AMAZFIT Hands Table Youth Edition Langzeitbewertung

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So why do many hand ring products choose MI hands table youth version? At that time Xiaomi hand ring 3 just listed, committed to the choice of disorder, rice hands Table youth version is double positioning, Xiaomi bracelet 3 no GPS, record track to carry mobile phone assistance, other products are either expensive, or you just can’t use Xiaomi family bucket so the last choice of rice hand table youth version, because I still spend most of the time just run.

This is just November early in the beginning of the Rice Watch 2, compared to the Rice watch second said the meter hands table is too thin, wearing in the hands of a very no sense of presence. But it’s really light, and the standby is super long.

AMAZFIT hands-on table Open box

Ordinary hot shrinkage packaging, more popular rice home eco-chain white Paper packaging, including after the Hua Mi Watch 2 is also such a style of packaging.

The watch shows an international practice sticker.

Square’s watch, plastic strap comfort in general, a bit hard, but for such a long time (exactly half a year) wear, strong and reliable, no drainage design, stay for a long time the skin will be white.

Heart rate and power charging contacts and quick disassembly straps

Although the wire design is general, but the base is good, the watch put in the strap can be turned back, can be very stable on the table

After booting the routine upgrade process, in addition will be upgraded from time to time aGPS.

Because there is no adapter, a rechargeable treasure can also be used to charge the meter hands table Meter hands-on watch long-term wear experience

Wear it for a long time, that’s all.

Was pressed out of the mark, and the drainage is not good, the skin soaked for a long time, will itch.

Recent steps of activity, basically do not pick there will be such

Xiaomi Sports App Support Section

The trajectory displayed in the app, the watch can also be mentioned is the black bottom white line like that.

Compared to the watch’s information display limitations, the app is comprehensive, basic for Xiao Bai is also easy to understand.

Feel in addition to heart rate, there is nothing to spit, but I used the treadmill to send the heart rate band measured, rice hands-on table youth version also did not find what is too big difference, looks slightly faster, after all, is this price of entry-level products, for reference only.
Meter Hands Table Youth Edition Summary section Advantages: Light. Dual positioning, bring your own GPS. Very few, helpful, without other apps, can be directly connected to Xiaomi movement. Cost-effective Bak. Although you can’t swim, you can be waterproof on a daily basis. The watch mask is very resistant to making. Standby is really beyond the imagination of the lasting.

Reflective screen, the day is basically no backlight, the outside light is brighter it is also brighter, but black a little completely invisible need to press the key to light the backlight. Cons: The dial is single, the square looks monotonous, like the Apple Watch and has no texture at all, but it is really cheap compared to the Apple Watch.

The strap is too hard to drain and breathe well. My personal feeling is the youth version in the launch of the Rice smart watch 1 after the test of water, in fact, I have been very much hope that rice hands table youth version out of the 2nd generation of products, but it seems that the hope is not too big. However, even then, I think the rice Hand table youth version is still basically satisfied with just casually moving the needs of the crowd.

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