Picture quality flagship peak duel! Comparison and Evaluation of 2018 SONY 65A9F, 65Z9F, LG 65E8P TVs

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Evaluation foreword:

A9F, Z9F, E8P are the top models of SONY LG in 2018. They also represent the scientific and technological research and development strengths of these two new products in this year’s new series, the flagship of the image quality, the peak matchup, what kind of sparks can they meet?


[ Dolby Vision performance]

Dolby Vision is definitely the hottest HDR format of the moment

At present, Dolby Vision’s video sources are mainly two, 1, UHD original disk with Dolby format, 2, Dolby format network streaming

The last review analyzed the difference between Dolby Vision and other HDR formats.

Compared with HDR10, the ratio of Dolby Vision to 4K TV is obviously improved.

In the last review, Dolby’s performance was satisfactory.

A8F, C8P Dolby Vision color gradation, color gamut, texture is more excellent than general 4K LED performance

The model of this evaluation is basically the advanced model of the previous evaluation, and the commonality of image quality is small.

In terms of image quality, the flagship model is basically a icing on the cake, but some of the image quality factors are not as good as the secondary high-end.

This model evaluation model 65E8P 65A9F 65Z9F supports Dolby Vision

The three machines also support Dolby Atmos

SONY can additionally configure SoundBar Sound Blaster products that support Dolby Atmos (Dolby Atmos)

Your own sound will have a certain bonus to the sound

This evaluation first explains the performance of each model under Dolby Vision.

SONY 65A9F Dolby Vision three different modes comparison

A9F adds about 10% brightness reference value and peak value on the basis of A8F. When looking at ordinary film source, it is brighter than A8F.

The color is slightly more full than the A8F, but the overall tone is slightly red in the cinema mode.

In standard mode, vivid mode, it is slightly yellow

A9F is more suitable for viewing in the Dolby Vision under the Dolby Vision.

On the basis of increasing the brightness, the Dolby Vision may be the firmware version. The actual picture quality is inferior to the performance of the A8F (before the firmware is upgraded).

For example, the metal texture, color transition, and color accuracy of Transformers 5 are not as natural and shocking as the A8F looks.

LG 65E8P Dolby Vision Five Different Modes Comparison

E8P is not very different from C8 in brightness peak and reference value. In some cases, E8 is brighter, and in some cases, C8 is brighter.

E8P reduces the yellow-green color in C8 in the overall color system, it will not be so yellowish

The overall color is improved by approximately 5%-8% of the color saturation and color gamut on the basis of C8.

E8P has a clear defect in image quality, which is dyed in dark black and gray.

It is easy to find pan-green in some taupe layer objects.

The sharpness of the E8 is slightly better than that of the C8. Some characters and scenes are more stereoscopic.

Dolby Vision E8P has no advantage over C8P, E8P does not have the yellowing effect of C8 on skin tone.

But the object and the whole image are composed, the result of increasing the color saturation and not being able to control it precisely is that the image becomes more weird.

E8 recommends the best Dolby Cinema mode in color temperature and color standard

SONY 65Z9F Dolby Vision three different modes comparison


Z9F image quality is not a substitute for Z9D, and its image quality is more like the upgraded version of X9000F Z9D and Z9F.

Z9D has higher contrast, stereo, sharpness and sharpness

The Z9F is better than the Z9D. The color and color transitions in the movie mode are natural and rich.

Z9F is obviously better than X9000F and Z9D in viewing angle, and there is not much deviation on the side.

Fineness, color, color transition, color gamut, all increase by about 5%-8% in X9000F

The color system is the same as the A9/A8, but the color will be lighter than the OLED.

It is worth mentioning that the Z9F will not be as gray as the X9000F, fogging, and progress on the light control.

Comparison of three machines under Dolby Vision


Dolby Vision Review

Regardless of LG or SONY, each product line maintains its own color palette.

For example, LG’s E8 C8 SK9500 is a consistent color scheme.

The same is true for SONY’s A9F A8F Z9F X9000, etc.

E8P’s overall performance of Dolby World is not much different from C8P

E8 sharpness is high, color saturation is high, C8 is more natural than relative color control

The brightness of the A9F is higher than that of the A8F, and the contrast is relatively high. Some familiar scenes become slightly brighter.

The brightness has gone up. The strange thing is that some textures and color scales are lost than A8F, and the overall color temperature is slightly red.

At present, the WOLEDs we tested have a commonality, the dark field is slightly dark, and sometimes the dark field details are lost.

Compared with the A9, the E8 has a greenish background and the A9 has a reddish background. Of course, watching a single machine alone, you can’t see it.

The clarity and contrast of the two are close, but the difference in the scene will cause some differences.

In the comparison of the three machines, the color performance of Z9F is relatively neutral, the gray level is secondary, and the dark field details are relatively rich.

Under the blessing of X1 Ultimate chip and Guangrui viewing technology, the overall performance is still right.

Overall, the performance of A9F and E8P in Dolby Vision is not stronger than that of the next-level products. On the contrary, the second-level products are better than the flagship products in many aspects.

It may be that the firmware is not updated, and everyone will observe it later, while the Z9F has a slight improvement in all aspects compared to the X9000F.

4K HDR10 models evaluation

Comparison of three machines under UHD HDR10


HDR peak brightness

The peak brightness of the three machines in the 4K HDR 10% window is

LG 65E8P 802nit

SONY 65A9F 726nit

SONY 65Z9F 1709nit

HDR10 comparison of various models

The three sets of diagrams basically represent the different performances of the three machines in different situations.

The first set of pictures, in the actual viewing, A9’s transparency and color control is stronger than the other two, E8 appears green

The second set of pictures, in such a colorful scene, the characteristics of OLED is far stronger than the performance of LED, the color is deep and transparent, and has a powerful explosive power.

In the third group of pictures, A9 and Z9 suffer losses in this film. The overall reddish color at standard color temperature causes the performance image to be worse than E8.

The contrast and sharpness of the LG E8 is better than that of the A9, and the light perception is strong. The individual scenes are stronger than the theoretical peak brightness of the Z9F.

SONY A9 improves brightness contrast based on A8, some scene performance, SONY color control and dynamic slightly better than other brands

Relative to E8, the color will be lighter, but the color scale will be more delicate and precise, and the color control is relatively good.

The overall style has no major changes with the A8, and the brightness reference is still not as good as the E8.

Z9F light leakage phenomenon, but in our normal environment, it is slight and does not affect viewing.

Z9F peak brightness is the highest in the evaluation model, but the texture and contrast are not as good as OLED in Dolby.

The color of Z9F is the best in this year’s LED. Compared with X9000F, some color casts have improved.

[1080P video evaluation comparison]

Comparison of 1080P models



1080P models review

We will have a long time to watch 1080P video, and the 4K model is necessary for 1080P optimization.

Compared with the poor 1080P optimized performance of the low-end model, these 3 machines are in line with the current flagship positioning.

All three machines have the advantages of high definition, rich details and high overall sharpness of the image.

The common shortcoming is that the picture quality is too flat, the layering and the three-dimensional feeling are general.

E8P is relatively yellower than SONY, and SONY is also under standard color temperature.

As for the legendary painting series, it is even more nonsense to compare the monitoring equipment.

OLED and LED look at 1080P is difficult to open the absolute gap in image quality, Z9F will not be worse than OLED

Z9F has more gray scales, better brightness, more details in the dark part, black in the black, the texture of the object and the overall transparency.

OLED is not adjustable, just adjust the black level, the details of the dark part will be more, the whole image will also be grayed out

The overall harmony of Z9F should be natural, and the light and dark contrast will not be too strong.

Network video


Network video is best to use the machine’s own software to see the A9 and Z9 through the X1 Ultimate chip evolution of the comfort of the operation is greatly improved, the menu responds quickly

The system comes with the Dangbei market and does not require an additional network box.

The most important thing is that the video software that comes with it has not been converted by wires and hardware, and the picture quality is better than the network box.

The online video is very obvious that the A9 and Z9 effects are better than other brands of TVs in the same period.

[game evaluation]



Game comparison of various models

Many fans buy high-end TVs in order to play games. In fact, gamers have higher requirements for picture quality.

The game can play and play cool is essentially different, if you want to play cool, you really need to choose more precise

The E8, A9 and Z9 belonging to the high-end series are worthy of recognition in the gaming experience.

It also represents the highest level of TV currently on the market, and this evaluation can also be felt.

The game mode of A9 and Z9 defaults to the expert 1 color temperature, which guarantees that the color standard will not be too large.

A9 and Z9 in the user mode MF default option is low, if the selection is high, the overall picture will be dark, but will improve the overall texture and three-dimensional

How to adjust the dynamic definition to see how you like it.

The E8 game mode defaults to C20 cool color temperature. If there is a requirement for color standard, it is recommended to adjust the value in W18-30.

E8 is in some sunny sky layers, such as sunlight diffusing, the color wheel is more obvious

SONY’s A9 and Z9 are better in this respect, and the level transition is relatively smoother.

But the E8 has high brightness, contrast, and good gaming experience in the OLED camp. Some scenes can show the bursting light.

E8 texture optimization of some materials is in place, close to the feeling of playing plasma

However, E8 has a serious flaw, that is, in some places with more green scenes, the green performance is excessively hard and the same piece of green is dyed.

For example, in the mysterious sea area 4 of this evaluation, the performance of green objects is far worse than that of C8, which is very serious.

A9 dynamic processing is more natural than E8, and E8 has obvious jelly effect. A9 also has, but slightly

The brightness in A9 game mode is lower than that of the other two machines, and the performance of the black part and the details of the dark part can also be lived.


The dark field details of the Z9 are the most, the color level is too much and the most natural, and the limit dynamic test is slightly inferior to the other two OLEDs.

The contrast of Z9 is not outstanding enough, the overall image is delicate, and the texture of metal material is relatively poor.

In some dark scenes, the control power of multiple light sources is obviously inferior to that of the other two OLEDs.

However, in a scene with sufficient light, Z9 will have a good performance, which can be more realistic than OLED in light perception.

In terms of dynamic delay, the three machines are in non-game mode, and the delay is obvious in any one mode.

In the absence of a green scene, the overall contrast and color richness of the E8 is slightly stronger than that of the A9 and Z9.

Brightness is often not lower than Z9, and is significantly higher than A9 brightness

Although A9 will be richer in color than A8, the scenes with rich colors will be better than the dead colors of A8.

But in some games where the flat scene is dominant, the color guidelines are not A8 natural.

Z9 is progressive in all aspects of the X9000F, and the game is also like this, which is a icing on the cake.

You can choose E8 to play the game with explosive images, and choose A9 to choose the color standard.

[six, hardware support]

All three machines support PC input high frame rate mode (1080P@120HZ), and test external 4TB mobile hard disk three machines without pressure

LG uses the Web os intelligent system. SONY is an Android system, and the installation of the app is almost the same as the high-end Android smart box.

Also equivalent to saving an external smart box

Compared with the previous generation, the chips used in E8 and A9/Z9 have improved a lot in architecture and operation.

The chip is powerful, system fluency and some functional guarantees.

However, only the high-end models will use the latest top-level chips, such as LG’s C8 E8 W8 will use the latest Alpha 9 chip.

SONY’s A9 Z9 will use X1 processing chip flagship

Top-of-the-line chips can not only experience the latest technology, but also support future technologies.

For example, the 16-year-old SONY flagship Z9D, using the X1 advanced version of the chip, can support the latest Dolby Vision until today.

The non-flagship model of the same year is very regrettable.

High-end consumers are increasingly demanding TV picture quality, and major manufacturers are also racking their brains to meet the needs of such consumers.

E8 is consistent with C8, comes with ISF settings, and supports multiple calibration modes.

A9 and Z9 belong to SONY’s highest-end Master “painting” series

Also supports multiple calibration schemes, including the latest screen color calibration solution in collaboration with CalMAN

In addition, everyone expects the top 4K HDR format – the new IMAX enhanced IMAX Enhanced will also be launched this fall.

SONY’s A9F and Z9F are explicitly supporting this video format.

[VII. Summary]

Advantages: A9F returns to the A1 elevation design. Brightness and contrast are slightly stronger than A8F, all aspects are very balanced, there is no obvious short board

Have the latest X1 Ultimate chip support and high scalability

System fluency has improved, and laid the foundation for future expansion support. A9F’s innovative 3.2-screen soundtrack flagship version, sound quality is good

The sound field is clearly positioned, and two external speakers can be turned into a living room and simple Dolby Cinema system.

Disadvantages: The typical brightness is lower than the other two. The Dolby view is not as good as the A8F. The default game mode is still dark, and the color is slightly reddish.

LG 65E8P
Advantages: Suspended glass design is stunning, atmospheric, the highest brightness and contrast of similar OLEDs, excellent light perception, good game texture

The color is moist and close to the performance of the plasma

Disadvantages: The default color control power is lower than C8, the default color saturation is higher, and there is green overflow phenomenon.

Advantages: Z9F is excellent performance in this year’s LCD, wide-angle viewing technology, new technology such as image-by-image reshaping

It is indeed a great improvement to the viewing angle and fog of previous models.

The color of the fine gray scale is excessively natural, and the film mode is biased toward the monitor to faithfully restore the adjustment style.

The same as the A9, the X1 Ultimate chip is highly scalable.

Disadvantages: the contrast is slightly lower, the light control is lower than the previous generation Z9D, and the photo or video can be seen by the flashing caused by PWM dimming.

The other 75 inches is slightly better than the 65-inch picture quality.

The image quality ranking is for reference only, and subsequent conclusions may occur due to firmware upgrades and other reasons.

Dolby Vision: 65A9F>65E8P>65Z9F

4K UHD HDR: 65A9F>65E8P>65Z9F

1080P: 65A9F>65Z9F>65E8P

Network video: 65Z9F>65A9F>65E8P

Game: 65A9F>65E8P>65Z9F

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