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Now people’s living standards are getting better, the number of trips is also more and more, many partners have begun to plan to travel abroad, I am no exception, but the thought of language is not good, with the regiment and do not enjoy, experience the exotic plan has been delayed time and time again; now well, with the Konjac AI translator, the problem of language impassable solved, Travel abroad can also be said to go on the go!

Konjac AI Translator online in Xiaomi’s products mall, the mall continues the tradition of millet thick, not only the quality and design is superior, the price is also a real pro-people. This konjac AI translation machine Mall price of 249, in most of the translation machine near thousands of Yuan price, can be described as cheap.

The following small series will take you a comprehensive understanding of Konjac AI translation machine, arrangements!
First, the design of the article Konjac AI Translation Machine packaging style is very simple, is my favorite type, packaging front for product rendering diagram, the back is the manufacturer and other related information.




Packaging using a similar drawer open way, pull out the inside box machine will be in the eye, physical and packaging rendering diagram is very similar, this to give a good rating! The machine is accompanied by a charging line, instructions, etc., which do not have a charging head, you can use the mobile phone and other 5 v charger instead.

Konjac AI translation machine using an all-in-one metal fuselage, effective protection of the internal original is not damaged by external forces, the corner of the fuselage using a larger radian design, while the surface of the scrub treatment, handheld grip is very comfortable.

The front is arranged from the upper to bottom of the power led, keys and speakers. After pressing the key, there is a clear touch, to ensure the timeliness of translation.

There is no control button on the back, the top to solve the signal problem using a black injection molding design, the bottom printed konjac simple logo.

The top and bottom are designed in black with a handset and a boot button at the top. The bottom is 3.5mm headphone hole and micro USB interface.


The lower right corner of the fuselage is left with a strap opening, for the fear of hand slip broken machine friends can choose to add straps, so that you can use it foolproof!

The whole machine weighs 63g, the size is about 39x10x100mm, very small and exquisite, the following is the comparison with the household 7th battery.

Second, the use of the article Konjac AI translation machine must be used in the network state, the network can be carried out through the mobile phone hotspot, the setup link is very simple, can be carried out through the Konjac public number or WeChat small program, no need to install the app, Setup completed once and for all. At the same time worth mentioning things to see the history of translation records, in the use and learning have a great help!

In use is also the form of one-click operation, the front of the fuselage of the mic key (translation of each other) and me key (translation of their own), just press and hold the corresponding button can be loosened and complete the translation.

Third, the performance of the article

This use of external drama and real people two test programs, foreign drama not only test a variety of commonly used languages and translation accuracy, real person testing focus on the volume of speakers and the use of noisy environment. 1. Foreign language Testing: Test the translation performance of Konjac AI translators through non-lingual film and television works. Contains English, French, Japanese, Korean and so on.

2. Reality test: Choose to test in the factory, in such a noisy environment, Konjac AI translation machine performance is still very good, it is important to note that translation needs to be as close as possible to the sound source.

In general, both Test experience results are satisfactory, in the film and television translation link accuracy is very high, the real person test link, need to spit clearly, in the noisy environment to try to speak loudly in order to ensure the accuracy of translation.

Iv. Energy consumption 1. Konjac AI Translator built-in 900mAh battery, a single charge time of 2 hours, in line with the actual experience. Small series in full time can be used continuously for 6 hours, there is no exhaustion of electricity situation, official publicity can be translated continuously for 8 hours, basically consistent, this power is enough to cope with daily travel translation.

2. Test the maximum decibel rate of the speaker by mobile phone, the maximum volume of the test results can reach 74 db, can meet the normal use.

3. In addition, Konjac AI translation machine is also equipped with small love students, the application of small love students nearly 47 kinds of functions, including music playback, radio play, reading news and so on.
V. Summary

Such a small fuselage, covering 14 languages, while attaching small love classmates, English learning and other auxiliary functions, such a powerful price of 249, can be described as the spirit of Xiaomi super cost-effective.

In the actual experience, the translation performance experience is also excellent, the external drama test link accuracy rate of 90%, and colleagues scene simulation accuracy is also very high, occasionally can understand the meaning but the statement is not smooth situation, after all, is the computer to translate, this is still understandable. The daily use of life easy to meet the use of a continuous day, to avoid the embarrassment of low power, the only shortcoming of the charging using micro USB interface, daily use needs to bring more one with the data cable to ensure the use, I hope the manufacturer can optimize.

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