APC Back UPS Pro 550 AVR backup Power supply

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3
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Appearance display.

For everyone’s reference, it’s all made by mobile phone, so I can make do with it.

The interactive UPS with AVR function is a little better than the backup mode.


The packing is strong enough

Accessories: a USB to RG45 data cable, warranty card and CD, that is, all

Installation instructions

It seems to be a test sheet, but the handwriting is not very clear, about the end of 17, that is to say, I just this is last year’s inventory

Machine front

Backside, 6 ports, 3 on the left are UPS power supply, 3 on the right are lightning proof only, equivalent to plug board non-battery power, only 3 on the left can be used in case of power failure

Battery bin

Battery compartment, the default red line is not connected, to be manually connected

Maintenance-free battery, normal life 3-5 years

I thought the weight of this thing was all battery, but when I took off the battery, the weight of the machine itself was heavier than the battery. I belittled it.

Small sparks, only to be used after the battery is connected

Power on, the default seems to be full, reasonable battery idle for 1 year usually will not be full of electricity, can show the city voltage

No-load power consumption, first peak about 17W, then a few minutes later slowly down to around 8-10W, and I do not know that the original back-up UPS no-load is also hot, such a look is not directly on the line! In any case, there is a loss when there is no load.

UPS load display

It seems to be the city frequency.

Approximate available time, empty condition

Connected to the data line, winserver recognizes UPS directly

At the same time, there is a battery icon in the lower right corner.

Try the power-off UPS switch function, the test is normal, followed by a speaker switch process without noise seems to be very fast

Daily power consumption, non-full load, in addition to the GEN8,UPS itself still has about 10W power consumption, idle words probably between 35-45W floating

Installed with the APC management software will not put the chart, can count the electricity costs, but it seems that no calculation of UPS itself no-load power consumption, can not set the timing of automatic discharge, can not set the charging limit, AVR functions I do not need to introduce sorry. There’s one thing I’d like to say, If the APC software is installed, the battery icon in the lower right corner disappears.

To talk about the misunderstanding that was discovered only after I bought it, the backup UPS, that is, this one of mine, also has power consumption on the empty load, and there is also a persistent heat in the fuselage. It is estimated that the switch module is a switch module. This has been working all the time. I always thought the backup UPS had no fan because it was basically not working and only worked when the power was off, whereas the online UPS fan was because it was working all the time. That is to say, the back-up UPS also has light noise when it is not loaded, and it also generates heat and consumes electricity.

If the management software can provide the upper limit of the charge, the estimated life can be extended a lot.

Since the use of nearly a month has not actually stopped the power, and do not intend to use the AVR function, in addition to the current quiet slight heat that little noise was basically covered by the gen8, it can be said that it is relatively satisfactory, because the battery is sensitive to the working temperature. Did not dare to throw the UPS into the cabinet, and took up a little more space.

The LCD panel can be turned off.

Three lights won’t turn off.

Although there are actually three of the six sockets on the back of the back, they are only for lightning protection.

Provide a network cable lightning protection function, the propaganda is gigabit has not actually used.

Provide a master socket, two secondary ports, do not know if there is no difference between the instructions did not say that the machine did not look.

With AVR automatic voltage regulator.

Fast power cut and switch speed.

Looks pretty good.

The base of the fuselage is so small that it is easy to overturn if it is hit by a slight collision.

Capacity only supply emergency shutdown, cost performance is relatively not very high.

Management software is relatively simple, can view the power outage time and simple tariff statistics


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