HONOR Watch real machine experience: thin body but has long battery life

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I have been wearing the glory bracelet 4, because I like the brightness of the screen, I can’t see it outdoors, and it is better than the Xiaomi bracelet. In addition, it is also very accustomed to its stable and rich App client, the push is always quite smooth, and never missed any incoming SMS on the phone.

As early as October 19th, Glory officially released a number of countdown posters in the name of the glory new smart watch “HONOR Watch”. At the launch conference of the glory Magic2 on October 31, this watch was officially unveiled! As an old fan of glory, I also got this watch in advance, and then please take a look at it.

HONOR Watch Magic glory watch series has two color versions of lava black and moonlight silver to meet the needs of different users, this time is the moonlight silver version. In addition to the watch itself, the accessories include a quick start manual, a running manual, a charging data cable and a charging dock.

The first time I got the watch, I used sand-grain Italian natural high-quality cowhide, light and thin dial, the thickness is extremely slim, only 9.8mm, the 316L cold-forged stainless steel is used around the disc body, it looks full of metal texture, and the joy is full of words, even Friends say that this watch is too easy to fall in love at first sight.

When the screen is not bright, the deep black is like a fine craft, and when the screen is lit, it is a perfect model of mechanical watches. Moreover, the style of this dial can be changed at any time, presumably the above picture will make you tempted, don’t introduce it, I will slowly look at it.

At the buckle of the strap, the logo of HONOR is printed. The brown belt and the silver metal buckle are reflected by the reflection of light. On the strap, there is also a special smooth surface retouching and UV protection. Processing, visual light and shadow is extremely rich, both fashion and leisure.

In order to enhance the strength of the strap, there is a layer of high-strength nylon + fiber material under the grit brown belt and the back of the dial, and the bio-based environmentally-friendly material extracted from the castor seed. Compared to the glory bracelet, this glory watch is also equipped with a new light path design, the back has more optics, higher efficiency, lower power consumption, better performance, and at night is the invisible heart rate, sleep monitoring To ensure that you don’t have any light disturbance during your sleep at night.

Glory watches also specifically support the replacement of the strap, so if you are a sportsman, you can choose the lava black and red silicone strap, if you are a fashionista, then this grit brown leather strap is perfect.

So far, many people like to wear mechanical watches, a delicate mechanical watch is worn on the hand, which can show the quality and personality of this person, even the charm. Moreover, the glory watch not only looks like a mechanical watch in appearance, but also internally uses the content of technology to make the time more accurate, and the number of steps on the dial is more beneficial to our health. The information allows us to keep abreast of the state of physical exercise every day.

The charging of HONOR Watch is also very convenient. Even your mobile power supply can add “energy” to it at any time. The rear case and charging base of the glory watch are magnetic thimble charging ports. When you are close, it will naturally absorb and start charging. .

In order to ensure the charging efficiency and charging safety, the watch also gives the prompt “Please check whether the charging port has sweat or dirt before charging, so as not to affect the normal charging”.

After connecting to the mobile client, Glory Watch also regularly synchronizes time, weather and other information every day to ensure that the weather information you see every time you watch is accurate. How is the temperature today, need to wear more? Don’t worry about your phone, just lift your wrist and look at HONOR Watch. The 1.2-inch round AMOLED touch screen, 390*390 PPI 326 resolution, also gives us a clear visual experience on the wrist.

Since this is a smart watch, we certainly need it to record the daily sports information for us, let a watch help us better understand our physical condition, keep away from sub-health and adjust ourselves at any time. In the display interface of the glory watch, we can easily read the current movement information such as the number of walking steps.

Wear it on the girl’s hand, between the movements, highlighting the noble quality. When you don’t need to look at the watch, it will stay there.

When we lift our wrists or squat down the relevant function keys, it will automatically light up and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the intensity of the current light. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, the display of the dial is very clear and can not be distinguished. This is a mechanical watch or an electronic watch. Like a brother who bought a smart watch before, but the low-cost display effect and light leakage, it completely leaked out that it is a smart electronic watch, and the glory watch makes you feel the slightest. No, it is still a smart watch.

For the “Sports Health” App client of Glory Watch, I believe that the friends who have used the Glory Bracelet are already very familiar with it. I won’t go into too much detail here. Simply let us know the function information of the client. In the main interface, we can see the daily exercise volume, stroke, and professional running sports data, as well as sleep, stress, etc., and the amount of exercise per day can be synchronized to your WeChat, QQ sports leaderboard (need yourself Authorization).

Compared with the settings after connecting the bracelet, the glory watch also adds options such as Huawei wallet. What does this mean? That’s right, this is a watch that allows you to pay for Money anytime, anywhere. For example, if you buy something from the supermarket, you don’t need to take out your phone when you check out. Just open the Alipay QR code on your watch and you will be OK.

After many people buy the mobile phone, they can’t hear the phone ringtones when they are adjusted to the maximum outdoors. Sometimes, when we finish the game, we will forget to adjust the mute back. As a result, many calls are missed on the way home or outdoors. Information, etc. When we found out, it may have been delayed. Therefore, I think that everyone should actually be equipped with a sports bracelet or watch, so that they can not miss any information, and also encourage us to exercise to ensure a healthy body, why not. In the information push of the glory watch, the basic and the glory bracelet are the same, you can set the notification of custom app such as call, QQ, SMS, WeChat, etc. Once there is such push, the watch will vibrate and the screen will display brief information. As a watch, of course, it is more than the content displayed on the bracelet.

In terms of health monitoring, in addition to our ability to check the heart rate of each time of the day, we can also directly read the current heart rate on the glory watch, and this heart rate is almost seconds, very fast, thanks to Glorious TruSeenTM 3.0 technology. In daily exercise, heart rate monitoring can also customize the reminder. Once the heart rate is increased to 110 times in a short time (customizable), the watch will prompt you.

In sleep monitoring, the TrusleepTM scientific sleep test and the CPC technology developed by the CDB Center of Harvard Medical School (cardiopulmonary coupling technology) can deeply record our deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement, awake sleep state, and give effective sleep improvement. It is recommended that the authoritative accuracy of the glory watch is obviously higher than that of other friends’ wrist watches. More importantly, the glory watch client can give you reasonable advice to adjust and improve your sleep state in time.

It is said that the new glory watch is equipped with TruRelax pressure housekeeper, and jointly developed with the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, through monitoring heart rate variability (HRV), real-time pressure monitoring for 24 hours, all-day care for your physical and mental health, and effective release through breathing training Stress, keep your body away from sub-health in time.

Glory watch, can be said to be my favorite product after the glory bracelet 4, and compared to the previous products, this glory watch also added three major satellite positioning systems, GPS, GLONASS, Beidou III The satellite system is simultaneously positioned, and even in complex and remote scenes, the precise positioning trajectory can be achieved. The positioning system is much faster than the mobile phone’s own GPS. In the daily running data icon, we can see the real-time motion trajectory. And distance, even without a mobile phone (the watch is not connected to the phone), the Glory watch can accurately record the GPS motion track, which is definitely good news for people who like sports.

Such a slim body is very delicate in the hand. As a smart watch, many users who have the intention to purchase will be very concerned about its battery life. HONOR Watch can automatically identify whether the owner is in the position by carrying a smart power-saving algorithm. In the dynamic scene, the normal mode is entered at this time; and once the owner is found to be sitting or resting, the glory watch will enter a static low-power mode to help the user achieve long battery life. In the experience of more than a week, the brother is only charged once, according to the normal use of the situation to calculate, the daily use of a basic one-day charge is enough.

Pick up the watch and see the second hand step by step, you can’t help but sigh, time is like this, it can’t wait for anyone, when you pick up the watch carefully, time goes by step by step. Although we can’t stop the pace of time, we can appreciate this moment and appreciate the pleasure that new things bring us, which is enough.

Through the above experience, 1.2-inch round AMOLED large touch screen, 390*390 PPI 326 high-definition resolution, classic leather strap, real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and its battery life in normal daily push information, synchronized motion, 24 The hourly heart rate sleep monitoring can last up to a week, which can be said to be very powerful. This exquisite “mechanical watch” style is also the most perfect choice for business and elegance. Glory watch HONOR Watch, Fanghua is here, this moment, all by me.

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