Portable b-MOLA Wireless Mini Air Purifier experience

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Take a look at the look first, because the b-MOLA brand to a cute “Mambo fish” for the LOGO, this purifier has a lovely name, the fish machine. Well, the name is very Guangdong, packaging is this lovely fish. It also comes with a simple feature description that kills viruses / bacteria, breaks down VOC, and removes odors and filters PM2.5.

On the other side is the blue mumble LOGO. Other features of the product are indicated.

▼This side is the focus, from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the use of NCCO nanometer catalytic oxidation technology, can decompose formaldehyde and other carcinogens and VOC, effectively remove odors.

▼Open the package, the instructions and the accompanying filter.

NCCO oxygen Polymerization reaction layer. Below is written to remove the filter packaging and reference manual before use.

▼Then you can see the lovely body of the fish machine, but also very close to the heart with a thin non-woven fabric packaging, light blue fuselage is very easy to associate with the pure sky.

▼Accessories are binding, screwdriver, charging cable and charging head, filter, manual and so on.

Take a look at the front first, the front is very simple, there is only one switch, and the NCCO LOGO, machine has two gear. One click of the switch is in the first gear, and two is in the second.

▼The LOGO, with b-MOLA on top is hollowed out with vertical stripes.

▼The fuselage side also has the ventilation net cover, since is the small air purifier, also has the air inlet, the air outlet, the top enters the wind, the side air outlet above is opens the cover the button.

▼The bottom screw position is quite many, the four feet have the foot pad, plays the skid prevention function, the left and right two uses the screw fixed plastic card to be used to hold the strap, may fix the fuselage in the automobile seatback or other objects.

▼The upper-right corner of the fuselage is a DC power input, 5V 2A, even better if you have a USB port.

▼Then the owner opened the instruction manual to see how to use it.

▼Press the button on the side, open the top cover of the machine first look down the structure, the lower left corner of the fuselage position has a turbine fan, this position should be accurately measured, can play the greatest effect of the purifier.

The next step is to unpack the filter element. Unexpectedly, there is also a layer of plastic film inside. The package is very powerful. The front side of the filter looks about the same as that of the automobile air conditioner, but it is much more technologically advanced than that of the automobile air conditioner. For H13 medical-grade HAPA, it can purify the PM2.5 (up to 99.95%), PM0.5 and other particles in the air. Remove dust particles, dust mites and many other allergens.

▼On the other side is the NCCO reaction layer, which contains mineral particles of nano-pore. There are many nano-pores in the mineral particles, which are used for adsorption and purification of pollutants. The expanded area of nano-pore is quite large, which can enhance the adsorption efficiency to a large extent.

▼The purification principle of NCCO is to capture all kinds of suspended particles and harmful substances (formaldehyde benzene and other TVOC), pollutants into the NCCO pipeline. The NCCO reaction layer combines with the active oxygen generator to catalyze the decomposition of water and carbon dioxide.

▼ In addition to decomposition, there is a major feature of the NCCO reaction layer can be recycled, long service life.

▼Put the filter element on, put the lid back on, and you’re ready to work.

▼Such a small purifier, and the home environment is also very harmonious.

▼It doesn’t come out of nowhere.

▼It goes well with your home.

▼Perfectly integrated, the pale blue fuselage also brings a touch of coolness to the summer.

▼Small and beautiful, pale blue fuselage this home added a touch of bright color.


Actual use experience.

Press the button, the machine issued a buzzing, the lights lit up, there is a slight fan sound, indicating that work has begun.

▼First up, the official use of NCCO can be effective in removing air pollutants at a glance.

Building owners used this common air detector, the detection of its PM2.5 is more accurate. The value of PM2.5 at startup is 25.

About one to twenty seconds after boot, the PM2.5 drops to 2, after which it hovers around 1. The content of formaldehyde was also decreased to 0.03.

▼The landlord also tested the ability of the purifier to remove formaldehyde, because he had just bought some plastic background paper, plus the study was relatively small, the space was closed, and when he first came in to start the machine, he still had a little formaldehyde that exceeded the standard.

Open the maximum speed of the purifier a few minutes, after five or six minutes, formaldehyde will be ignored on the drop. Check the literature, the core of NCCO technology is in the removal of gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, tests also support the ability of the purifier, of course, the most effective way to remove formaldehyde or ventilation ha.


Since it is a mobile purifier, it is naturally convenient to expand the use of the environment, for example, in the car, although usually before driving his wife will open the windows first ventilation, but we all know that VOC is a slow volatile process. Car leather goods, plastic products are also continuously volatile gas, although the amount may be small, but the purifier can be better than their own suction is not it. Lithium-ion battery is built into the purifier, which can continue to purify the air in the car after extinguishing the car, ensuring that each time the car breathes clean air after treatment.

▼The strap can also be expanded to include more use scenarios, such as hanging from the head of a baby’s crib to give the baby a cleaner breathing space.

▼When taking the baby out, you can also put it in the stroller to give the baby all-around protection.

▼It can also be used in special situations, such as shoe cabinets and refrigerators, where ordinary air purifiers can’t work when away from the outlet’s power supply.

▼Running noise, a gear when the sound of the machine is relatively low, do not feel noisy.

Second gear when the voice is relatively loud, work on the side will feel a little noisy. However, the second gear should be mainly used for the first rapid purification of the surrounding air, just as air conditioning starts to cool the room when the operation of the sound will be more stable than the room temperature after a few more normal work on a good.

Battery life, the official claim is 8 hours, use down, feel the nominal or quite reliable, specially tested, these two days without the use of power in the case of basic seven or eight hours.

There is no doubt about the health benefits of clean air. Today, when air pollution is becoming more and more serious, it can not change the big environment, but can only change the small environment. As a personal air purifier, b-MOLA has NCCO technology built into its compact fuselage to significantly improve the quality of the air around it. 8 hours of battery life, with the accompanying strapping feature, and greatly expanded the use of the scene, a Purifier = Desktop Purifier + small household air purifier, so that the price is still very high.


Small volume, using NCCO purification technology, purification effect is outstanding.

Beautiful appearance, can be very good with the home environment integration.

With its own lithium battery, can also be used in the case of power failure, greatly expanding the use of the scene.

Effective decomposition and purification of formaldehyde and benzene Decoration Air pollutants.


Strap to remove screws, more troublesome, suggested to improve the way the band fixed.

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