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Commonly used notebooks want to achieve dual screen, but also portable, what should I do?

I released the ASUS USB portable display MB16AP at the beginning of this year. I have only recently entered one and found that it is really very good. I will share it with you.


First, we will unpack the box and first extract the inner box of the double-layer environmental protection corrugated paper protection structure. The top layer is the magnetic intelligent protective cover and Type-C data cable and gadgets. The next layer is under the strict protection of MB16AP. Display

The outer packaging of the MB16AP, the front is the work of two MB16AP in different states of horizontal and vertical screens.

MB16AP family portrait, including display body, power adapter, ZenScreen pen, Type-C to A adapter, Type-C data cable, and manual and warranty card.

The power adapter of MB16AP is 5V===2A (normal mode) /9V===2A (fast charge mode) dual mode, 100-240V adaptation

ZenScreen pen, a ballpoint pen with a positive warp, the biggest role is not to write, but to ensure that the MB16AP can be stably placed through the fixing hole when the smart cover is not used.

Type-C adapter

Type-C data line, MB16AP is responsible for transmitting video signals and power supply for this connection line.

The MB16AP screen sticker is labeled as a row of features, including mixed-signal solutions, IPS screens, 1080FULL HD resolution, rechargeable batteries, and support for QC 3.0.

MB16AP has a narrow border except for the bottom edge. The left bottom border retains two menu buttons. The right side is the power indicator and power button and the fixing hole. If there is no smart cover, you can insert the pen directly into the fixing hole. Fix the screen in it.

For my metal control, the back of the MB16AP is really lovable.

The corners of the MB16AP are all rounded. The feel of no hand-scratching is very important for this kind of display that is specially used for portable. In fact, the main reason is that the MB16AP weighs only 850g. Light self-introduction of 15.6-inch display

ZenScreen GO should be the family name of ASUS’s portable display

8mm thick, MB16AP internal battery can also maintain this thickness is really good


Unlike any monitor I have used before, MB16AP must be run with dedicated driver and management software. I have tried with Win7 desktop, notebook and Win10 notebooks. There is no direct default driver.

The official website download is very convenient, one is the driver, the other is the Display Widget software, this software is very easy to use, the following enters the software display stage

Display Widge will display a small icon in the lower right toolbar after installation

When MB16AP has not been inserted, I tried it with another monitor. Display Widge does not support it, and the mode is relatively small.

After the MB16AP is connected, the Display Widge automatically recognizes and opens all 9 display modes, making switching very convenient. Not only that, MB16AP also added the Blu-ray function, divided into 5 files, this ASUS is doing very well, after all, this can be used mainly for work, eyes need care.

App Sync option can set which program to start which mode

The image is set for the display orientation of the display. The MB16AP default setting is automatic rotation without regard to the display direction, so this is generally for special needs.

MB16AP comes with a battery, pro-test this option “When you don’t need to supply power from the PC”, the normal battery life is 3 and a half hours.

System option

Real shot


The control panel can be directly called up through the two buttons in the lower left corner of the MB16AP, but the convenience of setting the two buttons is certainly not as good as setting by the Display Widge software.

The 9 display modes can also be set by the buttons in the lower left corner. In fact, this method is mainly for the external display service of the mobile phone. For example, the ROG Phone is now supported by the big game, but unfortunately I don’t have the right mobile phone for testing.

The top two images above have the Blu-ray mode not turned on, and the next one is the 5-level Blu-ray mode.

If it is a learning design course, especially the one that teaches while teaching, it is more convenient, the main screen is designed, and the secondary screen is used to watch the course.

References and PPT should not be too cool, here is the problem, because the Type-C line that comes with the ASUS MB16AP is hard and the connector is straight, so the wire is not placed horizontally when the screen is placed vertically. Comfortable, pull out a small dice directly, if the connector is replaced by an L shape, or modify the position of the Type-C interface will be more beautiful.

Of course, besides work, you can watch the anchor while watching the webpage in your free time.

MB16AP is not only a productivity tool for building a dual-screen notebook, but also a suitable mobile phone, such as ROG Phone and Huawei Mate20. It can realize the same screen game, with the screen hanger, not only the screen is big, but also don’t worry about playing for a long time. The adverse effects of the game on the cervical spine



In the past, the advice I gave to the dual screen of the notebook was often close to the joke: “You think about making a big bag, not taking the notebook, not a thin one, letting you meet, a heavy one to let you go.” When eating chicken, do not hold a desktop monitor, remember to pack the wire.” The emergence of ASUS MB16AP, almost perfect solution to the problem of setting up a notebook dual screen, with only 850g of weight also added a built-in battery to ease notebook power, And the battery life can basically meet the needs, it can be said that the notebook double screen is stable!

Advantages: very portable, and there is no problem with taking a notebook directly in a bag;
Built-in battery, optional power supply to save notebook power;
The display is good, and the 5-level filter blue mode is optional.
Disadvantages: The included Type-C line is slightly shorter

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