Simple Evaluation of Xiaomi MIX 3

Gearbest Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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I. cartons

In fact, the length, width and height are much larger, the surface treatment is also upgraded from simple hot gold to laser gold, black card covered with dumb film + UV feel oil, feel as obvious as the concave and convex feel of the speed reduction belt.

Nameplate information at the bottom

The quality of the paper is better.

MIX laser gold

The first layer is all given to mobile phones, highlighting the product

The second level is a thank-you note.

Compare the ones in the mix2s box.

Complimentary wireless charger

QC3.0 MDY 08 ES

Wireless charger

Wireless charger

Qi standard, Xiaomi Private Protocol 10W output power, as expected is random accessories, models are MDY 09 EU, silicone + plastic material, measured Xiaomi mix3 can reach 11W (output)

The instruction takes the clip pin type-C to turn 3. 5 earphone interface

The mobile phone case also did not leave out, feel, can use.

II. Appearance


III. Individual details

The R angle curvature of the ceramic around the back is greater.

Although the double camera module did not change, but added 960 frames of slow motion, the effect can be seen by the naked eye, followed by the glass of the outer ring of the lens has also been coated treatment, it seems that there is a kind of SLR both visual sense, visual perception is better.

The rear fingerprint metal sensing ring was replaced with black, and was thinner than the previous generation, with a stronger integration with the back cover.

Thickness. This is probably what the picture above looks like.

8. 9mm fuselage, just 1cm with lens module protruding

Part of the screen (slider) is 3.09mm, surrounded by a circle of plastic fringes.

Although I am used to the weight of the Samsung S series 150 +, thanks to the similar weight ratio between the upper and lower parts of the mix3, the center of the overall center of gravity is on the lower side and does not feel particularly heavy.

As for the gap in the slide cover.


Business card

IV. First feelings.

First of all, this slider, it’s not the slider that we remember.

Because most of the old slider phones used to slide up, but the mix3 slid down, so every time I didn’t look like a slider, I was like a slider. Drop-down taskbar?

Second, although the sliding damping is still good, but the resulting screen and the fuselage huge gap, so that the screen has a seesaw effect, this should have a clear feeling when playing games on the horizontal screen. In any case, although the daily use of small impact, but there is always a kind of loose sense of cheapness.

It doesn’t feel like pressing on a AMOLED screen, it feels like a resistive screen that was old a decade or so ago, and you can clearly feel that you’re pressing the screen first.

And the screen hits the fuselage? ? ?

The MIX3 is also not waterproof, forgoing 3D facial recognition, under screen fingerprints, dual speakers, and IP68 for a full screen.

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