Compact, portable sound quality, Sony NW-A55 use experience

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With the rapid development of society, people’s pace of life is also faster and faster, the pressure of life is also growing, gradually music has become one of the ways to release the pressure. Occasionally upset or upset, turn on the music, with thoughts to follow its rhythm, let oneself with music as a companion, this is also a kind of enjoyment of life. If you have a good music player, listening to high quality music will not be attainable? In the market to see a few music players, Sony NW-A55HN sound quality is good, the price is also acceptable, they buy.

First of all, from the packaging point of view, the Sony NW-A55HN music player general shape and equipped with the style of headphones, next to some of the basic parameters of the player, you can get a general understanding of the player.

After opening the package, you can see with a set of earphones, two sets of earplugs, headphone clip, charging cable and instructions, and so on. The number of accessories is small, but can already meet the use.

Overall, this shallow gold music player, the shape is roughly cuboid, around two weeks arc, comfortable grip. The player’s “SONY” logo, with a 3.1-inch touch screen in the center at the top, adds a touch of atmosphere to the player. Aluminum fuselage, durable and low impedance.

Sony NW-A55HN music player on the right side is a solid control keys, with the open key, volume key, switch key, pause key, right thumb can easily touch. On the left is a slot inserted into the memory card so that you don’t have to worry about running out of memory at all.

The bottom of the player is provided with three small holes: a tether hole, a power supply hole and a headphone hole. The entire fuselage design is fashionable, the fuselage is light and thin, not only is convenient to carry, moreover the button is more convenient to operate.

The Sony NW-A55 was also a good experience at the system level, optimizing the DSEE HX algorithm, expanding the high-frequency range, and upgrading the scale from 16bit to 32 bit, so the sound quality in the bass part was clear and strong. Also equipped with a vinyl record processor, can achieve low-frequency resonance of the situation, can improve the sensitivity of headphones, will further enhance the sound quality experience. At the same time Bluetooth receiver function can be used with plug headphones to enjoy high-quality listening feeling.

In order to get a better feel for the sound quality of the Sony NW-A55, a Sony h.ear on2 headset was purchased for the experience. This earphone color and Sony NW-A55HN music player body colors complement each other, and has a certain degree of portability and comfort, close to the ear, there is no leakage problem.

Now to listen to the song “backtracking Reverse”, wearing headphones can clearly hear the melody and voice, there is a sense of purity, transparency, voice freedom, soft, electric part is also good. To be able to hear very clearly the wonderful timbre, the clarity of the voice is very obvious, and noise reduction and environmental sound effect is also very good. However, in the intermediate frequency part of the unsatisfactory, the voice part of the distinction is not very clear.

Finish the sound quality, and then talk about the tactile sense. The player has a metallic feel and is praiseworthy. The 3.1-inch touch screen combines with the new UI interface, sliding smoothly, four-way sliding to complete the song selection, and so on. But it remains to be seen whether the use of the music player will lead to the emergence of a carton after a long period of use.

Conclusion: this Sony NW-A55HN music player is still competitive in tone color and feel, and the music analysis is good, for those music lovers, this music player must be a good choice. However, there are shortcomings, this music player can not play songs directly, so that it can not achieve more than one person to share the music. Second, headphone hole, charging hole in the lower end of the player, there may be some inconvenience. But for the average consumer and music lover, the music player endorsed by Wang Junkai is enough.

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