Huawei’s WATCH GT opening and using experience

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After watching the Huawei conference, in addition to the mate20 exclamations, it is the expectations of the WATCH GT.

All right, open the box.


Like MATE10’s box, it has a strong commercial smell of black gold.

It sucked so tight, it took me a long time to shake the box before it came out so small.


Uncover the true face of Lushan Mountain

All the accessories in the box

Try it on, it’s comfortable! And it’s not that heavy.

Download APP, pairing

Easy to upgrade a level, before the experience to a physical store, sliding screen a little card, it is said to have improved after upgrading the firmware.

Watching it go round and round, the upgrade process is a little long.

Upgrade complete, finally entered the dial interface! Let’s take another group photo. End of opening the box.

Use perception.


Wear comfortable. I was worried that the size of the watch would be too big to wear, but I didn’t expect the strap to be comfortable and light to wear. It wasn’t as heavy as I expected.

The screen is bright and the display effect is outstanding.

Heart rate in real time is fun.


APP setup interface

Heart rate interface.


Other advantages of the official all kinds of promotional posts, do not say too much, here focus on the use of a day after the most uncomfortable points for your reference, but also hope to be able to update the firmware in the follow-up to solve.

1 in order to continue, usually default is to turn off the screen state. But raising the wrist on the screen is slow:

1.1 under normal circumstances, after lifting the wrist to wait for half a shot before the screen lit up, can not be seamless, which greatly affect the use of the experience!

1.2 when driving or sitting in the office, if you want to see the time or to receive a message, the normal wrist flip is limited enough to trigger a bright screen with your wrist raised. This time is very awkward, either raise the left hand to trigger a random twist, or the right hand down the steering wheel / pen to press the button. At this point, I might as well check my phone.

2. The notification needs to be improved.

2.1 when a message is notified, the wrist lift will first flash the dial and then jump to the message list. It is recommended that the message content be displayed directly.

2.2 this article corresponds to 1.2. It is hoped that when a watch receives a message notification, it will automatically light up the screen and display the details of the message of this article, so that it can be seen with a bow of its head.

2.3 the interface for multiple messages is wasteful. Icons are large, text is small, and each appears on less than one and a half lines. As shown:

You can actually narrow down the icon and title columns to give more space to the content.

(3) the vibration feedback is single and the earthquake sensation is loose. That’s not as good as a few hundred dollar bracelet. Very disappointed.

Encounter the above 3 problems when the heart is really returned, and then think should all belong to the firmware update can solve the problem, it is patient to continue to use it.

Bus Card: iOS can’t use. There’s nothing we can do about it.

Stress test: didn’t figure out what’s going on, based on heart rate?

Is life too easy-.

Dial: bring a few dials, although very beautiful, but most of the information is not intuitive, the following is the pointer dial and currently in use, “Explorer” dial comparison.

Hope to add new dial to choose from.

Feel the surface is very fragile, entangled whether to stick a film. .

Battery life: 60% battery, no charge directly, with real-time heart rate, message alert, 51% after no GPS,24 hours, so the normal use is estimated to be about 10 days.

Exercise Monitoring: Wang has been working overtime and has no time to go out for exercise, so he just took a walk. It is estimated that the iOS version of APP is relatively simple to do the reason, only an overview map, and even the details of the analysis are not available.


Left: Huawei Sports Health iOS version right: Wei Le’s APP, is much more detailed.

Sleep: usually sleep without a watch, in order to test the special wear sleep a night, the report than the front of the more detailed walk.

Generally speaking, I’m a little disappointed. Maybe the electronic ink screen is more in line with my needs.

It is also hoped that these problems can be solved in future firmware updates.

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