Sony entry-level 4K projection VPL-VW268

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Reason for purchase.

In a serious comparison of DLP, 3LCD and other programs, or the strong color of 3LCD more moved me, at the same time, as a Dafa nerd fan, the choice of Sony is also a matter of course, how Nai because of the lack of money, clenched teeth and stamped their feet can only choose the basic section of the basic section; This is the first true 4K projection into the 3W interval of the VW268. .

Appearance display

Complain about why the official Dafa flagship store doesn’t display VW268’s home theater location at all, a big piece that is used every day, and if it doesn’t have the practical effect of dispelling the leadership’s doubts about whether it can replace the TV set. It’s hard to get, okay? Fortunately, after a lot of trouble, finally found a business specializing in home theater to see the kind, but the location and price of that house is really too “high-end”, and ultimately choose to buy online. The next day I received a big box weighing 30 jin, which was full of joy.


The next day, the installation master came to open the box, install, debug, praise the master is very professional, but also very responsible. The effect that installs good is cover picture, peculiar white fuselage is very conspicuous, the essence that development business sends unfortunately decorates taste is not tall really, did not able to foil this civilian artifact very well.

Due to budget constraints, the curtain selected a miscellaneous anti-light curtain, the installation master is still very flat, the actual use of the effect is certainly weaker than the experience of the store curtain of tens of thousands of dollars, but the impact of lighting is much smaller.

With regard to the various angles, appearance, and basic functions of the machine, JingDong’s page is very detailed and will not be repeated here. In short, Sony TVs (and not smart TVs) will be used. Basically, you should be able to operate this projector without the instructions.

Since there was no film source on hand on the day of installation, I had to use the company video in my mobile phone to pass a simple test on the wireless projection screen (another screen projector purchased from Microsoft), and the effect was still quite satisfactory.

As a television, then 4K set-top box no pressure, and now a lot of films on demand, a few days ago, the leadership of the best friend to take the children to play, just a dream theater version of the Doraemon watched 3 times.

Connected to the computer, the WIN10 display settings automatically added the option to turn on HDR, try a few widely circulated HDR samples, the effect is really very good, but the photo can not reflect the real effect. By contrast, the 15-inch screen below the Surface Book 2 looks like a toy.

In addition, VW268 also supports shutter 3D, and bought two pairs of Letv’s 3D glasses online. The price is only a fraction of Dafa’s. There is no pressure on Bluetooth’s one-button connection. With the 3D blue-ray machine that has already eaten earth, the projection is automatically switched to movie mode, and the film feels full. The actual effect of watching more than the general cinema, of course, this can not be shot out, only to see the full screen of the double.

Of course, none of the above is the main application appeal of the machine. Playing games with a big screen is the ultimate goal of nerdy men. Add PS4 Pro, to instantly experience the feeling of being there. However, this projection still can not fully play the performance of PS4 Pro, the specific advantages and disadvantages summarized in the following time. .

1. Excellent picture quality, really fine 4K screen, 3LCD bright colors, high contrast.
2. The application scene is wide, HDR, 3D can support.
3. Support lens displacement, instead of trapezoid correction, easy adjustment, small loss of picture quality.
4. In the true 4K projection, the price is the most popular.

At 1.4K 60Hz resolution and refresh rate, color only supports YUV420, entering HDR game, PS4 Pro will choose to reduce the resolution to 1080p, keep 60Hz and RGB color, and the screen will be less delicate (see the parameter display of tank world game screen photo). You can choose 4K 60Hz YUV420 or 4K 30Hz RGB to maintain 4K resolution on your computer, but no solution has been found on PS4 Pro.
2. Dark details are not good enough, there are dead black phenomenon occurred, or with the tank world for example, when entering the game and many games are to adjust the light and shade, to guide the player to adjust a pattern to visible. On the VW268, you need to set the game’s brightness to the highest level in order to make the pattern dimly visible.

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