W836 windows cleaning robot, easy to operate

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When I first visited ces, in Shanghai three years ago, I already saw a glass-wiping robot. At that time, I felt that this kind of product was really amazing, and I could not fall off the glass. I didn’t quite understand what it was. The windows at the top of the house were not easy to clean. You can solve the problem easily with this machine. But these several years have passed, the related product technology, the appearance, the performance, the price all had the big breakthrough.

Open box installation

The experience of the product is the domestic home robot is very famous Kobos robot, shipping can be said to be very fast, the next day to, packaging received intact. The model of this section is window treasure W 836.

Inside the big package there are two small packages, one is the accessory box, the other is the main machine. Not too fancy packaging appearance, the front is window treasure design, English: THE WINDOW CLEANING ROBOT.

Open the packaging, each part is wrapped with a layer of plastic film, the design of the carton is also very appropriate, all the parts are in a stable slot, after all, is a household appliance, in the protection is very careful. Speaking of accessories, the accessory box contains two rags, a safety extension cord and a dust-free rag.

The main packing box contains a main machine, two rags, a safety rope, a power adapter, a safety sucker, a cleaning fluid, a remote control and a battery. The length of the safety rope is 1.5 metres. Use this machine outdoors to prevent accidents, it is necessary to use safety rope fixed, with 1.5 m extension line length or enough.

There is a red sign on the corner of the machine. You need to take off the guard here before using it. If you don’t take it off, the machine will not start to walk. The Covos W836 has a glossy mirrored surface and a white look that matches the edges and angles beautifully.

The handle is silver wire drawing technology, not metal, the middle of the button is to open and pause the key. In the middle of the reverse is a vent hole, which is used to extract air to form a low pressure area to adsorb the main engine on the glass. On both sides are the tracks. The movement of the tracks drives the main engine to move forward. Because of the relationship between the tracks, the machine can go straight and back. Can not move sideways ~ a circle for the side of the Velcro, can be fixed on the upper and lower sides of the track, respectively, there is a layer of soft dust strip, you can scrape off stubborn dust stains.

The area of the Velcro is still very good on, the red for the switch, is the machine’s power switch, the design at the bottom means that the opening and closing needs to hold hands to operate, to prevent people do not understand this machine switch caused the machine to close down.

Fixed rag when you need to pay attention to the rag is a wide narrow edge of the points on both sides of the track side of the edge is relatively thin. After the rag is fixed, the end of the power cord needs to be connected with a safety cable. To be on the safe side, it is still necessary to pay attention to safety. The power cord connection needs to be inserted forcefully and then rotated, and the power cord directly connected to the mainframe also acts as a part of the safety line, so the design needs to be very strong.


The window of the home is reflected in the sun side can’t see clearly, use the soundproof window of the balcony to demonstrate. If there is a lot of dust on the window, the need to clean a convenient adsorption area, after all, tracks had better be clean to maintain a certain amount of friction. First spray some cleaning fluid or stick some light water on the cloth, not too much. Connect the power, open the bottom of the switch, the fan started, the machine will be lightly attached to the glass can be automatically adsorption on, or very simple, the machine itself is not very heavy.

Adsorption, you can click on the starting key on the machine, window treasure will be based on the shape of the window automatically planning cleaning path, if it is a horizontal window, the use of Z-shaped windows; if it is a vertical window, the use of N-shaped. And will automatically avoid the handle of the window. If you press the “Deep Clean” button at the bottom of the remote control, the host will clean the glass once, left, right and up and down. This is a demonstration of remote control activation. The use of remote control up and down can control the movement of the host up and down, and around, the host will turn around, which is very easy to understand.

When the machine reaches the edge of the window, it will have an angle of about 15 degrees, and it will continue to work up and down when it reaches the right position. At the beginning, it was mentioned that the sponge bar was removed because the angle around the window treasure can be pressed. Through the collision sensing in the moving can sense whether to reach the edge, thus changing the path, so the windows and edges need to have more than 5mm height, to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time the window treasure has the anti-drop induction, meets the frameless glass the edge to be able to return promptly, at home has the frameless glass also to be able to rest assured wipes.

At the end of the use, you can use the long hand press the start button on the host about 5 seconds to remove, here is more reassuring, if the use of the process of power failure, the machine’s built-in lithium battery can maintain about 30 minutes of adsorption. Even if the power off, the machine stopped in a relatively high position, the user only need to use the remote control to move the host to reach the location within the time of safe adsorption.

Because of the power-off protection and safety rope design, the use of this machine is still worthy of confidence. On the cleaning, if shown, after cleaning a clean cloth is very dirty, the effect is obvious. But if the windows are particularly dirty, you may need to replace the rag in the middle of the process, or wipe it more often.

The comparison of the cleaning of the outer window is very obvious, because the outer window usually has a lot of dust and silt that is contaminated by wind and rain, and I cannot clean it myself, so it is really cool after cleaning with this machine, because the machine is square. Edges and corners can also be effectively cleaned, and residual areas can be largely ignored. In dirty high level have this window treasure also have no fear of wind and rain, can enjoy blue sky white cloud.

Summary and recommendation.

This window treasure W836 operation is relatively simple, easy to use, the machine is not very heavy, usually at home with this cleaning windows than in the past with a dishcloth body lean out to clean windows more convenient and safe. And as a household appliance, adsorbed on the glass when the fan is still running a little loud, and smaller wipes in cleaning more dust may not be able to meet the demand, of course, this is not the problem of the machine itself; For the current technology, there is still a lot of room for the whole industry. Overall, the results and the experience were very good.

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