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Last week with friends to participate in a new thinkplus activities, just began to hear that this activity I am not interested in, because I have never used ThinkPad, to Little red dot no complex, not to mention is a series of peripheral products. I didn’t expect to pass just 2 hours, I was easily attracted.

The picture above is what attracts me, yes, a computer power supply, too suitable to take out the door. As an obsessive-compulsive disorder, I can’t stand the power cord of electronic products stacked on the table, must be sorted out from the outlet, the following figure:

But this will make every plug-in is very painful, coupled with the apple with its own adapter is so big and heavy that I do not like to go out with the computer power. Short go out to save electricity, travel to rub the power of colleagues, in the Apple store to charge the side of the people and other things I did not do less. I never thought about buying another power supply before, and it’s been going on like this all the time. After getting this courtesy, I think my status quo will change immediately: one is two power supply can be home one, go out with one, do not need to organize the writing desk outlet every time, the second is Thinkplus power supply than Apple comes with a small light, it is really more suitable to go out.

The size of the adapter itself is smaller and more compact than that of the Apple, the area of contact plug-is small and centered, in the plug-can try not to disturb the “neighbors” on both sides, the two ends of the line are type-c, the use of the process is not specifically to distinguish the ab end, the strap is the cortex is also more textured, according

With many years of white power supply + white line, accidentally changed to black, but also a little unaccustomed to haha ~ but can make life more convenient changes, are very good to adapt to drops ~



Event site display of the Thinkplus series of products, in addition to the protagonist lipstick power supply, as well as Bluetooth speakers, charging treasure, trolley box, backpack, seat backrest, etc., can feel the Thinkplus designers in order to give commuters travel and work to bring more convenient sincerity, but not able to, As a sister is really not very interested, it is not much to say.

Red and black two colors of charging treasure, at first glance in the market many fancy charging treasure, is not outstanding, but in fact, people are adapter + charging Bao Two in one, that is, people are a walking, can store electricity adapter. Let me decide to order, is the designer on the stage said a word: In the hotel at night with it to charge the phone, the next morning the phone and mobile power are full of electricity. Thinking of most of the hotels with poor power jacks, I suddenly thought it was more lovely than

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