Huawei Watch GT contrast Honor watch Magic how to choose?

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Appearance Showcase As shown in the figure. From the packaging point of view, two box size, size, material exactly the same, but the color is slightly different. Huawei’s box looks a little more comfortable to feel.

After opening the box, two watches are displayed in front of you, and the intuitive feeling is that Huawei’s watch is more gorgeous.

The accessories in the box, the running manual, the Quick Start, the charging base and the data cable (none of which have a charging head), the accessory manufacturer is stated to be Huawei and the material feels exactly the same.

On the Honor of Huawei

The content in the Quick Start manual is exactly the same

Running manuals are much the same, slightly different. Take out the watch, or you can obviously see that Huawei GT is bigger than the glory of magic.

Positive contrast

Positive contrast

Side contrast

Thickness comparison

Display contrast glory It does look small and you can see that there’s a black side around the screen. Huawei is better than that.

Both numeric fonts are different and cannot be set

Exactly the same function.

Use the feeling both to wear a good feeling. Huawei is more heavy solid, giving people a steady feeling, glory is young sports some, give people vitality.

By contrast, Glory is more suitable for girls to use, Huawei is more suitable for standard upper body type boys to use.

In addition to the appearance, size, battery is different: 1, the optional dial has three different (Huawei said the dial will be updated in the future), 2, feel the glory of the operation interface of the tumble feeling slightly smaller (probably because the screen is small, visually smooth); Sports: The two functions the same, but the start to glory more lighter, Huawei is heavier (believe me, the difference is really small).

I feel like wearing Huawei running feels more rhythmic because of the sense of weight.


Select a suggestion: The difference is not considered. Wrist circumference less than 17.5CM students, it is recommended to choose Glory, on the contrary, choose Huawei!

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