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First introduce the main interface of ATV4K, it is not too different from the previous ATV4, below the main interface is a variety of APP, when the hotspot moves to a different APP will display the interface defined by the APP

The main interface selects Xiao Huangren

Different interfaces will change depending on the selected APP.

Main interface selected App Store

So let’s take a look at the App Store. You can see that the categories are very simple, that is, the boutique recommendation, the leaderboard, the category, the purchased items, the search for several sections, and the IOS version is highly consistent.

App Store interface

The boutique recommendation is similar to the leaderboard, so I won’t go into details. Let’s take a look at the category. The left side is the scrolling APP cover wall, which will change according to the right side selection. The default is the game page, and the right side is the four categories.

Category page

Click on the game page on the right to enter the game page, what? How are you familiar? The page after entering the category is the same as the home page layout of the App Store.

Game page

Next, look at the education classification. The first push of the page is of course the popular TED. In addition, some of the first recommendations are usually uncommon.

Education page

Next, I have to go to the entertainment page to see it. Various audio and video apps and information apps are also here.

Entertainment page photo wall


Purchased item

First introduce a few pit people software, the first is the TVOS version of KODI, here is called MrMC, is a paid software, it asking price HKD53


Let’s go and see, his main interface is like this, is it a good cottage, let ATV seconds become a foreign trade box.

MrMC main interface

Let’s try adding media. My NAS is based on Synology. I use the SMB protocol, and I can add SMB devices here. However, when I click here, he is stuck. . . .

its stuck

Well, let’s take a look at the settings, it’s still a slightly cottage interface.

Settings page

Here you can look at the system information, ATV4K’s memory is about 3GB.

system message

The GPU is built into the A10X.

GPU information

The processor is ARM, 64-bit


Let’s go to the film and see the savior of the Apple Box, Infuse 5.


This software is divided into N kinds of purchase methods. There are two in the App Store. One is to buy the current version (Infuse5 Pro), HKD118. It is characterized by the fact that only the current version 5 can be used. When upgrading to infuse6 later, it needs to be re-purchased. It is in the App Store as

Infuse pro 5

The other is the subscription version, which is the version above the above picture. It can be divided into monthly HKD8, annual HKD78, and lifetime subscription HKD358. This subscription version can be upgraded infuse6, 7, 8 and so on. The form is provided.

Subscription version

After the comprehensive trade-off, I still purchased the current pro version for the following reasons:

1.Infuse5Pro version of the existing features have met my needs, has already played the ATV4K performance, can connect to NAS, can broadcast 4K, can use the scraper to find videos, TV drama information

2. The important thing is said three times, the lifetime subscription version is too expensive, the lifetime subscription version is too expensive, and the lifetime subscription version is too expensive.

After the infuse is installed and added to the SMB server, it looks like this in the main interface. Is it not bad?

Infuse main interface

This is the case after entering the software. The top is the current play, the middle is the favorite list, and the bottom is the recently added movie.

Main interface

When you open a movie category, you will display the movie in the form of a poster wall.

Movie poster wall

Just open one, it’s like this.

Movie details

The TV series page is also displayed in the form of a poster wall, and will intelligently merge the different seasons of the same TV show together automatically.

TV series poster wall

For example, “Great Journey”, when we click on the above picture, we can choose different seasons.

Seasonal display

After entering the season, you can display the introduction of each episode and the cover map of each episode, of course, the English is more

Each episode

Ass special effects subtitles are perfectly supported during playback

Special effect subtitles

Can display the repertoire information in the play

Media information

The adjustable video aspect is as follows

Video adjustment

Audio track can be selected

Optional audio track

You can choose local subtitles or online search. The online search uses the database of opensubtitles.

Optional subtitles

Of course, if your video or episode automatically recognizes incorrect metadata, you can also customize your search.

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