The best balance of portability and performance 10000mAh USB PD mobile power recommended

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As a kind of digital product companion that people love and see flowers, mobile power is already a must-have. Early mobile power charging was very slow, only 5V/1A. With the development of digital products such as mobile phones, the capacity of batteries is getting bigger and bigger, and the speed of 5V/1A has long been unable to satisfy us.

Fortunately, the charging technology is also constantly developing. There are many fast charging technologies on the market, which have improved the charging speed of digital products and improved the quality of our lives.

Today, I recommend some fast-charge mobile power supplies for everyone. You can refer to them when purchasing mobile power.

I. Introduction

Before recommending to everyone, we must first talk about the fast charge agreement.

At present, there are too many fast charge agreements on the market. USB PD, QC, SCP, AFC… If all the fast-charge mobile power supplies are said again, it is estimated that tomorrow will not finish.

That is the first time to introduce the mobile power supply that supports USB PD fast charging, mainly because this fast charging technology has high openness, high versatility and wide use area. Currently, this fast charging protocol is also used on iPhone XS Max. It can charge 50% of electricity in half an hour, and the charging speed can reach 300% of the original 5W charger speed.

After talking about fast charging, let’s talk about another key point of mobile power – battery capacity.

There are many mobile power battery capacities, 5000mAh, 10000mAh, 20000mAh, etc. Today, Xiaobian recommends a mobile power supply with a battery capacity of 10000mAh (inclusive). The mobile power supply in this capacity range can be said to be the most used, and the weight, volume and capacity have reached a relative balance point.

Second, 10000mAh PD mobile power recommended

1, IDMIX 8000mAh PD mobile power (P8)

Founded in 2014, IDMIX has been licensed by Apple as a third-party accessory manufacturer, and its products are guaranteed in terms of design and quality. This mobile power battery capacity is 8000mAh, there are two styles, more youthful and lively; there are three interfaces, namely USB-C, USB-A, Micro USB, among which USB-A supports QC fast charge output, Micro USB supports QC fast charge Input, USB-C supports bidirectional 18W PD fast charge (gear support: 5V, 9V, 12V). In addition, it also has a wireless charging function, supports 10W wireless output, passed the “qi” wireless standard certification, and can wirelessly charge devices that meet the “qi” standard.

In terms of size, the size and thickness are similar to those of the iPhone 8 Plus. It is also convenient to carry the imported bag.

2, Hame M10 PD mobile power (P50C)

M10 mobile power supply is very good in appearance materials. It is made of aluminum alloy material, sandblasted and oxidized, and it is matched with glossy PC middle frame. It is very stylish and feels good. It can feel the texture details beyond its price. The size is similar to the size of a mobile phone, and it is not stressful with the mobile phone.

M10 mobile power interface is configured as USB-A*2 + USB-C*1 + MicroUSB*1, supports 7 charging protocols such as QC2.0, QC3.0 and Apple 2.4A, and supports 18W USB PD fast charging (gear) Support: 5V, 9V, 12V), can provide PD fast charge for the new iPhone XR/XS/XS MAX series, the latest iPad Pro, and most Android flagship phones.

3, Lenovo 10000mAh PD mobile power supply (LS-PB-001)

Lenovo 10000mAh PD mobile power is positioned in business, its calm and restrained, lines and small red dot are well inherited from the classic design of the ThinkPad business series, with its own unique personality in similar products. Dual USB-A output, Micro input, Type-C bidirectional fast charge, support PD, QC2.0/3.0, Apple2.4A, Huawei FCP, multi-interface and multi-protocol support to meet business needs, practical.

USB-C port supports 5V/2A, 9V/2A PD input, 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A PD output, maximum power 18W. Charge the iPhone 8 Plus, voltage 9V, current 1.81A, power up to 16.36W, smooth handshake PD fast charge.

4, MOMAX 10000mAh PD mobile power (IP65)

MOMAX 10000mAh PD mobile power supply, using 10000mAh polymer battery, medium size, light and thin portable, surface molded with fine anti-slip texture, similar to the feeling of carbon fiber, more delicate and delicate.

The mobile power supply has two USB-A ports, one USB-C port and one Micro USB port. The USB-C port supports 18W PD two-way fast charging (input gear position: 5V, 9V, output gear: 5V, 9V, 12V) ), USB-A port (blue tongue) supports QC3.0, QC2.0, FCP, PE multiple fast charge protocols.

5、Zikko PowerBag Pro(PB10000)

Zikko Instant PowerBag Pro energy handbags have won the German iF design award for their unique design. The shell is made of metal and has anodized surface. It feels very good. Mobile power will also come with an Apple MFi-certified Lightning cable to meet the needs of Apple users.

The mobile power supply has three interfaces, one UBS-C, one USB-A, one Lightning, and Lightning support input port. This design brings great convenience to Apple users. Compared to the previous mobile power supplies, the USB-C port of this mobile power supply supports 30W PD input/output (5V, 9V, 12V, 15V), which can charge the iPad Pro, MacBook and other flat/notebooks quickly. This is at 10000mAh. Mobile power is relatively rare. Charge the iPhone 8 Plus with the USB-C port and smoothly shake the USB PD fast charge.

Third, summary

The above five 10,000mAh battery capacity PD mobile power supplies are relatively light in size, and daily travel will not cause too much burden.

In terms of performance, except for the Zikko PowerBag Pro energy handbag supporting PD 30W, the maximum power of the mobile power supply is 18W. The 18W PD power meets most of the phone charging problems on the market. If you are charging the iPad Pro or MacBook, the Zikko PowerBag Pro energy bag will perform better.

You can choose according to your own needs, only charge the phone, 18W power is enough, if you want to charge more power products, the power of the mobile power experience will be better.

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