With it this winter is no longer cold, Smart mi heater

Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Millet style packaging

LOGO in upper left corner

In the upper right corner is Zhimi’s English “smartmi” LOGO.

Zhimi heater, you can see power for 1 gear 1000W, 2gear 2000W, gross weight 6.4KG.

Although there is no exquisite color box, this handle design is very convenient to move, the New year as a gift is also very good.

Seal design in small appliances, but also very detailed, 100 yuan level of appliances I really have not seen how many seals.

Packaging interior design, really very “rice home”, will always appear at the top of the manual, white foam will be fixed very well.

Foam density is very large, will not appear to take out foam slag flying scene, the heating above the plastic bag is very suitable, no wrinkles, no damage, plastic bag danger is also clear. The whole thing feels fresh.

Also refreshing is the way the accessories are placed, the slot is a perfect match, and the two brackets and the power cord are no longer nowhere to be placed when they are restocked the following spring.

The length of the power cord is not very long, about 1 meter.

Bracket, symmetrical front and rear design, two screws fixed with heating mainframe.

The bracket is made of plastic, the shell is fairly thick, and the interior is filled with stiffeners. The two thicker rubber foot pads in front and back won’t damage the floor when moving, and the tile floor won’t make an annoying sound. This is a place that many electric heaters tend to ignore.

There is no special design for the vacant screw space, and there is no label. I think a bracket mounting position should be marked here, which will be more in line with the feeling of the products of the Mijia family.

As you can see, the two fixed columns protruding on the bracket correspond to two fixed holes, the two screw holes are directly tapped on the bottom iron plate, and the nuts are not designed inside, but the thickness of the bottom iron plate is not bad.

Four screws and the bracket is in place.

From the bottom, you can see some of the internal devices, which are not bad workmanship. This device may be a switch to prevent toppling, or it may be a temperature control switch.

In addition to the shell, the main internal components have a layer of galvanized iron, the weight of the machine is really quite heavy, very solid

Turned over, the support is very stable, square shape, cute, not to say good-looking, but with Mijiaqi it put things together, very harmonious, upside down in the past process, I feel the rigidity of the shell is very good. Normal force to press is not changed.

Low-priced electric heater, two red switch, open one is a gear, two is two, above also buckle on a transparent waterproof cover. The switch on the Zhimi heater looks like it’s going to be a lot more advanced.

As with all electric heaters, do not directly cover the vent, of course, do not touch in the course of work, why not say, unless you want to be burned.

The iron plate thickness of the air outlet is also quite OK, for the time being can not see is the material thickness or press to do a depth, I press with the hand, very strong.

In addition to the upper air outlet, there is a layer of holes inside a more dense mesh, should be to prevent foreign bodies from falling into the machine, damage or cause burning.

There is only one English LOGO on the front of the fuselage.

Power cord from the right side of the fuselage, that is, the switch side extension out, the normal placement will not squeeze.

There are also no blocking tips on the front.

There is a plastic clasp on the left side and the right side respectively, it is convenient to carry. The plastic material can insulate part of the fuselage heat, but it is strongly recommended that you should not carry it when the fuselage is very hot.

The inner structure of the left and right sides of the machine is wrapped with a very thick galvanized sheet, protecting the internal circuit structure while also isolating part of the heat, so that the left and right sides are not so hot.

Through the upper and lower air outlet, you can see the appearance of the internal heating wire (resistance wire), before and after two layouts, the interior is very regular.

Plugged in, ready to test the machine, of course, or Xiaomi row plug. 。. 。. The house is slowly filled with all kinds of products of the rice house.

With the traditional electric heater two switch ideas different, Zhimi heater is the use of three-stage switch, the left side is 1, press the “I” will light up.

The right side is 2, press the “II” will light up, although the instructions are not as clear as two lights and two switches, but the feel and texture are better on a lot, before the Chi Gao, want to press the hard switch. It’s almost impossible not to touch the hot fuselage.

Whether it is first gear or second gear, the fever is very fast. The second gear is still very hot in the current weather. The first time it starts, there will be a smell of kerosene. It is said that there will be some oil in the electric heater’s stock in order to prevent rust. It’s dried, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

The most surprising thing is that I didn’t hear all kinds of noise from inside the fuselage. Maybe the temperature difference is not big enough to see if it rattles in the winter.

In general, no matter the workmanship, design, materials (shell, internal visual parts, switches, etc.), compared with some traditional manufacturers of 300-price products, I feel a lot more solid, the only regret, should not be attached to a bracket; Baking towels in the side of what the small things, there is a need to care about the durability of the, after all, this kind of appliances should at least use 3-5 years to go.

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