Your private giant screen theater – iQiyi Xiao Yue Yue PRO VR digital glasses out of the box

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Out of the box

The outer packaging is simple and generous, with white tones and bold black goods.

Open the package at first sight

The full set of main accessories is very simple, a mobile phone box, a headgear, and a warranty card.

There is a large black sponge on the front and back of the headgear to increase the comfort when it is stuck on the head.

The mobile phone box is not heavy, and the front is loved by the Qiyi trademark.

The eye viewing area inside the box, the first time you use a protective sticker, you can tear it off.

The wearing area of ​​the box combined with the face also has a full circle of sponge soft hair pad, which is soft and comfortable, which increases the wearing comfort.

At the same time, the nose bridge is designed with a nose bridge and a soft silicone material. These various designs that increase the wearing comfort are very user-friendly and can be seen with great care.

It’s easy to put the headgear and the phone box together. Just align the direction and push one card inward.

Here is the line-of-sight adjustment knob of the mobile phone box, designed for different degrees of eye, even the glasses are not picked, very friendly,

Where the mobile phone is installed, there is also a thick sponge pad to protect the back of the phone from slipping and falling.

There are also anti-scratch pads on the front to protect the front side of the phone and the screen.

Available in mainstream commercial phone screen sizes from 4.7 to 6 inches,

Open and close, install a mobile phone,

I bought it mainly for watching movies. I chose the 2012 test by Iqiyi VR APP.

If you wear it, the screen is actually positive. With the mobile phone and the screen shot, it can only be the following state, no way,

In the center of the screen, there is a small green dot, and the green dot is fixed in a certain place for two seconds, so that the function of hands-free operation can be realized.

For example, adjusting the definition, progress, etc., is not much different from the computer.

Since it is a VR glasses, it naturally has to be a bit of a live view. So, if you look around, you can see other options and watch movies.

In general, when you look at the movie, the effect is still ok. Only when you look at it alone, the screen does have a feeling of a huge cinema screen. Even under the front, you can still see the seats in the theater, and you are there.

to sum up

This iQiyi Xiao Yue Yue PRO VR glasses,

Advantages: Good workmanship, a lot of humanized design, comfortable to wear, simple operation, inexpensive, can meet the needs of a good private viewing alone, if there is an iQiyi member at the same time, the viewing experience will be better.

Disadvantages: Even if the film is at the highest resolution, there will still be a little blurry, and I can accept it personally.

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