SAMSUNG HW-N950 SONY HT-ST5000 comparative evaluation

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Reason for purchase.

As a home in the decoration can not wiring, and for the home environment do not want to have speakers to break the overall home style of movie lovers, in fact, the range of options is not many.

Prior to the 1080P era selection was the classic BOSE535+ Wireless Post surround Suite as an audio solution. At the beginning of this year, the 4K ecology gradually matured after the 4K original Pancao.

As a movie enthusiast, it is natural to start planning to 1080P home theater equipment to replace all the 4K home theater equipment.

At present, the standard format of 4K is video HDR+ Dolby horizon, audio Dolby panoramic sound + DTX:X, basic 4K original disk will be attached to the two of these four kinds.

Understand that BOSE’s new 650-series only updates the look and feel, 4K decoding and wireless wrapping, and does not support the four major formats described above. BOSE you are like LOW to the explosion, decisively chose to give up.

One could only turn to the high-end echo wall market, which at the time was dominated by Sony’s HT-ST5000 and Samsung’s HW-K950.

Samsung HW-K950 is not authentic and in support of the format is missing, does not support DTS:X. Leading to the highest end of the home market echo wall in fact only Sony HT-ST5000 this one option.

Just friends moved to a new home, the visit found that there is no purchase of stereo, specially went to Sony Huai Hai Road flagship store audition after choosing the ST5000 as a gift to a friend’s housewarming.

But the problem with Sony’s HT-ST5000, which has been criticized for not having a rear stereo, has been my year-end update to the 4K Home Theater.

Since knowing Samsung buys Harman Catton to launch new echo wall HW-N950 and evaluate in avforums get full 10 points.

Support for all 4 standard formats while having a physical rear surround sound is completely recommended in the mind.

Appearance display.

The packaging of the N950 is very large. 。. 。. It’s about a meter and a half wide, and it weighs 28KG.

  Comparison with PS4 handle

The packing style of the reverse

Family Photo after the package is opened

After the inner package opened the main body at all angles, I was surprised that the N950 subwoofer chose to use the side opening way.

It is possible to play with very few splits, and it is rare to see such a design on an integrated speaker.

The 4 power ports are identical in style and are the same as the Samsung TV’s power interface.

Compared with the ST5000, it is obvious that the N950 will grow a piece, and the weight of the main body will also be significantly heavier.

The design and workmanship of the N950 on the N950 is less than that on the ST5000,5000 front of the magnetic interface which can be removed to expose the horn, which the N950 is not provided with.

The publicity chart of the main body of the nine speakers exposed is also unable to restore the.

Compared with the ST5000 subwoofer, the design and workmanship of the subwoofer is not as good as that of the ST5000, in its smaller size and easier placement.


Use perception.

After looking at the appearance, of course, it is time to start testing the sound quality. Selected is the Fast & Furious 8 original Disc Audio format DTS:X, Test Machine which is OPPO 203SE connected to the Echo Wall Decoder.

N950 total volume to 30 / 100, subwoofer volume 0 / -6 + 6, ST5000 total volume to 20 / 50, subwoofer volume 6 / 12.

Since the video is compressed twice and recorded, the audio itself becomes 2.0. 。. 。. So there’s going to be a very significant difference. 。. 。. To really hear the difference, it has to be turned on a computer. 。.

Talk about some personal feelings.

1. Since the power of the ST5000 is only 360 W and there is no rear position, it is obvious that the sound is transmitted from the front to the top of the head and there is only sound on the front and upper side of the head.

2. The N950 power 512W actually felt the sound wrap you from top to bottom, and because the power really had a floor-to-ceiling feel, two of my friends and I went up to 40 and listened in the living room for a while. My friend got a little tinnitus from the shock.

3, N950 in the visual interface is easily defeated by ST5000! The N950 has no visual interface! All adjustments are made on the remote control, and the window that displays the information is only on a small screen to the right of the main body! Abnormally anti-human! ! ! !

4. Samsung has not equipped the N950 with a special support.

The N950 is the only integrated sound I’ve ever seen that will be displayed in a small window on the right side of the echo wall if the audio format is supported to the Dolby Panorama and the DTS:X! ! ! This is very important. 。. 。. Because sometimes because the player settings are not right, the output is not panoramic sound and DTS:X. (ST5000 also supports panoramic sound + DTS:X panel display after a firmware update.).

6. N950 is an easy way to beat BOSE535. I used 535, Bose for two years and even the 650th audio format can only support the most basic DTS and Dolby 5.1, not to mention DTS:X and panoramic sound, not even DTS-HD and Dolby 7.1. Two times behind! ! ! The sense of ambiance that BOSE excels at is also completely defeated by the panoramic blessing. 。. Simply put, the BOSE sound is a flat surface and the N950 sound is a ball.

7, N950 is only 2 HDMI port a little bit less, and did not configure EARC, but others see panoramic sound video directly online from Netflix APP is ARC light N950 panoramic sound output, because my home theater will not be complete until the end of the month. So there is no way to test whether Z9F+N950 can ARC back to the original 4K disc panoramic sound and DTS:X, can confirm that the Netflix APP is able to support panoramic ARC return.

8. ST5000 now has a firmware that supports EARC. N950 needs to upgrade its ARC backhaul to EARC as soon as possible.

(HT-ST5000 firmware upgrade Version M40.R.0444 about upgrades: upgrade HT- HT-ST5000 firmware to M40.R.0444 version, At the same time, the following improvements are provided: l added support for eARC functionality. The data flow information is displayed on the display screen of the (active speaker). Remarks: (1) eARC is a new feature standardized by HDMI2.1, in addition to supporting audio formats supported by existing ARC (Audio Return Channel), The latest audio formats are also supported. (2) using HDMI cable to connect the system and the TV set compatible with eARC, we can enjoy the audio content of Dolby Atmos-Dolby TrueHD and DTS:X, which can’t be transmitted by ARC, or the multi-channel LPCM content. ).

To sum up, 18 years can be said to be a landmark year, the year 4K resources explosion, whether it is Piao, products, streaming media support have made the entire ecosystem mature.

The launch of the N950 at the end of the year allows more people to enjoy sub-era high-quality audio in a very convenient way!

The current million yuan level of echo wall, N950 is your only choice! ! !

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