting), regardless of the phone type.

4. Whether the lenses are coated The common coating color on the lens is purple or green light, if you can see it, it is generally indicated that there is a coating. The role of the coating is mainly to reduce the reflection of light, increase the transmittance, and to a certain extent to reduce the occurrence of flares and other problems, to improve the quality of the picture has a certain help.

5. Weight & amp; workmanship For mobile lenses, weight is only a reference to the material used, not a decisive factor in buying or not. At present, some mobile phone external lens shell is made of alloy material, texture will also enhance the anti-fall and durability. For the part of the workmanship, can be used as a basis for judging the advantages and disadvantages of the lens, such as the production process of the mirror body, whether the edge is neat and smooth, whether the text printing is clear, and the part of the contact with the mobile phone has no rubber pad, etc.

Basic attention point to understand, simple to the Orico mobile phone external lens review, this is a clip is designed for the general wide-angle macro dual-use external lens, respectively, 0.6x wide-angle lens and 30-60mm range macro lens. The lens material is lanthanum glass, added waterproof film, flower coating and multi-layer high transmittance coating treatment. Two lenses 0.6x of wide-angle lens size is large, close to the small angle of the SLR lens 59 mm, Wide angle focus range of more than 1.5 meters. The macro lens is a 15X magnification with a caliber of 37 mm and a macro focus range of 3~6 cm. Two lenses are made of all aluminum alloy material, compared with the weight, at the same time the use of anodic oxidation process treatment, feel more delicate and no rough feeling.

The two lenses are used together as a wide-angle lens, and when the lens is removed, it is used as a macro lens. The clip is ABS material, and the inner wall in contact with the phone is designed with rubber pads to avoid scratches on the phone. Clip in the clamping force is relatively large, can let the lens more firmly attached to the phone without moving, do not worry about the lens due to automatic drop of the situation.

Here are some samples paired with different mobile phones for actual shooting, first wide-angle shooting effect. Red Rice Note 4X Standard Edition, figure I for mobile phone with camera shooting, figure II for mobile phone with external lens shooting.


iPhone 6s



iPhone 5c

From the actual imaging effect above, the mobile phone in the use of wide-angle lens before and after the change,

1. The change of imaging angle of view is very obvious, the 0.6x lens angle of view can accommodate a larger scene, so that more content can be taken, for landscape photography can provide a broader view of the record screen, for the selfie is easier to take a full body photo or long leg effect.

2. From the imaging color point of view, after adding 0.6x wide-angle lens, the mobile phone in the imaging color is still very accurate, not because of the addition of lenses to the color saturation has a significant impact, and will not cause the picture color distortion situation. 3. As an external mobile phone wide-angle lens, the image Center quality performance is excellent, in the picture details and sharpness are good, but the picture of the screen four weeks will be relatively loose a lot, there is a blur of the situation, resulting in the loss of some details.

Of course, this problem will also exist on other similar mobile phones external wide-angle lenses. After completing the wide-angle lens, take a look at the macro lens imaging effect, and all the images below are taken for the iphone 6s. First, a set of comparisons, figure one is the camera default settings with Orico mobile phone external lens shooting effect, figure II is the mobile phone with the camera in the default mode can automatically focus the shooting distance, figure III is the mobile phone with the camera zoom in the maximum shooting effect.

The following figure is all about the camera’s default settings with the Orico phone external lens shooting effect.

From the photos taken above, the Orico Macro lens imaging quality is good, while the background blur is also in place, after zooming in on the picture, you can also find that the center position image quality is very good, in the details of the retention is also very rich.

For the last picture above, you can see that other coins around the same there is a more obvious fuzzy problem, but for highlighting the center of the main body has a certain role in the background. To make a simple summary, the biggest role of the mobile phone external lens is to make up for the problem of insufficient focal length of the mobile phone, by matching specific lenses to achieve more use in the scene, and then achieve a larger picture of the shooting, better play selfies, shoot large long legs or many people photo and so on. But the current market, mobile phone external lens brand, a wide variety, the price also has obvious differences, but also related to the image quality of the problem, so for the user, the choice is a difficult point.


For this orico external mobile phone lens, the overall workmanship is more solid, clip design can meet the needs of most mobile phones, whether it is Android phone or iphone, installation and use of simple and convenient, support macro and wide-angle shooting, while the lens image quality, color performance, screen details and other convenient performance stability,

For the distortion of the picture, dark angle control moderate, but there are also two problems,

1. As a wide-angle lens, the picture quality around it will be much looser, resulting in the loss of some of the details

2. Dual mobile phone users can not use the secondary camera properly

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