For the first time with its own desktop music system, the NAD D3020 power amplifier experience

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I have always liked to listen to music, but I have never had a decent sound system before, so I have a bit of regret in my heart for a long time. However, after I recently moved to a new home, I finally took advantage of the double National Day holiday to chop off my hands. I was thinking of getting something new, so I just picked up Jess’s passive bookshelf speaker from a foreign friend the other day, and now I’ve got this NAD D3020 desktop power amplifier at the recommendation of my friends. My dream of so many years ago seems to have come true.

Exterior design

This is the NAD D3020, 58X219X 186mm in volume, 1.38KG in weight, in fact, in my more traditional impression, the power amplifier should be like the DVD design square, very large, but when I saw this NAD D3020, when I saw it? Let me see another form of power amplifier.

The NAD D3020 machine surface uses the bright surface + the frosting way, the all-black color match looks also low key, if only looks from the outward appearance, also very difficult to see at a glance that this is a power amplifier product, NAD D3020 may lie down, may also stand to put. Users can choose according to their own preferences.

In this shutdown state, the NAD D3020 fuselage in addition to the front of this knob, can not see any other operation keys, why? I’ll tell you later.

At the bottom of the front of the design of the 3.5mm audio output interface, this design is more humane, daily use will be more convenient.

NAD D3020 on both sides of the bottom is the position of the cooling hole, looks quite design sense.

On the back of the fuselage are all kinds of interfaces. Basically, there are all kinds of interfaces. In addition to the traditional audio interface, the fiber interface is also designed with a Bass EQ button, which is used to enhance the bass. The 12V trigger interface is more suitable for projection or TV, when you turn on and off the projection or TV, the NAD D3020 will automatically switch on or off with the projection or TV, more convenient.

Then the NAD D3020 comes with a remote control that does some simple things.

Finally, there is a family photo bar, in addition to the NAD D3020, including the power cord, remote control, floor mats and a fiber conversion head. Overall, the NAD D3020 or very avantgarde design, its strength in the end, only after the audio-visual will understand.

User experience:

After plugging in the power, at this time we can see at the top of the fuselage that the NAD D3020 uses a more fashionable touch button, with the function of turning on the key needless to say, while the S button below is mainly used for switching between Bluetooth mode and AUX mode. The addition of Bluetooth features make it more practical in use, after all, directly out of the phone playing music is the most convenient way to listen to music, NAD D3020 Bluetooth support aptX, should also be guaranteed in terms of sound quality.

In the front position is a OLED screen, no wonder you can not see any keys and display in the shutdown state, in its front position you can mainly see the signal source and volume. On the hardware side, the NAD D3020 is equipped with its own class D amplifier, which has ultra-low distortion and noise, and each channel supports a maximum output power of 30W, but in addition to. And NAD prides itself on Power Drive’s “airbag power” technology, which, in a nutshell, allows you to adjust the state of the voltage at any time to ensure maximum dynamic power output at any state. To make the output of the amplifier more stable, better drive, lower frequency and stronger, the actual effect, to try it.

First try Bluetooth function, in the mobile phone can directly search for NAD D3020 Bluetooth signal, direct connection can, I usually like this kind of wireless way to listen to music, after all, convenient.

Then the headset can be connected to the NAD D3020 to listen to music, the first test is wearing headphones, in Bluetooth mode, I feel that the sound quality has been significantly improved than before when the power amplifier was not used, the low frequency is more surging, and the sense of quantity is full. The middle frequency voice is also more dense, the resolution seems to have reached another level, and finally I tried the high voice, although not particularly amazing in the high voice, but the overall will not feel that the sound will be more delicate; The overall sense of hearing also has a more three-dimensional feeling, and usually compared to the personal feel in the low high frequency have a good upgrade.

Although headphones can fly more quietly around my world, I personally prefer the sound of a bookcase. Personally, I think the sound of a bookcase is the best. More than any headphones (maybe I haven’t used the best headphones yet). This Jess R-51m bookcase was brought back by a friend from abroad (it seems that there is no one at home), and speaking of Jess, this is an old American enterprise as famous as Bose, and anyone who plays stereo should know about the Jess horn. A benchmarking presence, This R series is currently the best-selling Jeb product, has now been updated for several generations, the new product has also made a lot of changes in appearance, the Jess R-51M is still using the traditional box structure, the edge is relatively thin. The side of the speaker is a scratch-resistant black wood grain skin, this is a very environmentally friendly design, and built-in classic bronze sound basin, I believe its bass should have a good performance, of course, in addition to these. This speaker also added its unique Tractrix horn technology, from a good friend recommended, should not be wrong.

After connecting the NAD D3020 to the Jeb speakers, the Jeb speakers become a Bluetooth speaker, and then use your mobile phone to play some songs that you usually like to listen to. I like the sense of being unfettered, in terms of sound quality. Personally I feel much better than my previous walker S2000MK2, the same music, in the low-frequency momentum, the separation of the field and the instrument is completely different, in the overall sense of the level of listening is also the first time I have ever heard; And this is just my cell phone as the voice of the previous paragraph, hear here, for this year’s hand chopping, I think it is quite worth it.

Then I used the more commonly used notebook as a sound source for testing. I played several songs that I liked in succession. I felt good separation, amplified sound detail and balanced tri-frequency perfect match, no matter what music it was. It brings a sense of atmosphere I have never experienced, and personally think that the NAD D3020 push this pair of Jess passive speaker is more than enough, in fact, I can not think of such a small power amplifier, can also have a good explosive force, for me. It’s a little satisfying.

For listening to music, different people will have different preferences, some people will feel that low frequency enough, will have a better sense of atmosphere and three-dimensional, while some people do not like the low frequency grab the sound of the mirror, perhaps more relaxed sound field; A clearer sense of hierarchy is what they seek. The NAD D3020 actually took this into account, so adding a low-frequency gain button on the back of the fuselage, a trigger button, was like adding a subwoofer to the Jess speakers, which, in addition to listening to some of the more explosive songs, It should also be a good choice to use when you are watching a movie.

At the end:

This should be the first time I use the NAD D3020 power amplifier to build their own home audio system, I am not a fan, but out of love for music and recommendations of friends, this time let me feel the charm of the NAD D3020; It is not only better in sound quality than the S2000MK2 I used before, but also very convenient for me to use in many different ways. Besides being used as a common power amplifier, it can also be used as a headphone amplifier. Or maybe the Bluetooth player, with so much functionality, is enough to satisfy all the ways I listen to music on a daily basis.

In fact, I later learned that this NAD is a veteran British company, making speaker products for more than 40 years, and the launch of the 3020 in 1979 has already made it famous, and the one I am starting with should belong to the modern improvements and upgrades, right? Generally speaking, things with historical heritage often have good qualities, but I think it’s a bit regrettable that I don’t seem to have much professional equipment to experience it, so I’ll just use it for now. I’ll share it later when I have a chance to get better equipment.

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