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Reasons to Buy PM2.5 the harm to human health we are all very clear, usually we usually rely on the weather forecast to determine the daily air quality, such as we will be based on the weather forecast of the day air PM2.5 concentration to determine whether it is suitable for morning exercise, whether to go out need to wear a mask, whether suitable for window ventilation, Whether the air purifier needs to be turned on, etc., but the weather forecast has its limitations after all, the measurement points are scattered and fixed, can not be real-time, fully reflect the air quality status around the individual and indoor, car and other small environment in the air quality situation, so it may be necessary to use a can carry, Instruments that detect PM2.5 values in real time, such as the smart Rice PM2.5 detector I’m going to evaluate below.

Appearance Showcase Zhi mi PM2.5 detector is Xiaomi’s ecological chain Enterprise Zhi mi technology produced, is currently in Xiaomi’s boutique e-commerce platform on the sale of Goods mall. From the packaging point of view, Zhi mi PM2.5 detector adhering to the Xiaomi has always been a simple design style, to pure white color, the front of the packaging is the product of colored rendering schematic diagram, the upper left corner of the significant landmark clear “there is a product” logo.

may be due to cost considerations or due to energy conservation and environmental considerations, Zhi mi PM2.5 detector In addition to the host and the use of instructions do not include other accessories, even the charging line is also saved, but this is not a problem, today who will not have a few extra charging wire in the home.

Zhi mi PM2.5 Detector main body for pure white, the fuselage is ABS material, the front see in addition to the product logo and charging socket outside no modification, belongs to the minimalist design style, the overall feeling mellow and delicate, the first time to see it may be as a small charging treasure.

Zhi mi PM2.5 Detector using a universal rate of very high micro USB charging socket charging, standard 5V/1A charging mode, even if the use of mobile power charging is also possible. The detector has built-in 950mAh lithium battery, according to official information, a full power can continue to work in the highest screen brightness state for 6 hours, if the use of 3 minutes per time calculation, can be used continuously up to 120 times.

Zhi mi PM2.5 detector sanwei size of 60.3*21.4*84.3mm, only the size of the bank card, weight of only 90.5g, light and small, you can casually put it into the pocket of clothing to carry, such portability is probably the biggest selling point of Zhi mi PM2.5 detector.

Don’t look at the Zhi mi PM2.5 detector is so small, but the interior is great. According to official information, Zhi mi PM2.5 detector built-in DC Turbo fan, can quickly collect air samples, and built-in high-precision laser sensors, based on Mie theory algorithm fast and accurate measurement of real-time PM2.5 concentration, so its scientific and technological content is not low.

The air acquisition port of the PM2.5 air detector is designed at the bottom of the detector, with a total of five long-shaped openings designed to ensure air fluidity under the built-in turbo fan and taking into account aesthetics.

Zhi mi PM2.5 detector at the top of the design of an integrated pure black face screen, the fuselage of the only switch/brightness adjustment keys and screen fusion as one, black screen and white fuselage complement each other, very classic collocation.

Zhi mi PM2.5 Detector of this display number of dot-matrix large font display, the perception is very clear, and equipped with green orange red Three-color digital indicators, green indicates that the detection index before 0-75, excellent air quality, orange indicates that the detection index between 76-150, mild pollution, red indicates that the detection index in more than 150, heavy pollution, the view looks very Intuitive.

The screen brightness of the PM2.5 detector provides a three-block adjustable, bright light, weak light is not dazzling, can be in the day and night under different use of the environment to choose different brightness state, at any time to maintain the best perception, but also 30 minutes automatic shutdown function, save electricity and environmental protection.

Do you use the detection data of the sensory PM2.5 detector to be accurate? There’s just one other brand of air quality detectors at home that can be compared. In the indoor environment, the PM2.5 detector shows a value of 18, and the other detector is shown as 33, although there is a difference in value but it is in the optimal display range.

Get outdoor re-test, Zhi mi PM2.5 Detector display value of 39, another detector display value of 57, today’s air quality is good, two detectors in general still maintain more than 10 of the value difference, can be understood as standard deviation bar, in addition to see the display effect, indoor is not obvious, outdoor digital display effect is obviously smart rice PM2.5 detector to be better.

Measure again for a different period of time, Zhi mi PM2.5 Detector display value of 81, another detector display value of 93, or more than 10 of the number difference, the same test results are mild pollution, so it can be seen that the detection value of Zhi mi PM2.5 detector is a certain scientific and representative, able to objectively reflect the quality state of air detection.

Summarize Finally, make a summary, Zhi mi PM2.5 Detector has a small and portable characteristics, lasting life, easy to carry, home, office, car, outdoor, shopping malls, subway stations and so on can be applied, in line with all-weather full-use needs, and detection fast and accurate, display clear and intuitive, detection value is representative, Ideal for small ambient air quality accurate testing needs of the user choice, as for the product advice, can be given a storage bag on the better.

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