The heart of the small factory Return to the classic flat head plug MMCX changeable line design BGVP DX3s

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Earlier enthusiasts were deeply impressed by the flat plug.

Perhaps the flat plug has encountered a bottleneck in technology, and perhaps the market demand is not as expected. Several audio manufacturers have no more flat plugs. Now the fever earplugs are basically in the ear.

But for those of us who were in the early pits, they were still a bit obsessed with the flat plugs, and they couldn’t help but see the right products. I recently started BGVP DX3s with the encouragement of my friends.

At first glance, its design, two-way sound hole + MMCX changeable line design.

The outer packaging of the earplugs is relatively simple, with a light gray shading and a branded LOGO pattern. The yellow label on the back of the box is a bit like an old newspaper, and the yellow kraft paper has a bit of retro feeling.

Unpack the box and see that the earplugs are embedded in the sponge grinder, which is relatively stable to prevent the plug from sliding during transportation. There are a lot of accessories, earplugs, wire rods, ear hooks, wire clips, sponge sleeves, shark fins, and accessories that are generally used.

DX3s uses a private cavity, and there are only a few flat-head products on the market, but most of them are limited to MX500, MX760, PK, DP100 and other public models, and few products are private models. The advantage of the male model is that the cavity is more mature and convenient for tuning and cost saving. Private models are relatively long in development and costly.

The appearance of the DX3s is quite unique. After the metal cavity processed by the fully automatic CNC machine tool, the body cavity is trapezoidal stepped, and the caliber is changed from large to small. This design can effectively suppress the refraction of sound waves generated by sound waves in the sound cavity according to the official copy. The cavity is open-ended with double-sided sound holes, and the cavity tail is embedded with high-density stainless steel die-cast filter. The overall cavity is smooth and the curve is smooth. There are basically no burrs and no corners.

The earplugs use a 15mm fiber dome composite moving coil unit, and the cavity appears slightly larger. The cavity adopts a metal filter mesh, and a small round hole is evenly distributed, and the small round hole is not large, and the large particle ash layer can be prevented. There is also BGVP brand LOGO on the metal filter.

Wire is more important for earplugs. On the one hand, it affects the sound quality. On the other hand, the earplugs are often damaged mainly by wires. The DX3s uses 5N single crystal copper and silver plated 8 strands of mixed wire. The plug of about 300 is still relatively small. The wire is black and bronze.

The wire adopts the most common MMCX interface on the market, and the upgraded wire is relatively easy to buy, but personally think that the wire is good, there is no need to upgrade. When you are down, you can change the balance line or Bluetooth cable, if you have the corresponding player and cable on hand. BGVP also has a Bluetooth cable, the price is almost the same as this earplug, if you have a mobile phone, Bluetooth is still needed.

Flat head plugs have a common problem of wearing a weak one. DX3s also has such problems, so it is necessary to wear it more firmly, or you need to bring a shark fin or a sponge cover. Personally feel better wearing shark fins.

BGVP DX3s this flat plug feels a little bit of thrust, the phone’s direct push sound is obviously not too satisfactory, although the sound is loose, but it feels a little collapsed, the low frequency dive lacks some strength, the sound is slightly thin with particles Feeling, the biggest thing about the direct push of the mobile phone is that the vocals are more crisp, the high-frequency resolution is strong, the details of the musical instruments are in place, and the overall sound is loose but also too dull.

With the player feels the lift is very obvious, two completely different feelings. The potential of this plug is still quite large, and the improvement of the low-frequency sense is very obvious. Although the low frequency has always been the short board of the flat plug, the amount is enough to create a warmer atmosphere, and the sound field is more regular. The characteristics of the flat plug are relatively spacious. This is more obvious in the DX3s. The vocals are more ear-staining, sweeter, and have the characteristics of female poison. The high-frequency resolution is strong, the details are clear and complete, but it is slightly bleak and not bright enough. The density and delicateness of the sound is not so obvious, but it is still lacking compared to the in-ear type. This is also the pain point of the flat head plug. In terms of tuning style, it is a popular female poison plug, and rock and electronic music also have a good performance. For the 300-price earplugs, you can’t expect to drive ACG and classical music like a thousand-level plug.

There are two flat plugs on hand: Hifiman es100 and OSTRY KC08 as sound references.

There is nothing in the ES100 for workmanship. Hifiman’s quality control has always been a chicken rib. There is not much room for it. In terms of sound, the DX3s low-frequency volume is more full and full, the sound field is more regular, the stereo is better, and the energy is stronger. The DX3s vocal distance is attached to the ear, the ES100 vocal position is centered, the brightness is better, and the sound is clearer. Both sound fields are relatively spacious, the sound is relatively loose, and they all have good resolution. It is hard to say which resolution is stronger.


OSTRY KC08 This plug has always been my favorite, and the price has reached twice the price of DX3s. KC08 also has its own unique design. The sound of DX3s is still inferior. The density and fineness of sound are not as high as KC08. The fullness and cohesion of low frequency are not as good as KC08, and the scale and resolution of sound field are at At the same level, the overall quality is still slightly different, and there is still room for improvement. It’s just that the gap in the voice is not as big as the price gap.



The flat plug is on the verge of elimination in this era. The market share is too small and there is not enough profit space. As a result, the major manufacturers are not willing to work hard in the flat, and few domestic brands still insist on the innovation of the flat plug. This courage alone is worthy of admiration. Small factories like BGVP can also spend a lot of money to open up private-sector innovations, and their attitude towards product persistence is worth supporting.

The BGVP DX3s has a flat cavity plug with a private cavity and a unique design. And the use of MMCX interchangeable line design, in addition to a single color is not too worthwhile. The tuning aspect is also in line with the characteristics of the flat plug, which is loose and natural; but it is still lacking in the density and fineness of the sound compared with the ear earplugs. DX3s is still at a relatively high level in the flat plug of the same price. The overall sound, design and workmanship, at less than 300, the profit margin is not large, the price is still relatively high.

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