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Vivo in the past few years on the appearance of mobile phone design is more and more attention. In the case of a small difference in the system experience, the value is very important, better values will naturally be more attractive to consumers. X23 compared with the previous X21 in the value, photography, AI have a significant improvement. Although the hardware configuration is not satisfactory at 3,000 price, but whether it is easy to use depends on the specific experience.

This article to a deep understanding of vivo x23 in the end how to use, what are the shortcomings and shortcomings, to bring you is a surprise or disappointment.

Still using the classic packaging of Vivo, the difference is that the box is designed to be similar to the phone’s aurora lines, more stylish. In addition to regular accessories also with a vivo XE710 headset, after all, not the main cost-effective mobile phone or can give a better headset.

First, the appearance is not what you like

Since the release of the NEX model before vivo, the flagship X-series model, which has been featured before, has lost a bit of light. X23 screen does not use NEX such as a comprehensive screen design, but the use of the current popular water droplet screen design, the use of such a design is also the most secure solution at this stage, after all, manufacturers also have to take into account costs and prices and other factors. The X23 uses a 6.41-inch Super AMOLED screen with a 2340×1080 resolution. 19.5:9 of the screen ratio bright screen appears a bit slender, water droplet screen and bottom narrow border so that the ratio of the screen to 91.2%, the side border is still there but still very narrow. The design of the entire screen does not have much of a bright spot, belonging to the current popular design.

Screen fingerprint makes the whole more unified, the value is higher. X23 uses the fourth generation photoelectric screen fingerprint technology to unlock faster and more accurately.

The handset is hidden between the screen and the border, without compromising the integrity of the upper border. In addition to screen fingerprint unlock also has 0 light touching face recognition, which is equipped with hidden infrared lamps, in the weak light, dark light can also be accurately identified.

The appearance of the bright spot in the back of the phone, this experience is the Magic night blue, in addition to the Phantom Purple, Phantom Red, fashion purple and fashion orange optional. Feel this model is more female, color matching is very beautiful, more suitable for young fashion women.

X23 this time the main color and light sense of the combination, the back of the use of 3D Phantom Aurora texture Design, different angles show different aurora texture, the value is still very high. Back in the 3D glass machine coated with 3d Phantom Aurora Tattoo, to ensure a sense of light at the same time and a good feel, but some regret is the collection of fingerprints obvious.

The screen and the middle frame have the Arc interface design, enhances a certain feel. The width of the 2.6mm frame makes the fuselage appear thinner.

The volume key and the Power key are on the right side of the fuselage, and the camera protuberance is still more obvious.

On the right side of the fuselage added an AI physical button, used to call out the Jovi intelligent Voice Assistant (Long Press), short press in the application interface can choose to trigger intelligent mapping, Jovi collection, game space, voice assistant and other functions.

The 3.5mm headphone interface is retained at the top and will work better with the accompanying XE710 headset. Vivo has a special debugging of its own headphones, the experience will naturally be better. X23 uses ak4377a Hi-Fi chip, still continue the predecessors in the hardware to improve the sound quality of the scheme, rather than simply debugging on the software, this is the leading at this stage, although the quality of sound is not the focus of major manufacturers, but in this innovation is still commendable.

The SIM card slot is designed at the bottom of the fuselage to support dual-card dual-stay netcom. Charging interface still uses micro USB design feeling or some regret, for now commonly used TYPE-C interface when the design is still somewhat inconvenient.

The overall appearance of the shape is well-behaved, there is not much bright spots, color matching and aurora texture to enhance the value of the phone. 157.68mm/74.06mm/7.47mm, 7.54mm (long/wide/thick) fuselage and 160.5g weight in hand is still relatively lightweight and easy to use. The body width is moderate, the single hand in the middle and bottom area can be easier operation, but also has a single hand mode available. The screen, the middle frame and the back glass fuselage all have an arc transition, ensuring the comfort of the feel. The actual grasp is still good, but the fuselage is still relatively smooth, the back left with fingerprints obviously recommended or wearing a set of good use.

Second, compare to see

The X23 fuselage, which uses the Aurora texture design, still looks more stylish and younger than Nubian Z18, and Z18 is more profound and business-specific. Screen fingerprint design naturally solves the back fingerprint on the appearance of aesthetic effect, as for that better look at a person’s preference.

Compared to the screen of Nubian Z18. Nubian Z18 uses a JDI custom LCD screen, Vivo X23 uses the Super AMOLED screen, in the same brightness and external environment X23 color appears more vivid, higher brightness.

The design of the two droplet screens is similar, but the top frame of the X23 looks narrower.

X23 ‘s chin advantage look is obvious, a lot narrower than Z18, it can be said that at this stage of the water droplet screen mobile phone in one of the narrowest model.

Third, screen fingerprints and 0 light touching face recognition is really easy to use

Unlock mode In addition to regular numbers and patterns can also be screen fingerprints and facial unlock, fingerprint unlock animation has a variety of styles to choose from. At the same time, the latter two ways of unlocking can also be applied to privacy, applications and payments.

Vivo is arguably the first manufacturer to use screen fingerprints, and this latest X23 uses the fourth generation of photoelectric screen fingerprint technology to bring a faster and more accurate fingerprint unlock experience. In the Black Screen State fingerprint sensing area in the pick up the phone has animation prompts, the press process is also animated display, the feeling is still quite cool. Test to see screen fingerprint unlock speed is still relatively fast, accurate rate is also very high, compared with the traditional fingerprint phone to unlock the speed is still a little slower, in the daily use of accuracy is not as high as the traditional, but little impact. Previously, Vivo unveiled the “screen fingerprint DSP” acceleration technology, which simply allows for a 30% increase in unlock speed in the case of low-temperature dry fingers and direct light, although the technology will not be pushed until later. Before Vivo has been released two versions of the phone, one is the traditional fingerprint version of a screen fingerprint version, this time X23 directly only screen fingerprint version also shows the screen fingerprint technology mature, reliability can still be guaranteed. Although the screen is made into a water droplet screen, face recognition is fast and accurate, especially in dark or light-free environments that can still be unlocked successfully. From the test to see the face unlocked phone is not bad, but the application to the app is a bit slow, I hope the official follow-up will be optimized.

Iv. focus to see the photos

The front dual-core 12 million megapixel camera supports backlight selfies, AI beauty, AR sprout and selfie light effects.

Left to right for this AI beauty selfie, backlight off selfie, turn on backlight selfie Vivo’s AI beauty function will be based on the user’s gender, skin texture, light and so on for intelligent beauty, and can be directly in the shooting interface to the five features of more detailed fine-tuning. In the shooting can also be directly added to the different selfie light effects, such as natural light, studio light, stereoscopic light and so on. The effect of selfie in ordinary light is still relatively natural, beauty effect is obvious. The backlight environment shuts down the backlight and turns on the backlight still has a certain effect, the details behind it can also be more performance.

Shooting interface Rear Sony IMX363 sensor, dual-core 12 million megapixel standard lens + 13 million megapixel wide-angle lens. Support Professional, panoramic, Ai beauty, photo, video, AR Sprout and other modes, but also has a body camera, wide-angle shooting, dynamic photos, background virtualization and other functions. Ai scene recognition can automatically identify the body of the shot, intelligent adjustment of the shooting parameters (AI state with the scene of the icon prompt to succeed). Body camera can be taken photos or video when the whole body of a number of parts to adjust, long legs, small waist can be adjusted in real time, in the future really can not believe the shaking sound.

X23 close Wide angle and open wide angle contrast

X23 close Wide angle and open wide angle contrast X23 ‘s rear camera adds a 13 million megapixel 125° oversized wide-angle lens, which is very clear in the same location, and is convenient if it’s a view or a multiplayer photo shoot. Wide angle support photo, video, Ai beauty, availability is still high.

Background Virtualization +ai Beauty Background virtualization is still more obvious, portrait and virtual edge transition Natural, the main body prominent good. Ai Beauty has not been deliberately adjusted, the default state can also be intelligently adjusted.

↓↓↓Contrast with Nubian Z18 (AI photo)

The difference in the sky between the two in the default AI state is still quite large, the Z18 is more vivid, the X23 is more real. Z18 is more like a post-processed photo, and the original image is very different, X23 more like a certain beautification of the photo, the reduction degree is better, later also better processing.

The animal X23 color is a little more intense.

Sunrise X23 appears to be a bit white, Z18 control is better.

Gourmet Z18 Colorful Advantages are still more obvious, here more real seems not so good-looking, that more appetite at a glance.

Plant Z18 Bright A bit too, the X23 is slightly inadequate, the two may be better in neutralizing.

There is little difference between the scenery.

Flowers Z18 a thicker color.

Normal and zoom after the effect, Z18 appears to be better.

That delicacy looks better to eat.

Night Z18 control is better.

Architectural landscape X23 appears to be a bit white, no Z18 control good.

↓↓↓VivoX23 daily shooting (AI status)

V. Performance, charging and endurance

Running points only on the side represents the performance of a mobile phone, but whether it is really easy to use or combined with the optimization of the system. X23 is equipped with Qualcomm Dragon 670AIE 2.0GHz eight core processor processor, 8GB running memory and 128G fuselage storage. Although the midrange CPU but in terms of performance Hairon 710 is not a big difference, but from the price is not very high value for money. Vivo has also done more to optimize the performance of mobile phones, introducing the Dual-turbo twin-turbo acceleration engine, twin-engine combination, and game makers, engine manufacturers to work together to optimize the game itself, while optimizing the Android core module to ensure smooth operation of the game and daily use.

“Glory of the King” High frame rate mode runs without pressure, there is no obvious drop frame situation. Other popular games, “Jedi Survival,” “Wilderness action,” can all run smoothly. Multi-task switching is still very smooth, there is no Carlton situation, the switch between tasks can also be smooth operation. In the heat dissipation of the use of 10 layers of heat dissipation structure, the use of curable thermal conductivity gel, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy frame, multi-layer composite graphite cooling film to solve the heat dissipation problem. Actual experience after a long game of heat although not advertised so obvious, but still in the normal range, there is no obvious hair ironing phenomenon.

Added game mode. You can adjust your competitive state for yourself in the game, but now only most popular games are supported.

Game Assistant settings are still relatively comprehensive, basically to meet the game when the various conditions. For example, background calls, automatic rejection and so on, some of the designated games can also be suspended operation, the game switch backstage after throwing can continue to run, do not delay the background hanger. At the same time in the game also on the CPU, GPU, running memory and network also made a separate optimization. Electric competition mode can be background applications, performance, touch screen, temperature and other related settings to achieve a better experience, but now there are not many games to support.

Vivo’s fast charge has been relatively fast, this time in the fast charge at the same time brought 10V 2.25A semi-pressure flash charging scheme, so that the charging speed is faster.

Software test curves are not necessarily accurate and are for reference only Turn off the background app, turn on WiFi and data, and charge about 1 hours and 15 minutes from the start of the 14:37 10% to 15:51. This charging speed is still fast for batteries with a 3400mAh capacity.

Uninterrupted testing takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, with 82% of the battery remaining. “Glory of the King” opened the high frame rate mode 30 minutes power consumption 7%, although soon but the performance is good, fully acceptable. If it is a heavy use of one or two charge a day, if it is moderate use or basically to ensure the daily use of the day, go home at night full can be. Life is in a comfortable position, after all, the current development of battery technology, systems and software on the power-saving capacity is still very limited.

Vi. comprehensive AI holding of the system

X23 is equipped with a Android8.1-based Funtouch OS 4 system. The main keyword is “artificial intelligence”, the biggest change is from the original passive experience to the present active presentation, the whole system will be more intelligent to learn the user’s habits, actively provide the user needs the content.

Negative one screen is smart desktop, card type rendering. A variety of information, weather and so on can be quickly viewed. Some life categories such as drip travel, only the product will, hungry, Ctrip travel and other apps can be used directly without additional downloads.

Intelligent scene for you to integrate nearly a week of schedule, courier, meetings, hotels, flights, cars, movies and other matters, will be based on mobile text messages with travel, meetings, courier and other related content intelligence to remind, convenient for users to view.

The system picture hue of Funtouch OS 4 automatically adjusts colors depending on the wallpaper, and the icons have a dynamic effect, officially referred to as the energy UI. The whole looks more coordinated and more uniform.

Identify unfamiliar numbers online, prevent fraudulent nuisance calls, and be more secure. The app can choose a full-screen or safe area display, which is also a feature designed for droplet screens or Liu Hai at this stage. Albums can be easily viewed by classifying photos and making memory videos through artificial intelligence. Intelligent body feeling is still retained, double-click on the bright screen, extinguish the screen, gesture operation and other functions can be used.

Split-screen multitasking in a single application of three-finger sliding can be opened, or relatively convenient, commonly used applications can be used normally. At the same time has the message split screen function, such as in the audio and video, shopping, news and other full-screen interface if the message (now support QQ, WeChat, information) will have suspended picture prompts, click can go directly into the split screen mode.


Vii. Smarter AI Voice

Now the mobile phone after joining the AI ability and began to focus on the introduction of Intelligent voice assistant services, compared to the previous voice assistant is now more intelligent. Previously only mechanically executed simple commands, now can understand the execution conditions in the command, including the statement on the sentence can be accurately identified after intelligent accurate execution.

Actual and Nubian calf voice comparison to see Vivo’s Jovi is obviously more intelligent and easy to use. The X23 can be awakened directly in the out-of-screen state, while the calf is only able to use it by holding down the AI key after unlocking. The identification and execution of Jovi is faster and more accurate, and sometimes some dialects (Shaanxi dialect) can also be identified. In terms of ability, Jovi’s commands are broader, and what is said can be performed directly, and the calf appears to be more mechanical. Intelligent Voice Function X23 still has a clear advantage.

There are many apps supported by X23, and you can open them directly to voice operations when you say voice commands.

Jovi initially used to record the user’s voice, the recording can only recognize this sound, other sounds can not be awakened. Officials have recommended more commands and skills, or they can teach Jovi to learn orders or combination commands that suit them. However, after testing some of the commands you set up to execute there are still a lot of errors that need to be optimized in the official later stages.

Intelligent screen can be in the dialogue interface or news applications, web browsing interface long press text, mobile phone opportunity will hold down the text according to the semantic split into easy to choose independent words and words, can freely choose to use, but also can directly translate, search, copy, share and other operations. From the use of nature is more convenient, but there are still some traces of imitation. Intelligent mapping can be a certain identification of goods, plants, animals, etc., translation support real-time translation and post-photo translation, text is extracted can be translated, search, copy and other operations, search questions are naturally searched for the test questions.

Viii. Finally, say it again.

Vivo X23 can be said to be a main value and AI mobile phone, the system function is still relatively comprehensive, can meet most of the daily needs, there is no obvious short board. Water droplet screen design is the more secure design at this stage, many users do not buy this design is also understandable, after all, the screen highlights so a small piece does affect the visual experience, but considering the price and the current technology can only accept such a mainstream design. The addition of wide-angle lenses is a bright spot on this mobile phone photo, in the beauty, portrait and other functional similarity stage, bring some changes or have a fresh feeling. The changes brought about by AI intelligence are from the original passive experience to the present active presentation, enhancing the user’s sense of experience. Intelligent voice is much better than before, but the practicality has yet to be improved, and sometimes the wrong commands are inconvenient for users. Screen fingerprint is the highlight but not the advantage, improve the color value but compared with the traditional fingerprint still need to be improved.

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