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Appearance Showcase

Because it is the first order, a wireless charging base is also attached to support the 15W fast charge.

The housings of Samsung’s wearable devices are basically black, with the front display watch features: 46MM dial +lte. The side is marked with waterproof grade 5atm/50 meters, it seems that swimming is no problem.

Big box, little watch. Although it is titanium ze silver, but the dial is still black, unlike the Gear S3 classic dial is silver, more business.

The Watch box design is very interesting, the accessories are on the left and right sides, the middle can be put on the strap.

Galaxy Watch Family

The strap is silicone and fits more into the wrist. It is very convenient to disassemble the strap quickly. The size of the 22mm can also be adapted to a variety of standard straps.

There is no improvement in the charging base compared to 2 years ago, or the mini USB interface.

5V 0.7A specifications, and the original S3 base can be common.

The accompanying charging head is also 5V 0.7A and now has no other use than charging the watch.

Wireless charger Fortunately

there is also a wireless charging base. This base watch and mobile phone are available.

Frisbee type base, because the support of 15W, so with a fan, appears to be relatively thick.

A ring outlet at the bottom to support wireless charging rules for 5V 2 A and 9V 1.67A.

Interface is now a more common Type-c interface

Charger is also supported by 5V 2 A and 9V 1.67A, more convenient.

The watch is on the inner ring, just fine.

There is no problem with fast charging of mobile phones.

This charger is generally very satisfied, the only problem is because there is a fan, sleep at night can not be placed in the bedroom Watch details The reason why the landlord likes Samsung’s Watch is that the shape looks better than the other home, like a real watch rather than a toy.

On the back of the watch, there is a pneumatic sensor and a pressure relief hole. At the same time, the watch has speakers and can be used without Bluetooth headphones.

As mentioned earlier, a lap of the dial can be rotated, the workmanship is very fine, the use of very magic. Feeling is the best way to operate a watch, much more convenient than touch.

The two keys of the Watch are also very comfortable to work.

The back is more refreshing, the main is the improved heart rate sensor.


The other side did not know what it was, and did not take it apart.

From the workmanship of the watch, Samsung’s Galaxy watch is still very good.

Contrast with Samsung Gear S3 Classic Edition Take a look at the comparison with Gear S3 two years ago. The basic changes in the watch are small.

The overall styling is based on the logo watch and doesn’t change much.

Prefer the button of this look now.

However, the original S3 pioneer version of the button and now Galaxy Watch is very similar, so basically there is not much breakthrough. As you can see, the thickness of two watches is similar. But Galaxy watch tucked 1/3 more batteries, and LTE, which is very powerful.

The biggest change is this heart rate sensor, which has been changed from one receiving point to 4, wondering if it can be more accurate.

The original kind of skin imitation material, a long time has rotted away.

The new is not known to last for several years. All two bases are 5v/0.7a and can be interchanged.

The biggest improvement is the original strap. The original strap really doesn’t work, it’s too thick, it’s not easy to bend, and it’s not sweaty. The new silicone strap is a lot of stickers.

Favorite or this, carbon fiber surface, silicone strap

Watch initialization and opening of Esim There is nothing new about the initialization of the watch, and it is very convenient to download a Galaxy wearable pairing.

At first there will be an initialization textbook that teaches you how to rotate the dial

A few simple tutorials.

There is also no change in the way the phone is operated, with available storage and memory of 4G and 1.5G, respectively.

The dial and various parameters can be set. The only difference is that there’s a mobile network down there.

Some basic setup interfaces

One of the most updated is motion monitoring, from the original more than 10, to the present variety has been increased to 40.

Here’s a look at the most critical activation. First click on the settings: mobile network. Will ask you to install a Esim card manager.


Add equipment need to carry out real name certification, the landlord suggested the choice of address certification, more convenient.

All certifications are successful, the opportunity to download the update, and then complete.

That’s when the watch can work alone.


First call, watch overheating, and fault recurrence Well, I stepped on a lot of pits, and the watch was finally ready to use. Here’s another question: if the phone and watch are connected, the watch will always answer the phone. Therefore, the Bluetooth on the phone side needs to be turned off to allow the watch to run independently.

Also reminiscent of Samsung’s note 7, scared to almost throw away the watch. Fortunately, less than 2 minutes, the watch prompt has cooled. It’s going to work again.

Can’t figure it out: How could Samsung’s watch be so stupid? It’s November, winter is here, it’s going to overheat, what about summer?


To the office, tried two more times, each call is more than 10 minutes, no problem Is it because the first phone call watch is a little shy, the face is hot?

The next day, in the taxi, he answered the phone with his watch again.

Lucky this time, when it was over, the watch overheated and then flew mode, then dropped the line from the conference call. Also counted as the communication major, suddenly thought: Will it be because the landlord in the high-speed movement process (subway, taxi), different base station signal strength is constantly changing, the watch in order to ensure normal communication, automatic increase of transmission power, power increase, resulting in the watch overheating?

And in the office, because the signal is good, stable, so there is no such problem? As the signal is not found particularly weak place, can only run to the subway, and then call, over and over again to listen to the use of Internet traffic.

In less than 5 minutes, the phone overheated again and went into flight mode. The fun part is: Get the Samsung repair point, samsung Repair Point said: Your photos do not represent anything, need to reproduce the scene. The mobile phone signal at the scene is also very good, staff do not want to accompany to take the subway.

Finally, they said: The next time it happens, you record a image, and then the end of the video to show the watch serial number, so that we think you this fault is true. Now in the forum, overheating is no longer a two-problem issue.

Hopefully, Samsung will be on the headlines again.

So, you have to take the subway again tomorrow, then the fault reappears, and then take a video to change the machine. No matter the workmanship and function of the previous product is advanced. The core of the LTE watch is to get out of the phone and work properly. In any case, then, the normal use of the basic functions of the watch should be guaranteed. What overheats into flight mode is really a very stupid situation.

It is also not known if Samsung Inspectors are sitting in the office all day doing quality tests. In addition, whether it is Samsung Galaxy Club, or forum, have been blasted.

Samsung was indifferent and did not inform the repair point, an attitude that was truly unsatisfactory. In conclusion: It is not recommended to purchase Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE version until this call overheating issue is resolved.

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