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Recently, slide-cover mobile phone is the biggest hot spot, all the major manufacturers in this field to launch a force. Xiaomi, Glory, Lenovo have launched their own products.

As it happens, I got a Magic2, to drop in on this topic.

My Honor Magic2 has arrived. When the box is opened, it is beautiful at the first glance.

The machine has been attracting a lot of attention ever since it broke the news.

In addition to the first Kirin 980, it is mainly because of the solution to the full-scale screen design of the slide cover. Compared with the previous vivo NEX and oppo FIndX mechanical structures, the Glory Magic2 requires people to slide up and down on their own. There was something retro in it, less of the electronic technology most admired by geeks.

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

In theory, the Glory Magic2 slider design doesn’t seem to save as much space at first glance, but it also has more space in the front slider, hiding a combination of three front-facing cameras. Like Lei Jun said, “decompression artifact,” that is not automatic, human hand to slide cover, nothing to play with a few very interesting.

It doesn’t seem to be that big a gap, at least I don’t feel anything wrong with it.

But then again, the thickness it looks at from the side is really a big problem. Because I used to use lighter cell phones, the Honor Magic2 was quite heavy when I held it in my hands, and the entire fuselage was very thick, and the battery capacity was not limited to 4000 milliamperes. These are the details of the problem is a first hand can be quickly perceived.

Perhaps for the sake of sliding cover design and make a compromise, anyway is also a kind of shortcomings and regret.

I don’t know if it will be serious in the future. I’ll report back after a while.

Of course, the issue of thickness is not a problem of glorification, throughout the recent release of several slider phones, the basic thickness of the problem is difficult to control, the battery capacity seems to be the largest pile of glory.

It can only be said that the slide-type structure scheme is not perfect, there is a certain amount of room for improvement.

To be honest, the Glory Magic2 is still its color scheme.

Take, for example, the gradient blue in my hand, which is more similar to the auroral color and pure bright blue, and has a gradual transition that looks good, especially on the green grass.

I don’t want to do too much of the rest of the bullshit review this time. For example, 980 runs, ah, the number of game frames, a variety of pat ah, and so on, before the mate series have been played, it is not interesting to repeat it again, or simply point to the real point of view of this phone bar.

From a purely objective point of view, the Glory Magic2 is a very accurate flagship phone.

As the flagship of the Honor series, in addition to its unique slide screen design, it retains some of the most popular technologies on the Chinese Internet today. For example, the eye-catching Heath Kirin 980, the all-fire 40W super fast charge, and the six camera specifications in front and back of the camera. Coupled with the full range of standard off-screen fingerprint recognition, or only the top version of 3D face recognition and graphene heat dissipation technology, can ignite the hot topic of the Internet.

And its appearance is also very exquisite, color scheme I personally think is the glory of the year family NO.1, gradient blue, red, black gradient is very beautiful, can be rated as both men and women.

However, its own sliding scheme itself has a certain degree of controversy, the use of both advantages and disadvantages, thickness and weight are unable to around the point.

It takes time and experience to develop the user’s operating habits. In addition to the thickness, there are other parts of the Glory Magic2 that need to be cultivated over time. For example, I myself, a lot of times selfie have forgotten to open the front camera, Leng a few seconds before the reaction to slide over the line.

Coupled with the lack of excitement in taking photos, there is always a little bit of a feeling that it is not perfect to look at it. But then again, when you think about the price, you don’t seem to have much to complain about.

In addition to sliding cover, in fact, what I see is the glory of continuing to explore the market ambition.

The standard edition of 3799 yuan, the top edition of 5799 yuan, such a market position is undoubtedly emphasizing the glory to explore the market, won the jazz series gradually released 3k~4k file. In turn, compare the market horizontally, Xiaomi MIX3 uses a similar program. Although both are standard versions, Xiaomi is 500 yuan cheaper, but the difference is a little too much, much less the taste of the perfect Android flagship.

All in all, the glorified Magic2 is not perfect, but in the range of its own slider phone, it is doing a good job. Whether you can get used to it, in fact, is more to see whether or not you can see the edge of the eye.

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