MOMAX Iwarmer Mobile Power warm hand Bao

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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MOMAX is one of the local representative brands in Hong Kong, we are very familiar with this brand, quality is absolutely in line with the international standards of a brand.

Packaging & Accessories:










Momax consistent style, ordinary packaging











Round and meticulous appearance, lovely and comfortable pattern pattern, piano lacquer effect of the surface layer, the overall feeling is still in place.




The size of the red powder cake is very easy to carry, the overall mellow design is also particularly good handshake.

Supports fast charge type-c and is 5v2a output.

3600mAh capacity, barely charge once, because the volume is also relatively small, so emergency use is still very good.

3 seconds to complete the heat opening, double temperature selection, warm hands are very comfortable.

Heating standby double-sided heat 3 hours, single-sided 5.5 hours, double-sided 3 hours standby time.



Exquisite craftsmanship, gift-giving is indeed a good choice;

Humanized double heat regulation;

Compact design, fast charging function;

Standard security performance without worrying about security.


Because of the limitation of the appearance volume, the battery capacity is small;

Only a two-way output of the Type-c interface, with the traditional USB interface of the charging line slightly more troublesome; Prices are slightly higher than other warm hand treasures with mobile power features on the market

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