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We are not the Motorola series to say that Lenovo mobile phones, over the years can actually make an impression on me is not much, the earliest music Phone count one, Bryant endorsement of the K900 count one, sandwich Vibe X2 count One, Zuk series is also counted, today this Lenovo Z5 Pro is also counted as one.

Lenovo Z5 Pro can make an impression, this slider design can be said to be credited, after all, 2000 yuan under the non-Liu Haichao narrow chin full screen is also this family, but this design is not without side effects, of which the pros and cons also need to be judged by consumers themselves.



Sliding cover with the narrowest border full screen phone As a mobile phone under 2000, it can be said that I did not expect too much from Z5 Pro’s screen, but in fact the quality of this screen is still beyond my expectations. 6.39 inches, AMOLED material, support P3 gamut, resolution 2340×1080, are these parameters familiar?

It also guarantees that Z5 Pro will not be pulled apart by those 3,000 or even nearly 4,000 of phones in terms of screen quality. In addition, it is slightly surprising that Lenovo Z5 Pro supports HDR 10, and in some videos with HDR 10 technology, you can get more detailed and more colourful effects. In addition, the De-mura color technology mentioned at the launch can improve the uniformity and stability of the AMOLED screen, in view of the long length of the space, here is not a technical analysis.



A point of contention that has been around since we discussed the screen share a few years ago is the narrow border.

The screen share is a data that is easily perceived by the public, and although we may not really need the “ultimate” screen share, narrow borders do lead to a better looking and prettier face. Reflected in Lenovo Z5 Pro is that the top border is only 2.07mm, and the left and right borders are reduced by 0.35mm. Of course, what is more unexpected is that the most difficult to deal with the chin part of the association also do their best to narrow the 2.71mm, but the last high screen share of the number is actually not significant to consumers, the calculation method is not transparent, in fact, it is not as direct as looking at the graph intuitive.



Continue to say that the screen accounted for this matter, we all know that the current elimination of the top “Liu Hai” model is not too many, this year was full a hand also counted over, including three of them have adopted the same design-sliding cover. I’m still the view: It’s not an excellent design, but it’s an effective design.



I had to spend more time introducing the part about the slider, such as this official design of the six-bit guidance structure and the double helix power system, I do not quite understand what the specific representative, but the feel and Millet MIX 3 sliding cover is similar, there is a clear sense of paragraph, damping larger more compact, The crash hit a little bit like two mahjong cards.



Lenovo did a visual vertical texture design around the top camera section, but it still feels smooth. It is important to note that Lenovo does not make a handset at the top of the screen, but only has a handset and speakers in the middle of the sliding front camera, so you need to slide down the screen to answer when you answer the phone. The 16 million megapixel front-faced camera is responsible for making the user look beautiful, while another 8 million megapixel infrared camera helps you unlock your phone with face recognition in dark light conditions.



In fact, after the unlock state slipped will automatically start face recognition, in the dark light conditions to unlock the speed of less than 1 seconds, a total of five face data can be added, and the addition process is basically instantaneous completion.



But because Lenovo Z5 Pro is also equipped with screen fingerprints, face recognition is less useful to me and can only be used as an alternative. Screen fingerprint recognition rate is quite good, the basic can be stable and correct unlock, speed is also OK, is the animation can do a little more coherent.



It’s not easy to get the screen fingerprints in, and there are some side effects, such as the size of the whole machine, which makes it a little thicker (9.3mm).

As well as in weight is also a heavy feel (210g, but not half a pound weight), given the price, these can be understood.
First time with ZUI 10, small function is very practical I’m not using ZUI for the first time, but it’s the first time I’ve used ZUI 10, the last time I used ZUI or on Z2 Pro’s phone. The characteristics of ZUI I have mostly forgotten, but only small window lock screen still remember clearly, unfortunately this function in ZUI 10 above has not been found.



Back to experience ZUI, there are a few small features, such as the application to flash or feel good, some large volume or poor optimization of the app to add to the app Flash can speed up the application start, feel really some help, open speed becomes very stable. Like mobile phone Taobao, Baidu map, popular reviews such as bloated and commonly used are suitable to add, but note that a total of up to 6 applications can be supported to flash.



In addition, in the laboratory function has a position to cross the function, can be their own geographical positioning changes, in addition to doing some unspeakable things, in the search for peripheral services is also more useful, because life service software often lack of specific location peripheral services such as the function, the use of cross function can get a better experience. In addition, some software will get around the popular trend, through the function can know what people around the world are talking about.

The measurements come down to Weibo, Gauder maps and another social software that perfectly supports crossing. In addition to the current ZUI 10 shortcomings, first of all, the consistency of animation and the space to improve, some animations to connect with each other’s advantages, such as when returning to the desktop when it is necessary to give a moment. In addition U-touch gestures and part of the phone are the opposite, the screen on the left and right slippery is multitasking, and the upward slip is returned and back to the home page, which may need to be adapted for a while.



Not surprisingly, Lenovo Z5 Pro uses a 24 million + 16 million megapixel dual-camera scheme, the sensor is Sony’s imx576+imx519, is a more OK combination (consider the price again).

In fact, there are many ways to improve the picture quality at present, through the AI algorithm multi-frame synthesis is a very effective scheme, do not know the camera inside that “extreme picture quality beta” is not using a similar algorithm. ”

Unfortunately, I have this is the display of the prototype at that time, in the hardware and software is not fully prepared, so the infinite distance focus to take photos will appear loss of focus, including night shooting also did not start multi-frame synthesis and other prevention of high-light overflow function, so the sample basically has no reference value, here is no longer tested.

As for the specific configuration, Lenovo Z5 Pro uses the Valiant Dragon 710 AIE Turbo processor, with two versions of 6GB+64GB and 6GB+128GB, the former selling for 1998 Yuan and 2298 Yuan later. Lenovo Z5 Pro’s positioning is actually very delicate, on the one hand this phone is now Lenovo under Motorola positioning the highest end of the mobile phone, you can see including no bangs full screen, screen fingerprint such as high-end features, but on the other hand its selling price is strictly controlled in 2000 yuan up and down, so have to be in the thickness, Processor and other aspects to make a certain choice, so what the public will think of this machine, is a very interesting thing.



A roommate who is very picky about beauty:

Sliding cover is nothing, thick point of the focus is nothing, after all, Sao such a mobile phone is also used, in this phone on the back of the design is a bit not to walk the heart, is to feel not in the aesthetic to meet my requirements.

Friends who accidentally know about the phone: Think the slider is a bit cool, but slide down to only selfie? Is it only a selfie?

It didn’t feel any use, and it felt a little thick, and it felt like the iPhone.
You ask me, answer.

Q: Does the phone support NFC?

A: NFC functionality is supported, but it cannot be swiped now and can only be recharged via NFC. Q: How big is the battery?

How long can it be used?

A: Typical 3350mAh, mobile phones are now basically a one-day charge.

Q: Do you have to slide the phone? A: Yes, the slide can be answered. Slide up and hang up automatically.

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