Bose Companion 5

Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Bose-Better Sound Through Research. It is not too much to describe the Bose C5 as being small and powerful. Just google just know C 5 has stopped production, new C 50 has replaced C 5. It’s a pity that the built-in sound card has been cancelled


Large subwoofer with low volume adjustment

Front metal mesh cover, the impression seems to be made in Mexico. Bose Acoustimass special effects, the effect is very powerful

Attached 4 foot pads to reduce resonance and contact surface

In the cramped foam box next door to the bass are two small satellite stereos. 。. Bose cool techs TrueSpace blessing. The packing also has the left&right label, the detail!

Full of metal, simple fashion, so many years still does not appear out of date

A cable connecting a satellite to a subwoofer

The workmanship is excellent, the design produces the color the wire control. Touch mute, turn up volume, headphone port and mic port

A family photo! The C5 is a device that saves a lot of desktop space.

A haughty figure, posture, effect

Bring one copy of the original audio audition disc with you.

It is so natural and natural. It shouldn’t be a problem with all kinds of desktops.

The effect of the C5-the price is still very good, how the sound quality, how the bass sink, how the virtual sense of the surround, I feel that the text description does not make sense. It is in listening that one truly feels it. Anyway that period of time to listen to music and watch movies are pretty happy!

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