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I have used a lot of sweepers, but what annoys me most is that I can’t clean them up, that they sweep everywhere, and that some sweeper robots don’t have the function to mop the floor. Alas, this kind of sweeper is useless when bought, and it will only add more distress and housework to myself. My wife and I have to go to work, so the home is rarely engaged in hygiene, sweeper is indispensable. There are so many sweepers on the market. How can we choose the ones that suit us? We all hope that if we choose the ones that are expensive or not, first of all, we should sum up the following functions of a floor sweeper:

(1) sweep the floor and mop the floor;

(2) have a long duration of navigation;

(3) be intelligent and know how to plan the route. Do not run;

4, sweep the floor completely after automatic recharge;

5, APP remote control;

6, the ability to cross the barrier;

7, have a large suction;

8, laser radar mapping, self-defined sweep area;

9, equipped with cliff sensors, will not fall;

10. Look good and sweep clean. It’s clean and the price is no more than 2500 yuan.

Someone asked, is there such a good sweeper robot? And the price should be cheap, there is no way? Indeed, the stone sweeping robot can achieve all of the above functions, and the price is not expensive, so is there really so good? Let’s take a look at the real experience. You’ll get the answer!



Stone sweeping robot packaging: first of all, let’s look at the packaging, stone sweeping robot uses two carton protection, can be effective in the transport of better protection.





Accessories: stone sweeping robot accessories include: main machine, charger, water tank, mop * 2, water cushion, spare plant bionic vascular bundle filter element and spare dust box filter element and so on.



Stone sweeping Robots planner has designed a chute on the water tank. The mop uses the chute to secure one end, and then pastes the tarp with a magic tape so that you don’t have to worry about the possible problem of curling. In order to facilitate the user to change, this mop has a spare.



The stone sweeper robot is equipped with a dampproof pad, which is designed to prevent the wet mop wood floor from breaking down while the sweeper is charging the charging post, so this design is very careful.



Design: this choice is a rose gold style, rose gold frame fuselage design, looks more beautiful, not only girls like, boys may also love to go.



The operating area at the top of the stone sweeper is equipped with three buttons, namely, a local sweep button, a long press of the power switch (after the boot is turned on, and a press to turn on the sweep mode), and a key recharge key.



The sweeping robot continues the drawer-style disassembly design, dust boxes are hidden in the lower half of the surface of the main hatch, along the edge of the groove can be easily opened, no need to flip the fuselage can disassemble and clean up, fast, convenient and easy to worry about. The dust box rear part has the filter net design, may filter the fine dust, avoids the second pollution. The left side of the dust box also designed a slot to put cleaning tools, easy to use at any time.





Charging sensors and Wall sensors: stone sweeping Robots are also equipped with recharging sensors that automatically return to charge when the charge is too low or when the cleaning is complete, which is very accurate. At the same time also equipped with along the wall sensor, when cleaning the wall, and the wall to maintain about 10mm around the distance, very intelligent.





On the front is a laser sensor and a laser head pressure sensor. On the back is the air vent on the left, and on the right is the loudspeaker.



Stone-sweeping robots hide cliff sensors in four grooves on both sides of the front of the universal pulley and on both sides of the fuselage to avoid falling when confronted with conditions such as staircases. The metal contacts on both sides of the pulley are used to contact the charging base for the purpose of obtaining electricity. On the back of this pair of main wheels, the height of the obstacle can reach 2 cm, for everyday household in the common threshold or cables and other debris can be easily across.



Stone sweeping robot has been using a unilateral brush, many people have doubts, why not use bilateral brush, bilateral brush will sweep cleaner and faster? First of all, the two-sided brush will also kick around and fly to the non-machine working area like a ball, and the bilateral brush will come across, for example, when the cables are entangled. Two side brushes that rotate in opposite directions are more likely to wind up and cause the machine to get tangled, while the single side brush can easily get out of the way. The sweeping robot’s edge brush is mainly used to clean the garbage in the corner and the root of the obstacle, while the edge brush is not the main cleaning structure when cleaning in other areas. In the process of non-wall cleaning, the side brush may blow away garbage if it is always rotating at high speed, while the stone sweeper robot uses the dynamic side brush to adjust speed, and automatically reduces the speed of the edge brush when not along the wall to prevent the garbage from being shot away. Only one side will be swept along the root of the wall or barrier, so the other side is not required to brush along the wall or barrier.



The main brush, which is the core part of the sweeping process, is in the center of the main wheel on both sides of the bottom. Stone sweeping robot provides easy removal of the main brush cover buckle, can easily remove the main brush cleaning, but also equipped with 2000Pa surging suction, even steel ball screws and small stones can be sucked, suction is very strong.



Use experience: the following picture can be seen, stone sweeper robot walked and did not walk the gap is very large, drag very clean, this room is estimated that my relatives have not dragged for several months, a thick layer of ash. When we open the dustbox, we’ll know how dirty it is. Such a dirty room, or need to drag a second time to be really clean.



Well, here is the moment to witness the miracle, dust box loaded with thick dust, and a few screws, this is not put up, is the real stone sweeper robot sucked in. It’s really dirty, and you can see a thick layer of black dust on the mop.





We are most related to the mop cleaning and dust box cleaning, in fact, acridine feel that the mop is very clear and very simple, washed with water to finish, see the black water, really a little scary, but the mop cleaning is still very clean.



Stone sweeper robot sweeping the floor is completely no problem, then to test the next black bean can clean up, will not be hit? As you can see from the GIF chart below, cleaning the black beans is perfectly fine, with the powerful suction that clears the black beans clean.



A bigger challenge is to hold a thumb-sized stone and see if the robot can clean it up. As can be seen from the GIF diagram below, only one stone was sucked into three of them, and very few of the floor sweepers were able to pull the stones in, so the stone sweeper robot has a very good suction.





Adventurous test: test this robot’s cliff sensor at great risk. If it falls, the sweeper won’t work. As you can see from the test GIF diagram, where there is a staircase, the opportunity to sweep the floor automatically detects that it does not move forward and does not have to worry about falling.



Intelligent management of Mijia APP: the same as the previous generation. Stone sweeping robot supports mobile phone App control and timing cleaning and other functions, and access to the Mijia App, allows you to control it at any time to carry out cleaning work. Automatic recharge and continuous scanning at breakpoints are supported, and the robot will return to the charging base when the battery is low, but this time the stone sweeper robot is equipped with a large capacity lithium battery on the 5200mAh, with a longer range, and can easily handle the 250-square-meter home. Through the stone sweeper’s APP main page can be seen, functional changes, adding where to point to where, zoned cleaning two functions, as well as cleaning area, remaining electricity, cleaning time information can be seen at a glance.

Stone sweeping robot uses LDS lidar mapping, can quickly scan the map of the building room, make their own cleaning path, can clean every part of the home, while there is map management, scan once. Will be able to remember the map of the home, the next cleaning no need to duplicate the map, faster and more convenient.



And there are zoned cleaning and where to go, such as you want to focus on cleaning a location, you can draw a sweeping area on the APP, stone sweeping robot will be to the designated area for cleaning. This is also Stone Technologies, the developer of Xiaomi’s house-sweeping robot, which developed a set of SLAM algorithms that sensors collect data and then hand over to the algorithm to plot areas and plan sweeping paths according to maps. Finally formed along the edge after the Z shape of the cleaning path, one by one to complete the task of cleaning the partition, cleaning efficiency is also very high. In general stone sweeper robot rose gold version should be family members in addition to beautiful appearance in the most cost-effective! If you do not know the direction of the location, you can find in the APP inside the remote control function, where you want to go to the heart of control.





Summary: stone sweeper robot 10 problems can be easily solved, and large 5200mAh large capacity lithium batteries, longer life, 250 square meters of home, a one-off. Super 2000Pa Penbai suction, not even screws, small stones can be sucked, full of suction ah. I prefer the latest APP features, that is, zoned cleaning, refers to which sweep where, but also palmtop virtual wall, the setting of restricted areas, baby areas, can not be close. In general stone sweeper robot rose gold version should be family members in addition to beautiful appearance in the most cost-effective!

[note] through experience, here’s a reminder: it’s best to use a robot sweeper twice a week or twice a day, otherwise, the longer the dust gets, the dirtier it gets. Sweeping robot will mop the cloth will be very dirty, dirty if not cleaned in time, will only drag dirty more and more dirty.

Product suggestions: charging line suggested to do a little bit longer, because the design of the home socket is a little high, there is a charging interface on both sides of the design, so that users can better choice, appear more beautiful.

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