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Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Body show time~ (filmed by IP7 Plus)

Just put it in a big box, no foam, no air bags.

Positive and negative.

The box doesn’t count big. Open the box …

The general mobile phone is about 150g, the manual says the weight of the plane is 300g, holding in the hand or quite a lot of weight. 1480 Mah, 16.87 watts of battery is the most important source of weight. Machine workmanship materials impeccable, spraying and gap details are done very well, suddenly feel that money is not white flowers.

It is worth saying that the front of the nose of this sensor, the use of 3D sensors, used to sense the obstacles in front of the flight, the furthest can sense the front of 5 meters of obstacles and timely escape. Induction below the hue head is equipped with the platform function, although only two-axis platform, but for entertainment purposes, has been enough.

Remote control handle grip is still very good, under the handle can be opened, put the phone in just to transfer the image, use very handy.

The randomly attached handle charging line also has type-c and micro USB two, which is very convenient to consider, and when it is first used, Android phones can be connected directly to the phone via a data cable to set up and activate, which is much simpler than the iphone. There is a sport button on the handle, similar to the sport mode on the car, in which the aircraft can fly at most 50km/h speed, but the time will be shorter.

Finally, the charger, the maximum 18w,2 hours or so full of electricity, full of only 16 minutes to fly at a time

Finally say the texture of the charger, like a small workshop production, charging head surface is very astringent, and tear off the surface of the charging head of the plastic paper, can obviously see the plastic paper on the charging head of the white spray paint residue, not at all advanced

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