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The bracelet has been on fire since two or three years ago, when there was no screen and the phone was used to read data. Today’s experience is the honor bracelet 4running version, currently available at 99 yuan. A simplified version of honor bracelet 4.

Look out of the

The spokesperson of honor bracelet is bai yu, and the audience is also a relatively young group. The product of this experience is red and black, and the overall package of the box is green. It is still beautiful to match with the bracelet. Compared with huawei, the honor brand itself is an Internet property, and the price will be much cheaper. The price of this bracelet is now 99 yuan, which should be the lowest price of the brand bracelet in the market.

The inner objects are protected by the packaging film. They are relatively stable in the box without loosening. The base of the box is also cyan. The overall package is hard, without any sense of cheapness. The bracelet should have cost no less than 200 yuan two years ago. On the back of the box are some functions introduced, simple and easy to understand, and also very consistent with the positioning of this bracelet.

Compared with other hand rings, this running version is special because it can be worn on shoes. It can detect some related information about running, such as the time of landing and lifting, the frequency of steps, etc., and it can be equipped with the built-in six-axis sensor (three-axis acceleration sensor + three-axis gyroscope). But official propaganda has made running money more professional, which doesn’t feel practical.

Take out all the accessories, the one on the far left is worn on the shoelace, and the main part of the bracelet is fixed, which is used to detect the running data, which is the special feature of running version. Usb head for the charging head, accessories are relatively simple, but there is no special storage bag, small items are easy to lose, usually needs attention.

It is very considerate to have a black foam cushion inside the original watch strap to prevent it from being compressed for a long time during transportation. The red color scheme is more dynamic and the actual look and feel is not as old as the picture. The strap has a large number of holes to allow air to flow through and is not stuffy.

On the opposite side of the main body of the bracelet, there are some model information of the bracelet, which means that the functionality is missing. Without heart rate monitoring, GPS, etc., this bracelet cannot be separated from the mobile phone. Most functions still need to be monitored by the mobile phone.

The front of the bracelet is a whole piece of plastic, which is very round. There is a touch button at the bottom. This bracelet does not support touch screen. Usually clean when the appearance level is quite good.

It was inevitable that a long scratch appeared after two weeks of use. I did not know when it was done. It was a bit painful. The main body of the bracelet is still tight with the strap and won’t loosen when moving.

There are two electric shock charges on the other side of the main body of the bracelet. Don’t think about magnetic charging. Just plug the main body of the bracelet into the usb charging port by means of friction resistance. The battery capacity of this bracelet is 77mAh. It can be fully charged for less than 2 hours, and it has been used for more than a week. I can wear it for about 10 days by myself. Open the screen. This bracelet has no screen mode.)

The screen is very convenient. It adopts 0.5-inch oled black and white screen with a resolution of 48*88. Since the screen is relatively small, there is not much display content.

In general, the price of 99 yuan is totally acceptable in terms of appearance level, and it is also quite comfortable to wear. It is more harmonious and does not have any sudden feeling when installed on the band. The band has more holes and can fit different wrist sizes.

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My own wrist is relatively thin, so it is still quite large to look at the bracelet with this bracelet. The design of small circle is also used in xiaomi. However, this touch button, and the ring is under the panel, does not undermine the integrity of the whole. It is waterproof for 50 meters, and it does not need to be taken off for washing or bathing at ordinary times.

In the process of use, there is no habit of fastening the loop to the shoe, after all, this thing is called the bracelet. And when it comes to correcting my posture, I feel technically inadequate at the moment. In addition, you need to keep track of your running, etc., or you need to carry your mobile phone with you. And no NFC also means and public transport card access control and so on.

In the operation, a single click can switch the display content, the current can be displayed time date, steps, distance, heat, sleep time, and so on. If the message synchronization is turned on, the app terminal of the mobile phone needs to be turned on to read the mobile phone notification. However, when receiving the message, the bracelet will vibrate to indicate that there is a notification, and the content will not be displayed. And it costs electricity.

As for another important alarm function, I did not turn it on after using it once or twice. The reason is that the vibration is not easy to be perceived when sleeping. Long pressing the touch button can turn off the vibration.

In addition, sitting reminder and step number can add some menus to life. To find the function of mobile phone, the mobile phone will turn on the alarm when the app is activated.

It is convenient to charge as long as it is a usb port, and the charge will be displayed when it is charged. In fact, the charging problem can be solved by simply taking a blank. After all, the charge is relatively small, and the charging time does not need to be very long. The battery lasted more than a week without needing frequent charging.


The two-color wristband is comfortable to wear, small in size, long in battery life, and the cost performance of this bracelet is a little bit, while the lack of electricity is also very obvious, no heart rate, no NFC, small display screen, simple function, can not be separated from the phone. Generally speaking, this is a product for the introduction of the small white group. Friends who are very interested in this product without using the bracelet can buy it and have a try. After all, the price is very cheap.

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