Indian Divine Machine? Overseas edition Xiaomi Smartphone Pocophone F1

Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Friends who follow Android phones may know that, as India’s cheap smartphones, the product starts at 20999 rupees on the official website of India, about 2025 yuan.

Summarize its main configuration in one sentence: Qualcomm Dragon 845 processor, 6+64 storage start, LCD Liu Hai, liquid cold heat dissipation, rear 12mp+5mp/front 20Mp camera, 4000mAh battery, with 3.5mm headphone jack and so on. For some friends, this is probably very much in line with the positioning of the heart.

Although the ceramic shell is not used to substitute the plastic fuselage, but it is these characteristics that have been hailed as the most cost-effective mobile phone in 2018 years (one).

Sadly, Xiaomi did not sell the phone directly at home. The purchase of words, about the original price on the basis of an increase of one hundred or two hundred yuan.

Compared to the Nexus 6P (right) of the year, the fuselage as a whole is slightly smaller.


Usage Feelings

For friends who don’t play games, photography, fluency and renewal are probably the main concerns.

With the normal mode of their own camera in the house outside the room casually patted two, feel good.

Fluency aspect, as the 2018 flagship ranks of mobile phones, naturally no problem, extremely fast. It’s worth saying that Poco’s fingerprint recognition speed is as fast as the Google nexus6p and Pixel generation on their hands.

Has previously been used to touching half a second to unlock, now actually need to readjust, this can be said to improve obviously. As for the life, because just got the hand, so has not fully fully experienced. But the 4000MAH specifications, must be good. Online has been used in the hands of friends also feedback is good.

System & amp;

future As a habit of native Android system, and love tossing people, Xiaomi’s MIUI10 International version is still not fully adapted. Probably obsessive-compulsive disorder, some some do not, or want to delete. It is estimated that a stable version of MIUI10 based on Android Pie (Android 9) will be available in December this year, and then look at it later.

Of course, Pocophone is unlikely to use a pure native system, but it is still expected to be in place next year in the Lineageos 16 stable version, which is presumably the closest ROM to the native Android system. More importantly, for the system’s background, power control, kernel and so on, has been hoping to have further control. With current limited experience, here are a few keywords, magisk, black domain, Kernel adiutor, as shown in the deliberate desktop screenshot above Nexus 6P. Friends who need it can search and use it themselves. In this way, your Android phone may be able to perform the most stunning results.

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