BenQ SW271 4K professional photographer monitor

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Open the box.

Received a very large box. Sure enough, it was a high-end monitor. The merchant specially fought a wooden fight, and inside it was protected with a layer of fresh-keeping film to prevent Rain Water from getting wet.

After a lot of hard work, the wooden frame was finally dismantled

After opening the first page of English packaging instructions, should be the internal product placement instructions

After opening the package, you can see the display bracket, chassis, display, accessory box, hood, manual, etc.

Circular controller: BenQ’s unique OSD controller, which can quickly set display mode.

The 1, 2, 3 buttons above can switch the Adobe RGB/sRGB/ black and white mode with one key, and can quickly switch between the three preset modes, so you can easily adjust and control the display.

This box is the hood, to be assembled manually, the outer packaging so large unpacking before I thought it was already installed

A pile of accessories, a look of confusion, carefully read the instructions are based on the letters.

The hood supports many modes, not only can be used horizontally, but also can be used vertically.

What comes out is the vertical screen.

Display chassis, weight x1

Display bracket, heavy x2

Display, heavy X3

Installed, the border is still relatively narrow, surrounded by track card slot to facilitate the installation of the hood.

Display weight of up to 20 jin, heavier than a lot of ordinary display, it seems that is not imaginary, or a little “weight”!

Should be heavier, to prevent damage to the display moving, manufacturers designed metal handles, easy to move!

The bracket is ergonomic and supports the adjustment of 7 dimensions. The design of the bracket and chassis is 90 degrees perpendicular to facilitate the adjustment of each dimension.

Display interface.

Display side with USB3.0* 2, SD card slot * 1, for the photographer to consider more comprehensive, SLR camera SD card can be directly inserted to read, no need to use a card reader. The humanized USB interface may let the cameraman not to stoop to insert the line and so on, after USB equipment directly inserts the display then!

The bottom is the display interface: OSD controller interface (used to expand the BenQ OSD controller), HDMI*2, DP*1, USB Tybe-C (convenient MacBook, etc.) directly connected to display 4K screen. Can also be high-speed data transfer), USB extension interface (host USB extends to the display), audio interface

The base is specially designed to hold the position of the OSD controller, but there is no fixing device, because the wire arrangement can cause slippage, and it would be better if there were an iron-absorbing device or a clasp below, so it would be good to hold.

With the OSB controller on it.

Real-time display.

After the installation of a mask display, immediately feel a lot of professional, the use of the mask is mainly used to reduce the impact of environmental light, to prevent screen reflection, glare, to prevent the impact of the perfect display of the screen.

A hole reserved at the top is specially used for the colorimeter, which can be pushed and pulled to facilitate the installation of various color-calibrating equipment.

Menu function

BenQ SW271 professional design display is Adobe RGB mode, sRGB mode, black and white mode, HDR mode, etc.


In addition to the traditional brightness and contrast, color temperature, gray scale, color gamut and chromaticity are also adjusted in color regulation.

Make sure there are no bad points.


Picture effect.

Because there is no color calibration instrument, I am not a professional display researchers, a variety of tall numbers do not show, but the experience, I do not know whether it is because of 4K quality reasons, or screen material reasons, we can see the following picture; BenQ SW271 displays on the computer as smoothly as the picture on the mobile phone. When you use a mobile phone, you won’t have any ripples. Ordinary monitors will have obvious ripples in the lens.


Scene demonstration



1. Using 10bit display panel, can render 1.07 billion kinds of colors, 99% Adobe RGB / 100% sRGB, meet the high demand of the professional photography later stage personage to the color rendering.

2. The hood can support both horizontal and vertical screen modes, and can reduce the impact of ambient light on the screen from multiple angles.

3.14-bit 3D LUT can effectively improve the accuracy of RGB color mixing. No matter AdobeRGB or sRGB color space, all can reach Delta E ≤ 2 (average value).

4. Black and white mode is supported, and it is very useful when revising black and white pictures.

5. Tybe-C interface to facilitate Mac BOOK connection.


1. The disc of OSD controller is not fixed under the display.

2. The SD card interface and USB interface at the back of the display are too close to the inside. The actual user still has to stand up.

3. Relatively thick and heavy.

4. Online write standard equipped with DP line, physical disassembly without large DP line, according to several purchases of BenQ products, found that their display wiring often changes

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