Honor Magic 2 and Mix 3 which is more worth buying?

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Front diagram

Because has been sent a magic 2 of the very detailed evaluation, on the crap, now has got the friend’s MIX3, experienced an afternoon, on the small partners concerned about a few issues to focus on the comparison bar.

Shooting small Buddy for Meizu 15

Magic 2 and MIX3 are 6+128g, a difference of 500 yuan

First, the Appearance & feel

MIX3 long and generous 157.89mm*74.69mm*8.46mm weight 218g

Magic 2 long width 157.32mmx75.13mmx8.3 mm weight 206g

Above Magic2 Below MIX3

Left MIX3,Right Magic

Sliding side MIX3 than Magic 2 heavier, thicker, like light small partner can not consider these two phones, MIX3 pay thicker and heavier price is, with ceramic back shell, the actual feel stick. No matter how the glass is processed, there will be no ceramic crystal clear texture and warm feel like jade, but with Shell can be ignored.

Back photos

Although the MIX3 back straight open hole design is extremely low-key, but still by the screen fingerprint recognition of the Magic2 sling, in addition, due to the different sliding cover structure, MAGIC2 screen plus host body sliding design also makes the sliding cover upper and lower seams more integrated, MIX3 like a layer of screen attached to the fuselage, Split into two segments appears thicker. However, screen fingerprints, both unlock speed and recognition rate are far less than traditional fingerprint recognition, and sometimes payment and other scenes are simply maddening.

MIX3 Smaller sliding amplitude

Sliding amplitude Comparison

For the gap and Ash, the two are not divided, as long as the work and living environment dust is not a lot, will not have a significant impact.

As for why people say photos show MIX3 gap is bigger, personal feel is because Magic 2 is the fuselage sliding, radian design can not take a gap between the two, the measurement is able to insert A4 paper. Although the fuselage is bulky, but MIX3 ‘s slider feel true TM cool, simple, simple, simple, look at the evaluation slider up to 600,000 times will not be damaged, it seems that Xiaomi in the body durability aspects of efforts. Magic 2 slider always gives people the feeling of soft, the official does not specify the life of the slider, but do not want to be bad.

Since the MIX3 is a screen slide, sliding up always gives a very lightweight feeling, which is related to its use of magnet design. Magic 2 Five-track sliding screen design is more firm, will not be obvious left and right shaking, friends of the MIX3 will have a slight shift, Xiaomi home part of the experience machine is larger, although will not affect the use, but mind the small partner to carefully consider.

Left MIX3,Right Magic2

Left MIX3,Right Magic2

Left MIX3,Right Magic2

MIX3 official screen share is slightly larger than Magic 2, in fact, the screen of the two is the same size parameters of the Samsung AMOLED screen, mainly reflected in the width of the border, visually speaking, MIX3 due to the outstanding visual differences of black ceramics, appear wider and thicker, the actual removal of this part,

The two forehead and chin parts are no different, the two sides of the border MIX3 a little narrower. Crazy is: Magic2 did not find the screen state, received the notification prompt lamp, do not know is not at all, can only set to receive notification prompt bright screen

Performance & System

Kirin 980 Hairon 845 each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the network debate too much, the relative is not too much to repeat here, the actual use of both experience is the flagship level, the King glory and eat chicken are smooth operation.



Due to the different initial positioning of the two, MIUI design and Hue is younger, EMUI (late Magic2 updated to Magic UI 2.0, the actual change of name is only) more business (in other words, old-fashioned) some, Huawei especially like to use some yellow icons and dark border design, ugly one. In particular, the theme of the Huawei Theme Store is also this design ethos, no matter how rich and form is less than the MIUI theme store,

 Magic2 NFC

MIX3  Access Card Interface

Magic2 YOYO

MIX3Start the Little Love interface

Functionally speaking, Emui has been different from MIUI, some of them have, their main similar to the full netcom, global access, GPS positioning, high-speed rail elevator mode, gesture operation and so on are actually dozen, but everyone’s traditional impression that Huawei in their own field of communication is very strong, the actual experience is really similar AH. The landlord is more dependent on the full-function NFC ecology, both of the construction of a very perfect, leading the other brands of several body position.

Landlord Home Community access to the use of two kinds of equipment, MIX3 This can be opened, Magic 2 can only open one, very strange.

As for the so-called artificial intelligence, MIX3 on the left side of a separate AI key, press can call Ais students, in addition, small love students and yoyo are the same intellectual handicap, the actual adjustment of the alarm clock, ask a weather can also, complex operation on it.


As a result of forgetting to open the Magic2 watermark, there is no watermark is the MAGIC2 sample

Each scene MIX3 a better sense of the sample, the screen noise is less and the details retain more, amplification can show the gap, Magic2 photos almost all smear a mess.

In addition to the photo experience aspect, Magic2 photo night scene mode to go through the algorithm for about 5 seconds to look like, MIX3 handheld night scene mode almost seconds, with the actual photo is no different, very fast.


The landlord is indeed because can not accept MIX3 fingerprint, only to switch to Magic2, but half a day down contrast, two products, whether the workmanship or the actual experience, are very worth buying.  As for the difference between the 500 dollars between the two and the loss, the small partners according to the thickness of the bag of their own comparison bar.

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