Jedi life, still need to work hard – Nubian X out of the box experience

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Appearance Gallery

The first is a very simple and simple box:

It is also a damping design that can slide down slowly:

Inside the box are mobile phones, card readers, TYPE-C to 3.5 audio cables, chargers and charging cables, as well as instructions.

Open the machine

There was a double-sided tutorial at the beginning.

Hold both sides first

Then reverse the phone

This is the front, the real full screen, and the border is very narrow

This is the display on the back

Display effect can also

Type C and horn holes on the bottom (don’t think about waterproof)


On the right is the fingerprint module and power button

On the left is the volume button and the power button

Compare the size with the iPhone SE

Compare thickness

The screen is almost as big as the Switch

feeling of using

First, the back side of the screen

The secondary screen ugly is pretty ugly, but the display is ok, it can filter blue light.


This is a lower than the default

Default file:

The most upscale:

When you need to use the front camera, it will automatically switch to the back screen display, face recognition, self-timer camera self-timer are OK;

Second, the edge function

In addition to killing the front camera, Nubian X is very good at designing the side fingerprints. It does not require a rear fingerprint and is more mature than the fingerprint on the screen.

In addition, Nubian’s frame is very thin, plus the fingerprint module, there are a few more useful features.

The first is the edge gesture, which can be used to achieve some shortcut functions by sliding the edges;

Then the fingerprint module itself:

The identification of the fingerprints on both sides is very fast. Anyway, I feel that it is not bad with other mobile phones, and both sides can, any finger;

The fingerprint module itself can be used as a touch key for Back and Home key operations. It is very friendly to small people who commute on the road. Sometimes it is not convenient to make gestures to return (in fact, this operation is more convenient than gestures!!!! I am not Common gestures are used);

By the way, the gesture operation, the bottom of the figure has three bars, which are three operating areas, the leftmost pull-up is the shortcut menu, open the flashlight or something; the middle pull-up is HOME; the right pull-up is BACK; Side-to-right swipe can also achieve BACK; but anyway, there is no one-handed press to quickly press the fingerprint.

Third, the back screen is forced

The screen on the back can be displayed in the lock of the machine. From the simplest display of a clock to the custom text, the reason why it is not with the front screen is mainly because I think this is not practical.

The advantage of this is that there is a feeling of black technology, and it is convenient to watch the time;

The downside is that behind a large screen, the broken screen is risk double, and it’s too hard for the phone case manufacturer.

The secondary screen is off, there are dynamic, picture, custom text, and two types of clocks are available:

The display effect is as follows, the official default:

You can set it to something else, there are several models:

Another example is a clock:

There are several colors and layouts for you to choose from:

The display effect of the text:

Fourth, the game is attached to the LR sub-screen virtual button

Next, let’s mention the game experience.

The secondary screen has a main promotional function: when playing the game, the secondary screen can be set to two shortcut keys! I personally tested it, it is very convenient to press, the sensing area is large, and I will get started quickly and properly add points!

And I heard that because it is the mobile phone itself, the virtual button is still used to match the mobile phone area instead of the virtual area or peripheral area.



Add the game you want to play:


The system comes with instructions to see:

Enter the game, open the drop-down menu, click “sub-screen touch handle” to set

Adjust the settings as prompted, then you will find that clicking on the secondary screen is also a reaction!

This function is here first, and the operation is very convenient and sensitive.

Five, camera function

Nubian was originally known as the SLR in the mobile phone. The quality of the image was not mentioned. The playability of the function was very good. This time it did not disappoint me.

The camera settings themselves are many adjustable, and the speed capture is also very convenient.

Because there is a secondary screen, the so-called front camera is a BUG, ​​with the current set, the performance is first-class, and can exceed 4K or 1080-60p, this is a bit cheating:

There are a lot of ready-made shooting modes, called “camera family”, this is still very convenient, and the function of the APP preset mode of Sony Micro-Single has the same effect~

In the professional mode, the first focus of the focus is very stunned~

In professional mode, the shutter speed, white balance, ISO and focus can be adjusted. It is very convenient for people with basic concepts. The hard core photography function:

The normal mode is simple and automatic, the filter is just like that, and the basic functions such as HDR are all available.

Portrait mode beauty function

The portrait mode also has an aperture function, in fact, it is possible to adjust the degree of blur in real time, this is still very convenient! Here are the comparison charts!

The following are the effects of apertures F1.0, F1.8, F2.8, F4, F8 (playing photography should know that I guess these points ~);

To be honest, compared with the actual photographic equipment, there are still differences, such as F1.0, if it is equipment (F0.95 night god), the focus range will be smaller;

From the edge of Zhang Fei (the chinchillas), it can be seen that the smear marks are very obvious, and the edges of the hair are all smoothed out. There are many ones that are erected one by one.

In portrait mode, even when it is opened to F8, there are obvious traces of smearing.

But overall, the use should be enough, and it is much more convenient than the back camera~

Nubian’s camera operation is as satisfactory as ever, but to be honest, the actual imaging effect is really a bit unsatisfactory (I didn’t use it wrong, it was okay but rather reluctant);

Look at the single shot outside, look at the effect is OK, some functions are also really easy to use:

For example, if the manual focus is used, the peak focus function is quite practical. If the camera family’s macro shooting is used, the focus position can be well controlled.

Another example is the DNG mode, which can produce DNG, not to mention whether it is actually lossless, but the latitude of the Snapseed map is indeed significantly larger;

First sample:

Take a blue sky building:

Pat the green street scene:

Portrait pattern flowers, blurred:

Normal mode flowers, also OK:

Macro mode flowers, focus is more accurate:

Normal mode shot:

Big light than HDR shot scenery:

In general, the image quality of camera imaging is still decent, because there is a professional mode, the basics like white balance can be solved when shooting, the exposure is also, the high light is over-exposed, the dark part is brightened, it is used as a disadvantage. Ways to avoid some hard-hitting problems;

For the case of sufficient light, the resolution is also ok;

However, in the case of insufficient light, the dark part is very smeared (such as the last one above), and 100% of the words can’t be seen basically.

And what I am most dissatisfied with is that, compared with the imaging of my iPhone SE, I feel almost the same, and the resolution of the dark part is not even as good as…

Nubian X:

Samsung Note4 (100% in the dark part is much better than X, X is heavily smeared):

iPhone SE:

Overall, the advantages of Nubian’s powerful custom features have been preserved, which is very convenient and friendly for those of us who probably know a little about photography; but the quality of the image itself is really unsatisfactory, I really don’t know. The bottom problem is still an algorithm problem… I don’t know if the follow-up can be optimized…

As for the super night scene and AI illusion, although there is no way to compare, but according to the previous store experience, it is really a bit worse, not to mention the bare shot itself can not match the Mate20P and XS series.

Sixth, battery life & game



Because Huawei Mate20P is a more powerful game console than Nintendo Switch.

And because Nubian X has more advantages than screens and virtual buttons than Mate20P,

Therefore, Nubia is also a more powerful game console than the Switch.

to sum up

Advantages: design hard core, novel concept, full screen + secondary screen + side fingerprint, no matter the visual effect or operation experience is very good!

Neutral point: sex can be used, cost-effective;

Disadvantages: the picture quality is not the flagship, the system is not hard core (Nubia does not have Google framework all the year round, the word of mouth is not as good as MIUI, there is a double screen custom ROM is more difficult), the fuselage is difficult to bring a set or even film;

General comments:

Before the camera came out under the screen, the individual felt that this is the best comprehensive screen solution at present; for the former big factory that Nubian is a little bit sloppy, it is a bit of a life and a place to live.

Because starting the front camera will automatically switch the screen display, in fact, there is almost no difference in operation; reasonable power control logic, two screen +3800mA battery, there is no endurance problem caused by the addition of the secondary screen.

In the absence of obvious deficiencies (can not be structured to unlock the face to see the wisdom, the side fingerprint is really the most efficient unlock), the exchange of display effects and operating experience is perfect, additional back screen loading effect.

But what must be mentioned is that, as Nubian, the quality of the camera cannot keep up with this problem… It is really a big problem.

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