2018 11-inch iPad Pro out of the box

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Out of the box

On the evening of the 10th, pick up the baby from the courier

Big parcel, but it is empty after opening, it feels very wasteful

Take out the box length is slightly shorter than my 86-key keyboard

Open the box, the sense of damping is still the same, the box feels really no level that can be done like Apple

Film before activation

glass film

Take out all the things in the box, well, the above is all. From left to right are boxes, machines, warranty cards, stickers, brochures, chargers and data cables.

Left phone, middle of this year’s pad, right old pad

This year’s charger and data lines have changed. The size became smaller, and the designer finally found that the plug finally did not need to occupy the position of the two sockets. The new plug is a little bigger than the phone (left one) and smaller than the old one (right one).

Plug front

The power has improved compared to the previous one. It used to be 5.1V-2.1A, and now it is 5V-3A or 9V-2A. I don’t understand.

Type-c data line

The data line is also replaced by type-c.

Everything has been introduced, and the next step is activation.

Classic boot hello screen, iOS11 and above support other Apple devices close to quickly set

Then just wait for him to finish setting up. Then I will take this time to open the Apple pencil.

Because the landlord’s iCloud has a previous backup of the pad, so the landlord directly chooses to restore directly from that backup.

This piece of gray is the place of magnetic adsorption. When you put it in, you will suck it yourself and then charge it. The suction is not very large, but it will not fall off easily. At the same time, the volume button is also on this side.

Pro still inherits the upper and lower four speakers of the previous one. When watching the video, the sound effect is better than the notebook.

Appreciate the back, these three points should be used with the keyboard, the landlord said that it has not been used, not very clear. The 11-inch size is actually about the same size as 9.7. If you look at the PDF, you can see it without zooming in. Before taking the 9.7 to see the PDF, the landlord needs to zoom in, only to see a little comfortable

This is the size comparison between the machine and the A4 paper. Below is an A4 paper. This is more intuitive. Although the width is still not as good as A4 paper, it is OK to look at the PDF.

to sum up

When the press conference was over, the landlord felt that this pad was quite worthwhile. Used these days, I feel that the screen is really good, after all, full pressure screen, 120HZ refresh rate. No one can play the landlord is still recommended this, after all, the pad can be used for many years. Unlike mobile phones, no one has been in the hands of the landlord for more than two years.

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