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Xiaomi phones, which have been galloping along the highway, also appear to have encountered innovation bottlenecks.

This year’s flagship Xiaomi phone 8 has been questioned for its “Idol” IPhone x design and less leading feature addition (such as still using post-fingerprint recognition), although the overall value for money is still not low, but in today’s domestic mobile phone market is no longer the only option.

Fortunately, Xiaomi left the hand, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version of the appearance of fans began to be really crazy, not only because it is wearing a technology-sensitive “open back”, 3D Structural light facial recognition and pressure-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition, so that Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version really stand in this year’s smartphone technology frontier.

Open the box.

Xiaomi 8 Transparent exploration version has and only 8GB+128GB a version, in 64GB Small, 256GB too large use of the status quo, 128GB capacity fuselage is the most suitable choice, as for 512GB or even 1TB, even if you do not bad money, the advice is also to see on the good …

Open the box and launch the inner box horizontally from the transparent acrylic box to see the Millet 8 transparent exploration version facing up to the back.

We’ll talk about this “open back” story later, and before we do that, take a quick look at the other accessories in the box.

Attached to the Type-c 3.5mm headphone adapter, considering the tenacious vitality of the 3.5mm interface headset, this adapter is still very necessary.

The attached transparent mobile phone case does not affect the viewing of the back of the fuselage while protecting the rear cover from scratches.

The red charging line and the black charging head complement the design concept of the black main body red embellishment of the mobile phone.

Quick Start Guide.

Xiaomi 8 Transparent exploration version uses a 6.21-inch 1080P screen, Samsung AMOLED Liu Hai design, Liu Hai area has eight components, which are the same as Xiaomi 8 ordinary version. The difference is in the internal construction of the two, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version with screen fingerprints and 3D face recognition, in the later Experience section will be detailed.

The back is naturally the biggest highlight of Xiaomi’s 8 transparent exploration version of the exterior design. Of course, now we all know that this motherboard on the back is not the real motherboard used in the operation of the mobile phone, but in terms of the owner’s feelings, will not be disappointed, and the decorative circuit board of the devices are real, the whole “decorative motherboard” using all-copper substrate, attached to steel plate reinforcement, according to the official introduction, The above distribution of 101 capacitors, 32 resistors, 6 switch ICS, 11 sensor ICS, 7 signal control IC, with a complete flexible circuit board processing process. From the point of view alone, the whole does have a strong visual viewing effect.

But the circuit board on the Valiant Dragon chip is false, this is also beyond reproach, put the real chip up will only increase the manufacturing cost out of thin air, the significance is not significant. Note that a red coil is used to decorate the rear-placed camera.

Noise-cancelling Mike is located at the top of the fuselage.

The bottom of the fuselage is the microphone, USB type-c interface, speakers, TYPE-C interface parts have also been added to the red element embellishment.

On the left side of the fuselage is the SIM card slot, which supports dual Nano-sim cards.

On the right side of the fuselage is the power key and volume key, and the Power key is also designed to be red.


As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version and ordinary version of the technical differences are mainly two points: 3D structure light face recognition and screen fingerprint, so here to the experience of these two functions, as for the performance of photos and other parts are the same as the ordinary version, there are a large number of evaluation articles inside and outside the station for reference, here is no longer repeated. First of all, 3D structure light, in Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version of the front of the Liu Hai area “hidden” including infrared camera, front camera, LED indicator, light sensor, handset, tof distance sensor, floodlight lighting elements, dot matrix projector, including 8 components, 3D structure light face recognition function is based on them to achieve.

Unlike the 3D structure light of the iphone x, the Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration Edition uses a coded dot matrix scheme to create a 3D facial model by projecting 33,000 encoded dot matrices with an accuracy of up to millimeters, which is combined with an infrared image to become a “face ID”.

The process of entering the face is very fast, only need to aim at the screen to complete the two sides to see and look down on the action can be completed after the input.

The measured unlock speed is satisfactory, and the unlock can be done quickly even if there is a occlusion in front of it (for example, partial occlusion when recording the GIF diagram below with another phone).

The drawback is that Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration edition can only record one face at the moment, and does not support the adaptation of WeChat and Alipay face payment for the time being.

Next, look at the screen fingerprint unlock, Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration screen built-in high-sensitivity pressure sensor, support vibration feedback, officially known as the world’s first pressure-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition. First of all, in the process of fingerprint input needs a certain amount of pressure to complete the input, and repeatedly press the number of lifting input compared to the physical fingerprint input more; unlock will be accompanied by vibration feedback, the advantage of pressure sense is that the screen fingerprint sensor can obtain a clearer image, if only put the finger in the screen fingerprint unlock area, A “Please push a little harder” prompt appears on the screen.

There is a delay in unlocking speed compared to 3D structure light face recognition, but this delay is almost perceived as different in everyday use at the millisecond level.

So here’s the problem: since 3D structure light face recognition unlock and pressure-sensitive screen fingerprint unlock solve the problem is essentially the same, why Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version not to choose one but all to provide users?

Apple’s innovation reform has always been more radical, on the iphone x directly with the face ID instead of fingerprint unlock, face ID is convenient and fast, recognition rate is not the exception, but in fact is not the best choice in all daily use scenarios. For example, daily in the station with laptop office, mobile phone is usually placed next to the pen, when I want to work in the office at the same time to unlock the phone to find information, stretch a finger to complete the screen fingerprint unlock obviously to be more convenient. and face recognition unlocked, or need to put the face over the phone, or need to pick up the phone to complete the unlock.

For example, the hot summer out of the house, it is inevitable to sweat wet hands, this time out of the mobile phone to unlock, face recognition will be more superior …

Therefore, the two ways of unlocking each other and using them together should be the best solution at present.

Why is it worth buying:

1, “Open back” technology sense, in this year’s front of a water Liu Hai design of the smartphone, flip can be unique;

2,3d structural light face recognition and pressure-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition at the same time, can meet the daily almost all the use of the scene under the rapid unlocking requirements;

3, the experience link does not mention a point, this is still a dual-frequency GPS mobile phone, can achieve more accurate positioning; 4, all hardware and software configuration Plus, 3699 yuan Price is the current only two choice (the second is Meizu 16th Plus), but in the design of Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version to be more innovative.


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