Socks washing machine, wear new socks every day!

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Last time to focus on this brand of products or underwear machine, as the name suggests, is specifically used to wash underwear, many friends after the use of feeling very good, after all, many friends are used to underwear and other clothes separate to wash. Today experience the product type smiling face washing machine, and the previous one similar, the main is still automatic cleaning, sterilization and deodorization automatic drying.

Personally, I am currently renting, usually commuting is relatively hasty, night back is 9 o’clock, washing clothes is a week wash once, socks wash once a week will not work, and this automatic socks washing machine can be more convenient to solve this problem.

Open box appearance

This product express came over is two layers of packaging, an outer pressure express packaging, the formal packaging of a commodity, received the official packaging of the goods without extrusion deformation of the situation, protection is very good, the box is still relatively large, there is a handle on the convenience of picking up, the front is this smiling face intelligent socks, there is no fancy design.

Take out this smiley socks, a thin plastic film package, the entire box processing machine is only the instructions and warranty card, there is no additional accessories, power cord and fuselage is one non-removable, this sock washing machine body up and down only one Operation button, can be said to be true one-click operation, the operation is quite simple, do not need too much brain.

The black and red design of the fuselage I personally like very much, the surface matte plastic non-metallic fuselage. The shape of the round and angular design is really too beautiful, the future feeling is full, the senses back to make people feel very safe. Such a look up look is very difficult to let people and wash socks linked, friends saw the first thought I bought a high-end soybean milk machine …

At the bottom there are four high anti-skid pads, two heat dissipation holes, the main principle of this machine cleaning socks is boiling water to boil, the use of high-temperature waters to make socks in the stains and so on detached, and then remove sewage, and then rinse with high temperature water many times, until the socks are completely clean. Officials say the cleaning process consists of two boiling water boiled, 12 high-temperature rinse, and ultra-half an hour of high temperature drying.

(Drying time is determined by sock thickness size) The length of the power cord is about 2m, in the home environment two meters in length is absolutely sufficient, whether placed in the living room, balcony or bathroom, only a A4 paper size space can be placed, pad design do not have to worry about the use of the bottom of the long time there will be water problems.

The water tank on the left is divided into two layers, the upper layer is loaded with water, the lower layer will be loaded into sewage after use, such a design does not need to access the faucet and drainage hole, do not need to be worried because of the position of the faucet, any empty space in the home can be placed this machine.

The red water injection at the top of the tank is made of soft silicone, but the mouth is relatively small, when the water will be sputtering to the outside.

Usage Experience

There are four holes under the left machine sink, which can water and drain water respectively.

And the right lid can be placed after the use of socks, this socks can only wash a pair of socks, or two of two-boat socks, generally used once to wash a pair, every day can wear new socks. Officials say the washing principle is to use the flow of water in a positive space to hit the socks with a violent boiling, dissolving the stains away. However, vacuum environment Ken This machine is certainly not possible, should be a larger negative pressure environment, in the negative pressure environment, even if less than 100 degrees will boil, and the greater the negative pressure, the lower the boiling point.

Click Switch is to turn on automatic cleaning + drying mode, double-click is the cleaning mode, usually use of course is the need to dry, here drying mode needs to pay attention to the machine inside there will be extrusion drainage process, that is, will make socks produce folds, the specific effect is shown below.

Cleaning the lid of the warehouse after the need to press hard to ensure strict, after all, low-pressure high-temperature boiling water needs sealing space. I wash this pair is the boat socks, wear a day will not have a lot of dust stains, but the foot stink is very heavy, usually at night home relatively late, also very tired do not want to wash clothes dry what, with this automatic cleaning is very convenient. Cleaning and drying about two hours, after cleaning will be issued 6 beeps to indicate the end of the cleaning.

4 o’clock in the afternoon more began to wash, the Night 6 o’clock the day has been dark. During the cleaning process, the lamp of the start key is in breathing mode, and the cleaning end becomes the normal light mode, because it is fully automatic mode, pay attention to the cleaning process do not pull up the water tank and clean the lid of the silo. The water in the net tank is half lost after washing, that is, the net water tank can support cleaning two times. During the cleaning process, because of the motor working relationship, the fuselage will have a certain degree of vibration and buzzing sound.

Look down below the water quality of the sewage tank is relatively cloudy, indicating stains and other cleaning effect is still good. When lifting the water tank, be careful not to press the button on the water tank, this red button is used for sewage water, if pressed, the sewage will flow to the machine tank tank inside.

During the cleaning process, the opportunity to wash socks has a slight fever, cleaning warehouse temperature drying process will also reach 120 degrees, dry socks have become a “sock cake.” Even if the machine has been buzzing 6 times to prompt washing drying complete, but the high temperature of cleaning warehouse is still in, so when opening the cover should pay special attention not to be scalded.

How do you pour out the sewage when the sewage tank is full?

Press and hold the red button above the water tank to open the valve drainage, a single hand can also be more relaxed operation.


As a laundry household appliances, simple operation, small size, disinfection and sterilization, free of laundry liquid technology, power is also very small, and at the same time the lack of electricity is also very obvious, the frequency of water change, a single can only wash one to two pairs of socks, the capacity is a bit small. In addition, the material of socks also have certain requirements, some of the material drying will produce deformation, discoloration of the situation. In addition, the sewage tank can not be directly cleaned, the time is long there may be stains precipitated adsorption on the surface.

In addition, the machine does not have a special display on the progress display, such as the remaining time, such as the current cleaning or drying, this is recommended with the indicator light to show. For the Homeboy, automatic cleaning and drying, even if it is a pair of washing, smiling face washing machine is still an artifact.

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