Nut U1 rating: what’s a 300-inch screen + 4K video quality experience?

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With the continuous bottoming of the price of laser TV in recent years, a few years ago there were even tens of thousands of laser televisions, and now they have already entered into 10,000 yuan, allowing users to spend only the same amount of money as a common LCD TV. You can easily experience the fun of watching movies on 100-inch screen at home, which is loved by many young users. As a senior manufacturer engaged in the development and production of intelligent projection equipment in China, Nuts have introduced a nut U14K laser TV this year, which not only adopts 4K physical resolution, but also has a price of less than 10,000 yuan. It can be said that laser television directly into the 4K era.

For laser TV, compared to the traditional LCD TV, many users will worry about the resolution, clarity, daytime viewing, and so on. Here I pass the nut U1 projection effect in different scenes. Let’s take a look at whether laser TV can go beyond traditional TV.


Appearance design aspect, the nut U1 has adopted the wing futuristic sense design idea, the top is the black curved surface design, has adopted the silver design in the middle, lets the entire machine look the science and technology feeling is full, may melt into each kind of different household environment easily.

The black part on the top of the nut U1 is painted, frosted and brushed to give the machine a more layered look, and on top are two oval devices, eye sensors for laser televisions, when someone comes close to the top of the light. Will greatly reduce the brightness of the light source, to avoid direct light damage to the eyes.

On top of the Nut U1 front “JMCO” product logo, there is a hidden design through the breathing lamp, after the power will be red, turned on the white, so that the whole machine more technological sense.

Nut U1 on both sides of the use of aviation aluminum alloy mesh design, including the left side of the air outlet, the right side for the air inlet, metal mesh design can not only improve heat efficiency, but also the machine looks more textured.

In terms of sound quality, the Nuts U1 has a floating-type design cavity, a 53mm loudspeaker on each side of the fuselage, a professional DSP digital power amplifier chip, and the use of the 6 loudspeaker tuning technology, which can bring us a HiFi sound quality experience. In addition, the standby mode can also be changed into Bluetooth audio, directly connected to mobile phones and other devices.

In terms of interface, Nuts U1’s extended interface is still abundant, which is centralized behind the fuselage. It has S/PDIF optical fiber audio interface, RJ45 network port, USB 3.0 interface and two HDMI (including HDMI ARC) interface). In addition, there is a USB2.0 interface under the right side of the fuselage, which is convenient for users to connect with various devices.

The two anti-skid pads at the bottom of the nut UI fuselage have a removable design that raises the height of the laser TV and allows users to fine-tune the projection angle.

On the lens side, Nut U1 uses nine high-precision ultra-lens plates to improve the elimination of secondary spectrum, low refraction, low dispersion, and make the edge and center of the projection picture as clear as each other. In addition, Nuts U1 also supports ultra-wide color gamut and multi-dimensional dynamic noise reduction technology, even when projected onto a 100-inch screen, it can also bring users a delicate and clear image quality experience.

The Nuts U1 has no buttons on the body and needs a remote control to complete the operation. The remote control has an avant-garde design and a clear key layout, making it easy to use. In addition, users can download the “Nut-controlled APP” as a remote control on the mobile phone.

Above is for the nut U1 appearance design introduction, below we again to carry on the simple understanding to the system.

The system:

Nut U1 is equipped with JMGO OS 3.0 system, which is more simple and easy to use. It has a lot of content, such as movies, TV series, variety, animation and so on. The main content resources come from iQY, Mango TV and Baxton platform. Can easily meet the needs of the whole family.

The main interface of Nuts JMGO OS 3. 0 system is divided into five options: movie Center, Music Hall, Game World, App Mall and Settings. There are not only abundant games and application resources in Game World and App Store. And the interface design is simple and clear, can be more convenient for users to choose according to their needs.

The “setting” interface of the system is simple and clear, and the display mode of the combination of icon and name is adopted, and the system is divided in detail according to the setting type, which makes it more convenient for users to search quickly according to their needs. In addition, Nuts U1 also supports HDMI intelligent access, dynamic contrast, motion compensation MC-DI, intelligent eye protection, focusing restrictions and other functions.


Relative to the appearance of the design and system, I believe that we should be more concerned about the actual projection of the screen effect. With a 4K resolution and four times the clarity of a 1080P, the Nut U1 delivers a subtle, clear image quality experience even when projected onto a 100-inch screen.

Above is a 100-inch projection of the real picture, thanks to 4K ultra-high resolution, you can see in the picture squirrel whiskers and villi can be clear, even at close range will not have a significant sense of particles, can see more details of the picture; Overall look and feel has been significantly improved, of course, as a result of camera shooting, screen color and color temperature may be slightly different from the actual viewing effect.

The actual viewing effect during the day, many users struggle to choose the traditional TV or laser TV is an important reason, the nut U1 has as high as 2000ANSI lumens ultra-high true brightness, let’s take a look at its daytime performance. Here specially selected a sunny day with plenty of light, from the reflection on the ground can also see that the sun is still very good, and through the actual projection of the screen can be seen, although the picture some white, but does not affect the normal viewing. And this is a direct projection of the white wall effect, if combined with anti-light screen effect must be better.

What about the nut U1 when it’s dark during the day? Here chose a sunset, compared to the strong sunlight, the picture color performance and clarity has been significantly improved, and at this time the curtain and do not draw the curtain under the projection effect will not be much difference, of course, after the curtain closed. Projection screen brightness and color have been improved, it can be said and LCD TV almost.

With the lights off at night, you can see the Nut U1 projection screen better in color, quality and detail than traditional LCD TVs, plus a giant screen of more than 100 inches and a HiFi sound quality. It can be said that in the experience has been able to completely surpass the traditional television. With the blessing of the 100-inch screen, both the viewing experience and the sound quality can be said to have completely surpassed the LCD TV.

Of course, some users like to watch TV at night with the lights on, with the Nuts U1 on and off at night. The lights in the living room are turned on, and the brightness is relatively high, but you can see the picture is white. For the quality and details of the performance has not been greatly affected.

The Nuts U1 runs on Android Custom JMGO OS 3.0, allowing users to install a variety of apps, such as fitness apps, in addition to watching movies, TV shows, entertainment and other video resources. Let the laser TV second larger screen fitness instructor, can exercise at home.

In addition, educational applications can be installed so that laser TV can be second larger screen learning machine, plus the nut U1 uses diffuse reflection principle imaging, compared to mobile phones, flat panel, LCD TV self-luminous mode. Better protection for children’s eyes.

Nut U1 is also equipped with a rich interface, can facilitate users to expand peripherals, like I used to prefer arcade games, here to experience the “King of fist 97” this classic arcade game; It still feels good to play games under a 100-inch screen, You can experience it when you get the chance.

Concluding remarks:


The biggest feature of the 4K laser TV Nuts U1 is its 4K physical resolution and super brightness as high as 2000ANSI lumens, although there are still some differences between the LCD TV and the 4K laser TV in daytime light conditions. However, the screen size of more than 100 inches is also incomparable to traditional television. As for whether laser TV can replace the traditional TV, this can not be completely achieved, mainly limited by the brightness, accessories, price and other factors, but at present the nut U1 has upgraded the picture quality to 4K level. If the price of anti-light curtain can be solved further, it is not impossible to replace the traditional LCD TV. Do you think the laser TV can completely replace the traditional TV?

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