IPhone XS Max experience for 40 days

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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The biggest surprise this year is that there is no surprise, no popular Type-C, no standard fast charging head, and even the lightning turns 3. 5 headphone adapter cable has been omitted, it is too lazy to take pictures here.

Still standard 5w.

It is worth mentioning that in the instructions, you can see that there is a airpower, just do not know why, Apple has not released until now.

When will Airpower be on?

Appearance display.

Apple will certainly not change much in appearance this year. But Apple offers a whole new color mix: gold

The golden iPhone looks like a rusty color from the side.

It does look a little rusty from the side.

The biggest feature of the new iPhone this year is to support dual card dual stay, dual card dual stay is up and down can be inserted in a form, in order to prevent the following card slot card after falling down, Apple added a card buckle. After inserting, the phone will let you choose a card as the main card, this advantage is that you can insert two cards at will, and then through the system to set up it.

Design of dual cards with positive and negative insertability.

Use perception.

If the use of the first feeling is big! Really big, the fuselage and Plus series models are the same, but put a 6.5-inch comprehensive screen, the visual impact is very big.

The screen is really big.

The second is fast, fast performance in many ways, such as the speed of the faster, and then the speed of the Face id has become a lot faster. The current A12 performance in mobile processing should be few rivals, 4GB running memory, coupled with the A12 chip’s unnatural performance, in fact, Apple is also considered a hardware madman.

The unlocking speed of Face id has also been greatly improved according to the previous generation. During this period of time, Face id also has a lot of time to unlock while lying down, and this unlocking has a certain learning function. Will learn as your appearance changes. It is also possible to further study and judge a face that cannot be unlocked but can be successfully unlocked by a password within a certain threshold value.

You can set the faces of two faces, id,. Who can set it? we all know that.

In the camera, this year is still the use of dual camera, not to follow the three photos of domestic phones, but increased the pixel area and with the f1.8 aperture, which means that there will be more light input, when taking photos at night. The purity of the picture will also be higher. But Apple’s biggest killer this year should still be the smart HDR that can only be HDR, this year. The best part should be the real-time preview function, which simply means that you can see the real-time effect when you press the shutter button before you take a photo. Of course, this and the A12 chip’s inverse performance is inseparable from the relationship.

Another feature is that each of this year’s three phones will record the depth of field of a photo as it is taken, which can be adjusted at will at a later date.

Can adjust the analog lighting and depth of field information.

Mobile phone in terms of battery life is very good, I am a super heavy users, use the phone every day for more than 12 hours, probably I should be a day two charged bar, but two times the charge is not full charge. About twice charge 20%-80%, normal users use one day without any problems.

When charging, I use the PD quick charging kit, the C to Lightning cable from the official website, and the Mac charger. It recharges about one grid a minute. I don’t have an ammeter on hand to test. The first half of the charging speed is still impressive but if you have a charging speed requirement, you can buy a PD charging kit.

If I were to summarize the phone in one sentence, I would generalize the ad for the 6s: the only difference is that it is different everywhere. It’s a phone that hasn’t changed significantly in appearance, but it’s a little bit more dramatic in performance, with a lot of features that don’t seem to have changed, but each of which has been tinkered with and made more complete, more like the complete form of the x. Perhaps this is Apple, a mobile phone split into two, one appearance changes the world, the inner change the world.

Purchase advice:
Now the price has almost hit bottom, relative to the initial price has dropped by about 1000, now is the year is relatively worthwhile time to start. If you’re still using a phone with a non-full-screen, it’s worth it if you don’t pay attention to the price. If you’re an X user, it’s not really worth it at all. In the days of overcapacity, the X was good enough.

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