One plus mobile phone 6T:OnePlus A6010 detailed use experience

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Reason for purchase.

The one Plus 6T, which was released in early November 2018, is one of the first brands to experience the latest version of Android. One plus, which is quite famous overseas, still belongs to a minority group at home: mobile phone hardware enthusiasts (hardware parameters party), game players, fans (new and old users) of the one plus brand pursuit of the brand.

After the release of a new machine, 3999 yuan to take the price of Qualcomm Cellon 845+8GB+256GB hardware configuration for my colleagues or very recognized, as an old user of Android, plus the hydrogen OS system is still very simple; However, for users who are accustomed to customizing Android for mainstream mobile phone brands and occupying the four major customization systems for domestic Android phones: MIUI, EMUI, Color OS, and FunTouch OS, users who are too succinct will still find it hard to get used to having electricity.

Appearance display

The packaging of a mobile phone is still more artistic, ah, a sentence: “take more photos while you are young.”

Model number: ONEPLUS A6010

This packing comes with a one-on-one sticker, instruction and warranty card

The clip needle is still the image of “Q”.

Mobile phone comes with a clean water silicone cover, a plus is indeed the contact of the brand mobile phone accessories do very good brand, the precision and feel of the work can be among the best

The one + 6T does not see the rear fingerprint recognition hole. From this generation onwards, the fingerprint identification module moved from the rear of the fuselage to under the mobile phone screen and became the fingerprint identification under the optical screen (a advertised light-sensitive screen fingerprint).


The one plus 6T is still a double lens with a rear double camera.

An inscription: Designed by OnePlus has been added to the bottom of this generation one plus 6T.

Three-segment metal switch, this is also a sign of the design it, practicality or quite high, my colleagues is like the three-stage switch resistance, nothing on the like up and down toggle

One plus Dash Flash USB-C data Line

This generation one plus 6T removes the 3.5mm headphone hole.

Dash Flash head, is actually a plus version of the use of “OPPO VOOC”, the same as the 5V-4A output

The flash head still has a plus logo and the iconic “one plus red” sign.

The screen is somewhat red, it seems that it should be the problem of batches.

The back of the glass tactile is quite comfortable, after all, is matte texture, 256 G version only this “black ink” color.

Use perception

One plus 6T Desktop

The default slid on the main screen, a total of 33 App programs, pre-installed 15 third-party App

Dialing to support Localization of Life Services


Notes, Recorder, Calendar, document Management (256GB version, available space is 240GB)

Calculator, does not support online exchange rate conversion and conversion of units of measure, it is recommended to download the third party calculator App

Weather, card package, bus card NFC module to provide hardware support

Backstage multitasking one-click cleanup

There is a systematic push in the hand, which is said to optimize the screen fingerprint function. This will be tested after this.

One plus 6T supports face recognition and optical off-screen fingerprint recognition

Trying to figure out how to unlock at night or in the dark is actually using the screen to fill up the light (pull the screen up to extremely high brightness before the front camera works). It’s the equivalent of using the screen’s highest brightness as a LED flashlight, so the experience isn’t very good (suddenly the screen gets brighter and then quickly unlocks the screen to restore the default brightness, and for a moment it’s blinding.).

Performance test

The Antoine performance test scored 299,6266 points, placing it fifth in the performance league table, behind the Black Shark phone’s Helo, screen, which supports 10:00 touch, meaning it is convenient to play multi-touch games.

Hardware specifications detected by the Geekbench 4: 1080 x 2340 (6.41-inch screen) screen resolution with Android 9.0 (Pie), and 406x406screen PPI

The Geekbench 4 single core test score was 2442 points, the multicore test score was 8957 points, and the RenderScript test score was 13,203 points.

Characteristic function

A mobile phone 6T built in the function of international Internet access, concave areas can be shown or hidden

There are 4 styles of clock display on the screen, and the screen color supports sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamut selection.

Quick gesture (support for custom), virtual key navigation bar supports three modes: the old three King Kong key, New gesture navigation (under the Android P system has a HomeBar button at the bottom), the full screen gesture; Reading mode (screen color changes to warm yellow), three-stage switch setting

The boot system and the App that came with it took over the 17.25GB (7% already in use), so it seemed like the right thing to do was to drop 64GB, or at least get 128GB started, and 256GB was the most comfortable version.

Optical fingerprint recognition (light screen fingerprint) supports three kinds of fingerprint animation effects, why add this effect because it is obvious that the speed of fingerprint recognition under optical screen is slower than that of post fingerprint identification and front fingerprint identification. And you must press hard to increase the contact area of the fingerprint in order to successfully unlock the screen, as long as the finger has a stain (sweat, water, attachment, etc.) basically 100% failure to unlock.

Game mode, improved game focus; new Smart Boost (loading acceleration), improved memory usage

A plus 6T must move the finger many times to input, the contact area big recognition rate is only then high; so long as has not recognized to can repeatedly record the fingerprint, the input speed obviously does not have the post-fingerprint recognition one plus 6 handset to be quick

After input, the fingerprint recognition under the optical screen will be unlocked more slowly (if there is grease on the finger, it will not be recognized, if the fingerprint is not clean), and repeated attempts to unlock the fingerprint will prompt the screen to “try too many times.” Fingerprint sensor deactivated “, either face recognition unlock (when the face is unlocked), or enter the mobile phone password to unlock.”

It’s even more upsetting with the toughened film, Directly prompt “can’t identify”, start with the optical screen of the phone do not affix the fingerprint of the toughened film (the thickness of the toughened film causes the fingerprint area of the finger under the screen to be pressed down on the screen to be unrecognizable in the fingerprint recognition area of the screen module).

One plus 6T is the optical off-screen fingerprint unlocking solution, while several other mobile phone brands vivo X23 UD, OPPO R17, Lenovo Z5 Pro, Honor Magic 2 and HUAWEI Mate Pro UD all adopt the same solution provided by Huiding Technology without exception. Friends can still remember.

Let’s take a look at the principle of fingerprint recognition under the optical screen: in fact, it is just digging out a part of the screen under the AMOLED screen. The part on this side is hollowed out to facilitate the convergence of the optical under screen fingerprint identification module (that is, the OPPO, one plus the light sense screen fingerprint identification module) to read the fingerprint on the screen and press the fingerprint contact area on the screen. Using a tiny camera that shines bright light (that is, pressing the bright light from the fingerprint recognition area) to identify the fingerprint image; this is quite different from capacitive fingerprint recognition.

Which means that as long as it’s toughened, it’ll unlock the fingerprint under the optical screen, The difference in the thickness and transmittance of toughened glass causes the tiny camera to be unable to read the fingerprint image under the irradiation of high brightness light (the refraction and reflection of light on the glass film medium), and the fingerprint sensor will be deactivated if the number of unlocking failures is more.

Photo experience

The outdoor photo experience of one plus 6 T in the daytime environment is still very clear.

A plus 6T to download the third party App (B612 khaki) for the indoor photo experience

One plus 6T download third party App (VSCO) beautifies the photo

One plus 6T Outdoor Photo samples in Night Environment.

As a new flagship aircraft released at the end of 2018, the “one Plus 6T” adopts the current Qualcomm Cellon 845 in hardware configuration, which can basically meet the needs of the vast majority of users with 6GB/8GB large memory + 128GB/256GB storage space. A plus 6T continues the glass texture of 6 and is absolutely speechless in the feel, although not in the current trend of gradual discoloration. As a version of the Android Pie (9. 0 system since the launch, the OS uses a lightweight customization system similar to the native Android style. Compared with the custom system (MIUI, EMUI, Color OS, FunTouch OS) adopted by the four major domestic mobile phone brands, it is still a little bit understated, and compared with the Color OS system under OPPO, the system level is still obviously inadequate.


1. The + 6T has become the first mobile phone to use a light-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition model.

2, a mobile phone 6T support Dash flash charging speed, you can play while charging, in the current 20W charge head in the top.

3. The 6T has three versions: 6GB memory + 128G storage space, 8GB memory + 256G storage space.


1, a mobile phone 6T system comes with a lot of promotion of the App, need to manually delete their own; the number of App with the app store are more general, need to download third-party App application store to use.

2. The fingerprint identification rate of 6T light sensitive screen is low, and the speed of input and unlock is obviously slower than that of the common fingerprint identification and pre-fingerprint identification. Once the fingers are unclean, the unlocking experience will be greatly affected. It is easy for fingerprint to unlock failure if it is not suitable for sticking glass film.

3. The 6T cell phone has a large 3700mAh battery. But phones actually consume too much power (2/3 in four hours or so), making them a model for Android phones that require at least two batteries a day (or at least three a day if you’re playing a popular mobile game).

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