Meizu pro7 depth evaluation

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table of Contents:

First, the appearance of articles

Second, the performance articles

1, CPU performance test

2, flash read and write test

3, charging power consumption test

Third, the game experience

Fourth, photo proofs

Five, Flyme experience


First, the appearance of articles
↓↓Simple black packaging, simple atmosphere, front white words indicate the model pro7

↓↓Above the front is a reflective film, the bottom is a matte material, and hot stamped with meizu

↓↓The side of the box is also very simple

↓↓The amount of information at the bottom of the box is still very large, basically all the text is concentrated at the bottom.

↓↓The front side is closer to seeing that there is a sealing tape on the Meizu logo. This adhesive paper is also very interesting. It can’t be pasted after tearing.

↓↓This is what it looks like after tearing. This form basically makes ordinary users lose the chance that the camouflage is unopened.

↓↓The sticker is torn open, then we open it to see the packaging of the mobile phone. The upper cover is slanted and inserted. The black inner box is removed, and the mobile phone and the ejector pin are visible.

↓↓Let’s take a look

↓↓The mobile phone can be seen up and the logo film is attached to the front.

↓↓Noise reduction microphone on the top of the phone

↓↓This is the bottom of the phone, very intimate is still retaining the 3.5mm interface,

↓↓This looks more clear

↓↓There are also 2 cartons inside the inner box, which are equipped with a mobile phone case and a charger.

↓↓This is all the accessories in the box, charging head, data cable, vip card, warranty card, preset application manual, mobile phone case

After reading the phone out of the box, let’s take a look at the details of the phone.


↓↓Meizu pro7 uses 2.5D curved glass and a mTouch function key at the bottom.

↓↓Mobile phone top handset and camera

↓↓On the side of the switch button and volume button, the keystrokes of the switch button are shorter, the feedback of the button is not as good as the feel of the volume button, and some phone cases are difficult to press the switch button.

↓↓On the back of the phone, this is a quiet black, matte finish, not a shiny metal brushed, the feel is still quite good, the back of the screen is also very personal。

↓↓This is also the first dual-camera phone of Meizu, dual-camera dual-color flash

↓↓Meizu logo on the back of the phone

↓↓Dual card dual standby full Netcom, does not support extended tf card, but 128g thinks it is enough for a while.

Second, the performance articles
After reading the appearance and details of the mobile phone, let’s take a look at the performance of the mobile phone. Perhaps the most entangled reason why this mobile phone is not worth buying is whether the performance of this 10 nanometer x30 chip can meet the daily use and game needs. It is.

1, cpu performance test

↓↓This is the three system versions that have been run 3 times respectively. The first version of the version is 6.1.1 directly downloaded Ann Bunny running points 142751, updated to 6.3.0 running points 139891, updated to flyme7.0.0 latest At the time of the edition, the running score was directly raised to 160,000. It is indeed possible to feel that flyme7.0 is smoother than flyme6.0, but the power consumption is relatively larger.

↓↓This is the result of Geekbench’s running score. This is the result of the running score under flyme7. I believe that you can understand it without saying much.

The cpu test is tested, for the daily use and experience, there is no feeling of dragging the legs, with the flyme7, basically it is silky smooth.

2, flash read and write performance

↓↓ Meizu pro7 high version with UFS2.1 flash memory, the speed of app installation is really fast. Let’s take a look at the test. The sequential read speed is not very fast, but it is undoubtedly queried by the terminal emulator that it should be Samsung UFS2.1 128g flash memory.

Overall, the installation speed of the app is quite fast. I am quite satisfied with the flash memory.

3, charging power consumption test

For the Meizu pro7 battery capacity and standby time has become a problem that many people have discussed, it must be said that Flyme6 is much better than Flyme7 for night standby or daily standby, initially updated When Flyme7 was used, the low-power mode of the night was 10% more energy-consuming. It was terrible. Later, with the optimization of the system, the standby was slightly improved, but it was still not as long as the standby time of the flyme6.

For charging, the pro7 is equipped with mCharge fast charging technology, and the standard charging head is a 24W charging head of 8V3A or 12V2A. Basically more than an hour, you can be full of empty power.

Take a look at some of the daily power consumption details to see

Figure 1 is basically a normal portrayal of daily daytime. If it is fully charged in the morning, it usually leaves less than 40% at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Generally, it will choose to be full, and then it will be charged until the next morning.

Figure 2 should be charged from two or three points until it is charged in the middle of the night.

Figure 3 is just for everyone to see, charging speed is still relatively fast, generally straight up.

In summary, the 3000mAh battery is not too big, the landlord is at least even moderately used, basically do not play games, at least 2 charge a day, can only say that the charging speed is still very fast. The most need to spit should be the standby power consumption at night, it is simply a fly.

4, screen test

The screen has also been criticized, most of them spit Samsung A screen spicy eyes, grainy, in fact, I use it well, the color is indeed brighter than the LCD screen, I did not feel the graininess, before the tempered film It is true that the graininess is very serious, it is decisively removed, and it feels much better. At least the naked eye does not feel the graininess.

↓↓Compared with the screen of iPhone6s, iPhone6s is on the left side, white picture shows that iPhone performance is warmer, and other pictures can see that the color of pro7 screen is more vivid.

Third, the game experience

This may also be a part of people’s more concerned about the experience of the game, can you play some of the mainstream games smoothly? Then let’s take a look at the assessment below.

For the landlord, in fact, it is not very good to play mobile games, mobile phones are only based on commonly used apps, like the glory of the king, eating chickens, such as half an hour, and the team’s games are rarely touched, occasionally That is to say, there are some new games with more than 9 points and hundreds of megabytes in tappap to kill time, and often encounter relatively novel games, which can play for a while. However, these small games have no performance requirements, and basically can run perfectly. I believe that everyone is more concerned about the operation of the game like the king’s glory and chicken.

↓↓This is an ordinary battle. The game is still very smooth.

↓↓Basically able to maintain around 55 frames per day

↓↓The general situation of the team battle is below 50, but it is not stuck.

↓↓The number of basic frames in a large group battle dropped to 40, which basically did not affect the operation.

↓↓User-friendly game mode, in-game chat barrage, so you don’t miss an important message.

Let’s take a look at the chicken ride

↓↓pro7’s stimulating battlefield picture quality can only be opened to equilibrium, can not set HD, balance – in the settings, the game is not particularly smooth, can play, but unhappy, it is recommended to set the balance – low or direct smooth picture Play the game.


↓↓Although it is not particularly smooth, it does not affect the chicken. After a few days, I still took a lot of first.

These games are also in the picture quality balance – the number of frames – anti-aliasing – fluency adaptive off, this setting is completed below, although not particularly smooth, occasionally there will be stuck, but still acceptable, not too Affect the gaming experience.

↓↓The game assistant’s notification function is really easy to use. You can open chat apps like qq and WeChat in the game.

↓↓The WeChat window appears on the left side of the game interface, and you can also call the input method to reply to various information.

By the way, PerfMon is used to monitor the call status of each core in the game.

核心The core call of the cpu in the game is still very positive, and there will be no scene of a nuclear nucleus.

↓↓It can also be seen from this that cpu performance is still very easy for running the glory of the king.

Summarize the performance of the game, can only be regarded as the basic experience of the mainstream game, can not achieve complete smooth and no card, playable but not perfect, the function of the game assistant is still very good, the experience is very good, power consumption About one game, the glory of the king consumes about 10% of electricity, and consumes 20%-30% of electricity in one hour. Overall, the power consumption is still quite large.

Fourth, photo proofs

Meizu pro7 as the first dual-camera phone of Meizu, it is also a remarkable feature in the camera function, but also some practical small functions, let’s take a look at it.

↓↓First look at the camera parameters of Meizu pro

Let’s take a look at the proofs of the photos. They are all in automatic mode and there is no processing. Also did not do the size processing.

Sunny, sunny, white balance and details are in place.

↓↓On a cloudy day, the details of the close-up can be ok, and the tree in the distance is very strong, basically smeared.

↓↓Under the shooting on a sunny day, the details of the place are still in place.

↓↓Macro small flowers, color performance is in place, depth of field processing is just right

↓↓The portrait mode of the illusion mode, but unfortunately the stalk of the umbrella has been smeared, although the photos taken by Meizu blur can be refocused later, but due to the algorithm, there is no way to blur the handle. So there is still room for improvement in the algorithm of blurring

↓↓Taking pictures at night, zooming in to 100% noise, but still retaining a lot of details, it is not bad

↓↓In the case of rapid exercise, there is no running out of focus and smearing, not bad.

Five, Flyme experience

Flyme’s system, I believe that many value friends have experienced it. Of course, I still like the system of flyme. After all, there are many details to see that this is an effort to bring you more convenient and comfortable experience system. .

Let’s talk about some of the highlights in the system I like.

1, one mind 2.0

↓↓What is this? In fact, I can’t say it all, but I understand a more intelligent background, so that your mobile phone stays in the best condition at night, and the smart processing at night, basically the phone looks like it has just been restarted in the morning. Smooth

↓↓With one mind, even if you clean up the background, he will still maintain the smart background of your favorite apps, which basically guarantees the seconds of your favorite apps.

2, quickly open the application

↓↓Like the picture below, regardless of whether you are swiping on the left or right side of the phone, the following list of apps for the first letter navigation will appear. In many cases, you can save the trouble of finding apps that are not commonly used.

3, smart card

The smart card that is drawn into the system is a convenient collection of many useful functions and a lot of information to be viewed.

4. New function laboratory

The icon is a smart screen that is similar to the big bang function of a hammer phone.

The face backtracking is a continuous capture of about 3 seconds, which can set a more appropriate expression for each person in the photo. This is more suitable for multi-person photos, and it can avoid the situation where people close their eyes and people bow their heads as much as possible.

Night mode is a theme that can set the system to black at night, including the background in the app is also black, but there are some problems with the compatibility of some apps, there will always be some bugs.

5, game mode

As mentioned in the above game evaluation, whether it is the chat bubble in the game or the notification information opened by the game assistant, it is very convenient to quickly reply the message in the game.

Said so much, in fact, if you buy this phone at 1350, it is actually worth it. Whether it is work or performance, it is definitely worth the price, but if you buy this phone at the original price, it really can only rely on Feelings.


1, pro7 equipped with flyme7.0 smooth use, no card, flyme system is convenient and easy to use

2, mobile phone work is good, the value is still acceptable

3, mBack button is really easy to use, and the elderly feel comfortable

4, ufs2.1 flash read and write speed

5, photo, music function is still available


1, battery life needs to be upgraded, night standby is more collapse

2, no infrared function, can not be used as a remote control

3, no NFC (although not necessarily used, but there are advantages of nfc, not only in the shortcomings, can not be installed can not see)

4, the game is hot, the game performance is also slightly worse

5, the secondary screen to tell the truth is a bit tasteless, basically no use

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