Lightweight and flexible, my ViewSonic M1+ portable projector

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Recently, I work more leisurely. I am bored at home to watch the TV series “Niangdao” at night. The mobile phone with a small screen is not only uncomfortable, but also tired and tired. In the morning, I feel sore and uncomfortable. I simply buy a projector and ask for better storage. , small, can cast screen, not too expensive, found that this ViewSonic M1 various functions are quite in line with my requirements, they bought.

Appearance Gallery

The outer packaging of the M1 is all black, and the model number of this product is marked in the upper left corner, but I think the font color is more fashionable in silver, and the two red boxes below are marked with the IF design award.

After unpacking, the projector was placed in a storage bag. This accessory is really praised, avoiding the scratch of the daily projector and making it easier to store.

The projector itself is almost entirely metal, with a small grid on the front and a JBL in the lower right corner. The sound quality is better than similar products.。

On the side of the projector, there are physical buttons for the switch, volume and return. The lower five LED indicators are the product power display, which is more intuitive.

Zoom in and see, the physical button feel is not very good, the keystroke is short and blunt, considering that the daily use of the remote control is a little more, it is relieved.

The other side is the manufacturer’s LOGO, which is also made of rubber, which is very stable on the table.

The projector can be rotated 360° to let the lens project directly onto the ceiling. The advantage is that you can see the movie on the ceiling even if you lie in bed at night. It is a lazy gospel.

However, when projecting, this projection needs to be manually adjusted, because each time the position is different, it needs to be adjusted every time, which is slightly troublesome.

The general appearance is like this. When you look at it everyday, it looks like the picture below. It looks quite cute.

feeling of using

There is a little resistance when you open the projection. No matter where you pause the projector at that position, you can stand it, but don’t put it in a soft place. The picture is easy to get around.

Putting it on the bed is like this. If you don’t touch it, it won’t fall. You can also let the body directly touch the bed. I am worried that the heat is not good.

During the daytime, because the brightness of the projector is low, the picture is very unclear, but I am white, no blackout curtains, and I can’t see the projection screen clearly.

When the night is all black, it is the time to really play its strength, the picture is facing my bed, the big screen lying on the bed is very shocking.

Let’s take a look at some pictures. I think the color is still quite good. Forgive me for not seeing other projection effects.

The parrot’s head, the fluff is very clear, very clear.


American lion.

Yellow color butterfly.

In short, I feel that the picture quality displayed is quite good. I will continue to chase after the hard drive. The projector that comes with the projector is not very easy to use and cannot continue to fast forward.

The 1gb video file is completely effortless to open and the sound is synchronized.

After watching the movie, just accept it.

to sum up

Since I have this projector, I have not slept before 12 o’clock every day. I have been chasing dramas. It is not too easy to use the wall at night. Although the machine does not have a smart system, it can connect U disk or TV fruit. The set-top box is OK, no trouble, so small size is also good to store, put it in the storage bag directly into the wardrobe, the value of this money, the only thing that is not satisfactory is that I feel a little short life, also I have no electricity for 3.4 hours, I have to charge it almost every day, and I have to manually adjust it every time I turn it on. Otherwise, I feel that the picture is not too clear. I feel a little more troublesome for these two points. Others can still be used, although I can’t have a professional projection, but let me experience the fun of the big screen, I am still very happy.

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