Electrolux PURE F9 Vacuum Cleaner Trial Experience

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The high demand brought by consumption upgrade and the irreplaceable of vacuum cleaner Living at home, cleaning and doing housework is a compulsory course, clean and tidy environment can undoubtedly enhance the happiness index of family members. In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology and economy, more and more families are out of the pure manual cleaning operation mode, for daily life of clean products emerge endlessly.

Vacuum cleaner products are less than sweeping robots can completely liberate their hands, but to address the thoroughness of cleanliness and the use of scenes, vacuum cleaners are better than sweeping robots. As the world’s first inventor of household vacuum cleaners, Electrolux has undergone nearly a century of continuous development and innovation on the vacuum cleaner product line, from Rui Peter, who won the Red Dot Award, to the fully automated trilobites, and Electrolux uses a wide variety of vacuum cleaner products to meet the different needs of people.

PURE F9 is a new vacuum cleaner launched by Electrolux this year, the biggest highlight of which is the use of its own first flexlift slip function, for the convenience of vacuum cleaner products to provide a new way of thinking. The outer packaging continues the slender design of the vacuum cleaner products, and the appearance of the PURE F9 can be presented to the consumer at a glance from the front or back of the box.

The outer packaging presents four daily use scenarios for pure F9, as well as the design concept of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner:Designed for the way we live today

Let’s start with the accessories, Electrolux. Pure F9 is equipped with two brush heads, of which the round brush head is suitable for the cleaning work under the small space scene, and the flat brush head is more suitable for use in large area scenes such as bed sofa. Then paired with the connection elbow use, can achieve 90 degrees or even 180 degrees of cleaning.

The most commonly used roller brushes are two different materials of the brush, can clean up different impurities, spherical bearing rollers can make the cleaning process more flexible and smooth. Here’s an interesting tweet, when shooting a roller brush with a smartphone with an AI camera photo feature, the phone automatically recognizes it as a car, and in addition to the need to further enhance the AI algorithm, the high flexibility of the roller brush in design is indeed somewhat similar to that of the car.

In addition, the roller brush side design has a knob switch, rotary switch to the open position can take down the roller brush for cleaning.

The charging base is not complex and is divided into two parts, metal support frame and base, which can be put into use according to the diagram on the instruction manual.

Although it is only a small charging base, Electrolux’s thorough consideration of some details is commendable, such as the design of a bending track at the charging bracket Power interface, which allows for better finishing of the cable, and the design of a card slot at both ends of the base, which can be used to place the brush head and connect the elbow, respectively.

In contrast, PURE F9 ‘s figure looks slightly short, but the addition of the slide rail design eliminates the need to worry about operating comfort at different heights.

As you can see, the fuselage is designed with a grip handle that is easy to push and pull. Sliding part of the use of aluminum alloy material, in fact, hand trial, smooth smoothness, the most critical is not to appear that kind of harsh and distraught sound. In addition, switch clasp is designed to control the upper and lower end of the fuselage.

The vacuum cleaner switch is located at the upper end of the grip handle and conforms to the actual control logic. At the same time, the key bit design is not complex, from the upper to lower in turn, the keys, suction increase and reduce the key, of course, the suction size of the difference is proportional to the length of life.

Electrolux’s logo is located in the center of the fuselage, below is the LED indicator type of three-segment battery power display, and then below is a large area of the heat sink, used to ensure the operation of the motor under a long period of time operating stability.

At the bottom of the body of the fuselage is the head casing connected with different brush heads, which only needs to be inserted with different brush heads to push hard. It is worth mentioning that the hose in the fuselage can be stretched for use, for high cleaning will be more convenient, of course, the premise is that you have to lift the entire fuselage …

Finally, look at the Dust collector box, providing a long front cone dust mesh, black fine filter, back for the dust filter, square motor front filter, excellent dust-proof effect.

The front filter supports washing and replacement.

Usage: In addition to the powerful performance, the details of the consideration is also very comprehensive The biggest feeling is that the Flexlift slip function to make the use of the device easier, from then on the wife and children no longer have reason to escape the housework, because after the appropriate sliding adjustment, even children can be more relaxed to carry out a single-hand drive cleaning operation.

First connected to the electric drive roller brush experience, electric drive roller brush front end design has 10 LED lights, on the one hand can be used for night cleaning assistance, but the average person should not be big in the middle of the evening to do housework, the most important use is when cleaning the bottom of the sofa or other dark light area, the lighting can be very convenient to see the location The practicality of this detail does improve a notch compared to other products.

Then there is the flexibility of the electric drive roller brush, as mentioned earlier, the spherical bearing roller can make the cleaning process more flexible and smooth. The actual experience is also true, it is not a problem to suddenly turn a bend along a straight line or to find out where there are still omissions and immediately want to kill a rifle. By contrast, you must have watched the sweeping robot stubbornly according to their own planned route to see the garbage as nothing of the depression …

For pure F9 on the “collection” of the Test special garbage gift bag, rich in sawdust hair dust flocculants and so on, before the test began to be more worried about the face of large flocculate pure F9 can do a deal, the results prove that I worry. With the electric drive roller brush of the pure F9 basic can be done to sweep, at the same time the brush bottom of the brush also has no hair winding situation, really fierce.

PURE F9 Pull-out hose with flat brush head can be used to complete the single-hand bed or sofa surface cleaning work, the surface of dust, debris, hair can be completely cleaned.

With the round brush head can be very good to complete some edge corner cleaning work.

Summary: Finally find another equivalent level of vacuum cleaner outside Dyson Dyson products themselves excellent high quality coupled with recent years in the Chinese market crazy marketing offensive, so that Dyson vacuum cleaner almost become the domestic high-end vacuum cleaners Market users the only choice. In relative terms, Electrolux may have to keep a low profile, but as the most established manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, Electrolux has no doubt about the experience and R & amp; D capabilities. In this latest pure F9, you can see a number of innovations that are different from the “Dyson” product, and the main sliding design solves the limitations of the use of vacuum cleaner products, the flexibility of the electric drive roller brush, the excellent experience of the pull-out hose paired with different brush heads, As well as the many details brought about by the experience of the promotion of this product is full of affection. Immediately again at the beginning of the year cleaning season, for the purchase of vacuum cleaner value friends, PURE F9 will be a one-step choice.


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